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On Blogging and Content Marketing: 23 Free, Comprehensive Ebooks

Should you be among those who'd like to get started with blogging, and really mean it, you'll certainly be happy to get one tip or another first-hand from experts. Naturally, we know that, and so we have searched the web for interesting ebooks that cover blogging and content marketing. We have found a few good ones for you, which are the result of years of trial and error turned into experience. Take these first-hand tips and knowledge and avoid the mistakes that others have already made for you. Related: 300+ Best Blogging Tools for Blogging Success 2020 23ebooks-teaser_EN The following mix of ebooks focuses on the most important aspects of blogging and content marketing. You can find pure blogging ebooks, books on advice, those which have to do with earning money as a blogger as well as those on the organization of a blog and much more. The vast majority of ebooks is entirely free, a few require your email address to subscribe to a newsletter in return. Where you have to give your email address or register in any way is noted. Our Point 8 offers 15 books, that's how I got 23 ebooks in total with ten sub-points.

1. How to Start a Blog

How-to-Start-a- How to Start a Blog is a very sophisticated and lovingly made PDF that is suitable for beginners and advanced bloggers. Each step needed for a blog is explained entirely from A to Z. The ebook is very comprehensive and deals with the topic of content marketing and the subject of monetization of blogs on 56 pages. In total, 35 experts helped create this ebook. The ebook is also offered as a web version and has an extra chapter that covers blogging tools and resources. Authors: Ogi Djuraskovic, Kristi Hines and the FirstSiteGuide Team Available as: PDF Download | Web version

2. 365 Writing Prompts

Ebook-365-Writing-Prompts 365 Writing Prompts delivers writing inspiration for every day of the year. In case you need a little push to get you into the habit of writing you should read this ebook. Authors: The Daily Post Available as: PDF | EPUB | Kindl

3. Blogging for Dummies

Blogging-For-Dummies If you feel completely helpless towards the beautiful world of blogging, this ebook could be the solution to your problem. You are intuitively lead into the world of blogging and also the so-called microblogging on Twitter and Tumblr is explained. From the first steps starting with the choice of the right blogging software, this comprehensive ebook will explain all the important points. Authors: Susannah Gardner, Shane Birley Available as: PDF Download

4. Who's There?

Who-is-There The American author, speaker and marketing expert Seth Godin tells you how he made and marketed a blog, as a side effect. In his ebook, it's mainly about the influence blogging can have on your future, your career and ideas for it as well as the entire way of life that comes with blogging. Author: Seth Godin Available as: PDF Download

5. The Blogger's Workbook

The-Bloggers-Workbook This little 10-page ebook descends from Heather Jones, the well-known American designer and developer. The Blogger's Workbook is her first ebook with a lot of first-hand tips. It's about the beginning of a blog, the use of correct categories, how contributions should be planned, bringing guests in to write and much more. Author: Heather "Violet" Jones Available as: PDF Download

6. Copywriting 101 - Cumulative Knowledge in 15 E-Books

Copywriting-101 Copywriting 101 is a very comprehensive collection of 15 ebooks from the well-known American company Copyblogger Media, the company behind the WordPress framework Genesis. Brian Clarke and his team have dealt with every aspect of writing and present the entire library of knowledge free to use. If you want to learn something about writing for the internet here is the right pile. The titles of the E-Books are:
  • The 5 P Approach to Copy that Crushes It
  • Internet Marketing for Smart People: Classic Edition
  • 10 Rock Solid Elements of Effective Online Marketing
  • How to Create Compelling Content that Ranks Well in Search Engines
  • Copywriting 101- How to Craft Compelling Copy
  • A Content Marketing Strategy That Works
  • The Business Case for Agile Content Marketing
  • Effective Content Promotion
  • How to Create Content That Converts
  • Landing Pages: Jpw tp Tirm Traffic into Money
  • How to Write Magnetic Headlines
  • Email Marketing: How to Push Send and Grow Your Business
  • Keyword Research: A Real-World Guide
  • Content Marketing Research: The Crucial First Step
Registering is necessary to download the ebooks. Authors: Brian Clarke and the Copyblogger Media Team Available as: PDF - Registration necessary

7. How to Build a Blog with 10,000+ Subscribers

10000-Subscribers This ebook would like to help you generate an email list with 10,000 plus subscribers in only one year. The author of the ebook, Glen Allsop, has worked with Packard. Today he owns a marketing company and helps people become successful online. You have to give your email address in order to download this ebook. Author: Glen Allsop Available as: PDF - Email address must be given

8. A Definitive Guide to a High-Traffic Blog

A-Definitive-Guide-To-A-High-Traffic-Blog There are zillions of blogs in the internet, so it's really difficult to have your blog stand out and to make it unique. Todaymade's 15 year experience in the area of web-experience flow into this ebook and will help you get ideas for articles, to write good content and to get people to visit your blog all in 14 chapters. You have to give your email address in order to download this ebook. Author: TodayMade Available as: PDF, Kindl, EPUB - Email address must be given


High-quality ebooks about all of the areas of writing a blog and subsequently finding good marketing is not easy. The Copyblogger Media Library appealed to me with its 15 ebooks. I'm sure that there is a lot for me to learn. And this is good as life would be boring if we couldn't always learn something new.

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  3. Some great resources here, it can be really tough when you first start out blogging but thankfully there are a lot of places to find inspiration and ideas now.

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