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New Job Wanted? Find Your Designer or Developer Job Here

There are a lot of advantages to freelancing. You will have more flexibility over the hours you work; you won't have to commute to work anymore and best of all, you are your boss. It can be hard work landing a job. Not to mention making sure a project is completed successfully can mean working unsocial hours from time to time, however, most people who leave their 9 to 5 jobs are happy with the freedom freelancing offers. You can't just sit at home waiting for the work to come to you, though (unless you are an established freelancer with years of experience). You need to be proactive and go out and find work every month. The two most common methods of doing this are job boards and freelancing websites. With job boards, the website owner or company posts details of the job or project that they need completing. It is then up to applicants to contact them with details of themselves, their experience online and why they are suitable for a project. Freelancing websites are a little more competitive, with many freelancers privately or publicly bidding for work from employers. Due to this, good feedback from previous clients can be a major factor in whether you are successful in a bid or not. Today we would like to show you 18 websites perfect for finding design and programming jobs.

Websites to Find Your New Job

1. Freelance Switch A great freelance job board that's regularly updated. It publishes online jobs where the location isn't an issue and location-based contracts from around the world. Design, development, writing, illustration and flash positions are all listed. Freelance Switch 2. Smashing Jobs Used by top digital companies such as Google, Apple, and Linked In; Smashing Jobs lists full-time and freelance design and programming jobs. Smashing Magazine 3. Sensational Jobs It's not updated frequently. However, there are still good design and developer jobs published on Sensational Jobs every month. Sensational Jobs 4. WP Hired A good place to find theme and plugin development work for the WordPress platform. Freelance and full-time positions are advertised, and you can also upload your resume so that employers contact you for work. WP Hired 5. WordPress Jobs A job board from the makers of WordPress, WordPress Jobs lists designer, programmer and blogging positions. There are also employers who simply need their WordPress installation upgraded. WordPress Jobs 6. Authentic Jobs Online since 2005, Authentic Jobs lists positions from companies such as Facebook, Skype, Sony and Electronic Arts. Full time, contract, freelance, and internship positions are available for design and development projects. Authentic Jobs 7. Coroflot A design website that features jobs for a range of different design jobs from large well-respected companies. Users can upload their portfolios so that employers can contact them directly. Coroflot 8. WooJobs Another WordPress jobs board that is actively updated. A range of WordPress design, development and support positions are advertised here. WooJobs 9. Krop A creative job board for designers, directors and freelancers. Users can create a portfolio and resume so that companies can contact them directly. Krop

Help Wanted Sites Continued

10. Behance Used by some of the world's biggest companies such as MTV, Macys, and Electronic Arts; Behance focuses on creative jobs for designers and directors. Behance 11. 37 Signals Updated daily with design, programmer and developer jobs from around the world. Companies such as Apple, The New York Times, Facebook, and American Express use this service. 37 Signals 12. Programmer Meet Designer A great website that lets designers and developers find each other to work online in projects. Some advertisers are only looking for partners to split things 50/50 on a new project while others pay per contract. Programmer Meet Designer 13. Elance One of the most popular freelance websites on the web. Thousands of jobs advertised every day for every type of position imaginable. Elance 14. oDesk A unique freelancing website in which contractors log into the oDesk software so that employers can track exactly what workers are doing. Not everyone will like this system. However, it has proved very popular with some employers as it allows them to safely pay by the hour. oDesk 15. People Per Hour Despite its name, People Per Hour also lists projects that pay a fixed fee and others and those that pay an additional amount if a particular result is met. A good place to find design, programming and writing positions. People Per Hour 16. Script Lance A freelancing service for programmers, writers, designers and marketers. Projects are categorised as urgent, pre-paid, big budget or long term. Script Lance 17. Guru An excellent freelancing service that lists thousands of design, programming, writing and marketing projects. It features a unique 'Guru' tool that matches your skills and qualifications and recommends you to employers with projects that match your skill set. Guru 18. GetACoder GetACoder is geared towards programmers, designers, and writers. Freelancers can add their details to their profile so that companies can contact them directly. Particulars of every business/employer are also listed. GetACoder 19. Adzuna Adzuna is a comprehensive job board website that provides an extensive range of job opportunities in various industries, including graphic design and illustrator jobs. With a mission to connect job seekers with top employers. That wraps things up on this end, though the search continues. Only now we are turning things over to you and the comment section. What website or job board do you use most frequently to find work for design and programming jobs? If the service didn't make our list, feel free to pass on the info for the other readers. (dpe)

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  1. I’ve had some success with Thumbtack. Not exactly designer specific, but a decent place to be discovered by clients that may not know about these other sites.

  2. Nice list, but I’ve tried them and they are all US related (most of them ONLY US). Is there any website like that in UK?

  3. Doe anyone actually have any success from sites like these when freelancing? I stay away from bidding sites but sites where you have to pay membership for just to view/apply for jobs I’m dubious about…

  4. This is a great list of job sites for me to check out. Though, I am a fresh college student, with a tiny portfolio and no real experience. Do any of these websites, or others, share a focus for internship/apprenticeship positions? The internship boards I’ve been given from college isn’t helping for graphic/web design positions, nor help much in finding internships for the state I’m going to be moving into.

  5. Honestly, this posts looks like you are pushing your own websites and similar ones to the top. There are many freelance websites with huge traffic out there and none are on the list.

  6. I did not know these portals .. I only yesterday I used Twango, Freelancer, and other similar .. ;) Now I’ll give a look to those who have sugerito :)

  7. I used to look at these sort of sites (usually the bidding based ones) and it slowly turned into everybody wanting ridiculous things for pennies. There is a few here I’ve never heard of though, maybe they’re different.

  8. Hey all!
    I’m a designer, so i apologize to the programmers you might find this post boring!All the websites you mention are pretty great. I had my experience with some of them but i like more the ones that are specialized for designing jobs. I have to say that and are my favorite and most effective ones since i’m eligable for most of the jobs posted there. Of course the competition is high so i also have accounts to some other freelance bidding sites

  9. Thank you very much. I gathered lot of useful information about freelancing. I hope to find a freelancing job in the coming years! :)

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