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How To Avoid 86% Of Millennials To Get Influenced By Negative Review

Imagine you want to buy a new phone. You have several interesting models in mind, but you’re not sure which one of them suits your needs in the best way.

How are you going to make a decision?

Of course, you’re going to look them up online. Read specifications. Compare features. Most importantly, you’ll want to see what other users think about different models. You probably wouldn’t want to buy a phone with an endless list of negative reviews. And this precisely is the typical purchasers’ thought flow in a large number of cases.

So, truth be told your potential customers and other people trust online reviews more than they should, especially true when it comes to millennials. Furthermore, the millennials are primarily impacted by negative reviews, which is one of the major concerns for a large number of businesses.

Accordingly, the impact of negative reviews on millennials in the workplace may significantly change your business results. That’s why in this article we’re discussing why negative reviews are so important to millennials, and how you can handle negative reviews to reduce their effects on your business performance.

Why Do Millennials Look For Negative Reviews?

According to the Medallia Institute, three out of four Millennials do thorough research before they make a purchase. Moreover, the reviews impact their purchase decisions three times more than Boomers’ shopping choices.

But what makes them so interested in negative reviews? Well, some of the main reasons for their increased interest in previous bad experiences lies in their skepticism about the way companies treat customers.

On the one hand, research performed by The Drum has shown that the majority of Millennials think that brands put no effort in the creation of an emotional connection with them. That’s why they feel unmotivated to stay loyal and do precisely the opposite, considering negative reviews as reasons to search for another brand, that will appreciate them more.

On the other hand, it’s more than likely that negative reviews will influence the Millennials if they refer specifically to customer service satisfaction. For instance, 66% of millennials consider the speed of social media supports an important factor for building a lasting relationship. 

So, it’s not surprising that they try to inform themselves about this business aspect scrolling through the reviews. So, if previous feedback is negative and shows them your support system is weak, they will look for a more customer-oriented brand.

Steps That Can Help Business Overcome Negative Reviews

As stated by Neil Patel, negative reviews can increase your conversion rate, if you deal with them in the right way. So read on, because we’re listing some great tips on how to reduce the damage caused by negative reviews and turn them into an advantage, instead.

#1 Manage online reviews quickly.

 Leaving a review unattended for a while will make your website visitors think you don’t care. So, make sure to provide relevant feedback as soon as possible. Giving instant feedback

Even if you cannot solve the issue promptly, you can explain that you’re working on it and ask for some patience. Once everything’s fixed, you can provide the final feedback. But don’t make the customers wait.

#2 Do not use template-based feedback.

The only thing that shows that you don’t care about customers more than an unattended review is general feedback that doesn’t even focus on the pain points presented in the review. Avoid automated, cold, and formal templates that don’t lead anywhere. They may worsen the image of your brand.

#3 Show understanding and empathy.

No matter whether the customer is right or not, the best response to negative reviews is based on a compassionate approach. Don’t make them feel guilty.

Instead, be genuine, polite, and try not to use an argumentative tone. You don’t want the public to read your verbal fight but to show that you care even when it’s not your business’ fault. The fact that a customer is wrong doesn’t mean you are allowed to be condescending.

#4 Use a survey to collect feedback.

There are also some things you can do to prevent negative public feedback. Two most effective ones are:

  • the use of live chat software
  • the use of email surveys

With a live chat tool, you can reach out to your customers as soon as they’ve purchased products. You can either ask them to fill in a survey or ask them to tell you if they had any issues during the purchase process. This way, if they have any frustrations, they will share them directly with you, provided that you’ve implemented live chat software. At best, that will be enough for them, and they won’t feel the need for leaving a negative public review.

When it comes to email surveys, they are the ideal way of collecting feedback both when it comes to potential customers that use a trial version of your product and to those who have already bought the product. All you have to do is to ask for their feedback. You can create your set of questions or refer to survey question examples available online. By acting proactively, you may avoid giving them time to leave potentially negative feedback.

Of course, you can also use the data collected by live chat software and email surveys to create customized feedback that you’ll promote publicly. Use the positive segments of feedback provided by customers to make a special review and testimonial section.

#5 Offer compensation for an unpleasant experience.

If you realize that your staff did mess up attending a customer, you should be ready not only to say sorry but also to do something to show you are sorry.

By this, we’re suggesting you offer a gift pack, a discount, or any special condition that will make your customers’ trust you again. Of course, make sure to show your generosity by making a public offer, right under the negative review.

This way, not only will you prevent from losing a specific customer, but you’ll also show the potential new ones that you know how to handle unpleasant situations.

Millennials And Negative Reviews: How To Handle Them?

Long story short, to not make millennials leave owed to negative reviews, you should take care of two crucial aspects:

1. Try not to give them a reason to leave a negative review: provide effective live chat support, follow them through the purchase process, and catch up with them after a while

2. Take care of all reviews in a timely, constructive, and polite manner

What makes the negative review less dangerous for your business performance is the way you reply to it. What you should remember is to avoid using pre-made generic templates. Also, try to turn negative feedback into a challenging marketing space where you will show that you can show compassion and make up for poor service.

Jason Grills

Jason Grills is a technical writer currently associated with ProProfs Chat. He enjoys writing about emerging customer support products, trends in customer support industry and the financial impacts of using such tools. In his spare time, Jason likes traveling extensively to learn about new cultures and traditions.


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