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How To Create a Perfect Brand Book For Your Product

How To Create a Perfect Brand Book For Your Product

To be deemed a competitive and successful brand, you have to develop a thorough brand book.

The set of rules in a brand book present valuable ideas and pointers for the future, as well as define the entire direction of your brand. For a sustainable, long-term business model, a detailed brand book is essential.

If your products are to succeed on the market, they have to be in sync with the brand book. There are a lot of different ways to create an amazing brand book, depending on the niche your business is in. However, some tips are universal than others. Follow them, and your product will have a meteoric rise.

Make an effective introduction

A brand introduction is much more than a window into your brand. It should be a detailed breakdown of your brand culture and what do you stand for. Begin with a story about how your brand came to be.

Be sure to emphasize how far you come from the moment your brand came to be. When putting together a brand introduction, you have to offset the brand story with visions of the future.

It’s quite simple when you observe it from afar. All the success from the past, combined with ideas for the future, adds up to an exciting present. Every brand book for a product should include a strong brand introduction.

Emphasizing the ideals and goals of your brand is the best way to instruct your employees on the development of a new project. To summarize, an effective introduction consists of answers to three questions:

  • What problem does the brand solve?
  • How does this particular product solve that problem?
  • How effectively does the product tell the story of your brand?

Choose logos and visual branding elements

After a brand introduction, it’s time to focus on branding. Every brand book must contain instructions for your team, on how to incorporate branding into that project.

Remember, the goal is not just to urge people into buying your new product. Instead, it’s to gauge their interest with one product and have them become loyal customers and brand ambassadors.

Logos are especially important, as they are the most usable and most powerful visual branding tool at your disposal. Work with your team to choose the right logo. If you are going to create a new logo, make sure it doesn’t stand out from your past brand identity.

In the case of a rebranding effort, you can use the brand book as an inspiration for a whole new identity. Include the logo in your website design plans, while also having the web design contract ready.

A good logo should be visible, but not in the focus of your design. It should add to the packaging, but not sway attention from the product itself.

Fuse words with images

A perfect brand book is neither entirely textual or visual. If you only use images, your target audience will feel like there is a lack of information. A text-only brand book will make it extremely hard to read.

The best way to prove the point is to have visual elements complement the textual part, and vice versa. Therefore, a large focus of the creation process should include a great copy.

If you and your team are having trouble with putting your ideas into words, think about outsourcing the descriptions and explanations for each section. The best way to do it is to expert writers from a writing service that specializes in writing college papers, white papers, business writing, etc. EssayWritingLand are a good examples of an online writing service.

When using a writing service, you can communicate with the writing team directly. Let them know about your goals, ideas and demands. With regular updates and briefs, you will know exactly how the brand book will look like.

Involve your entire team

According to a study by Salesforce, 86% of all employees have cited a lack of teamwork as the main cause of project failures. Brand books are no exception. By involving your entire team, the brand book will be more detailed than ever before.

Different inputs will give the entire team different ideas. Brainstorming will lead to unison in design, writing and every other element.

If only one or two people handle the creation of the brand book, they won’t be able to observe every section critically. Allocate responsibilities during the creation process. Not only will this make the process much faster, but the entire team will be able to weigh in and decide accordingly, in case of a dilemma or a problem.

Define public relation policies clearly

A well-put-together brand book is a representation of your brand, product and goals. Unfortunately, it cannot aid you in establishing interactive communication. To let the audience know about the right channels of communication, you need to devote an entire section to PR.

In recent years, influencer marketing has become more important than ever. 60% of all PR executives say it’s a vital part of the future. Thus, it would be a good idea to include a detailed plan concerning collaboration with influencers.

Insert the names and contact information of people responsible for communicating with clients, business partners, etc. Define social media policies in relation to activity rules, content that should be posted.

If you want to take a really thorough approach, define the desired tone for posts, color combinations for images and more. The more things you mention, the clearer your brand identity and vision will be.

Concluding thoughts

With the right organization and attention towards details, a perfect brand book is a very achievable goal. It’s an effort that will pay dividends for the product launch, as well as the overall success of your brand.

Featured image by Christina Morillo from Pexels

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