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How To Create An Instagram Wall For Events

In recent years, Instagram has been the most expanding social media platform among companies and marketers. Social media has risen as an essential component of brand creation and marketing strategy.

Digital media and promotions have used these platforms for their online marketing. Still, social media is now influencing offline promotions like events and venues.

The result of this fusion of offline advertising and communications with digital media platforms and technologies is the Instagram wall.

In this piece, we will discuss what an Instagram wall is and how to create an Instagram wall for events.

What is an Instagram Wall

Instagram Walls is a real-time stream of content that has been collected and curated from Instagram using hashtags, handles, mentions, or tags. Instagram walls are displayed on digital screens and devices.


The Instagram wall helps achieve prime event objectives such as audience engagement, promotions & communications, entertainment & leisure, brand building, event marketing, and driving results for the brand or event. 

Instagram Wall is created and displayed on screens primarily at events, venues, conferences, concerts, exhibitions, retail stores, malls, etc.

Ideas to make your Instagram Wall Engaging for Events

Instagram Q&A Sessions

You can use Instagram live to hold a series of Q&A sessions with the participants of your event. As a result, they will be hyper-engaged in the event and interested in what you have to say. 

To generate excitement among the viewers, you can allow questions to be asked during the live streaming session and even share the live Instagram post. 

Please encourage them to create more Instagram posts so that more of them can be shown on the screen at events.

How to do's & Demos through Instagram Live

Bring your audience together and lead them through a demonstration or tutorial using Instagram live. Anything connected to the subject of your virtual event will do. 

As a result, you will establish a deeper level of connection with the attendees of your event. Customers might associate a name with your brand and gain new knowledge.

Showcase Instagram Stories

Request tagging from your audience in any content relevant to the event. Thus, you can display their real-time stories during the virtual event on the screen. 

You can ask participants to describe their participation and to tune in remotely. You can also access your @-mentions in the activity tab to view, respond to, and share tales about you.

Cast Speaker's Content

Speakers and influencers are the main attractive point of an event. Most of the crowd comes to an event to see their favorite speaker or influencer, which gives you a chance to boost your presence. 

You can hit two birds with one stone by displaying the speaker's social media profile and your user-generated content. This would impress the speaker and attract the speaker's social media audience to your event page.

Run Contests and Questionnaires

Audience engagement is on top of the list of every event organizer when it comes to making an event memorable. The easiest way to hook an audience is to run a contest or questionnaire, which opens up two-way communication.

The audience is observing or listening to speakers for most parts of the event. But when you run a contest or questionnaire, the audience starts getting involved. This also breaks the monotony of the event and livens it up.

Suppose you throw in some gift hampers for winners of contests and questionnaires. In that case, the chances of audience participation go through the roof.

Display User-Generated Content

User-generated content in the form of social media posts captures the audience's attention like nothing else. 

One can use User-generated content across multiple marketing channels. Still, events can be taken to a new level through user-generated content and Instagram walls.

Instagram is the go-to social media platform for collecting a large volume of user-generated content. 

Collect and display user-generated content from your event on the Instagram wall to boost audience engagement. 

Benefits Of Instagram Wall For Events

Boost your Social Media Presence

As we just stated, using Instagram content and incorporating digital media into events can help you expand your brand's reach in the market.

As a result, by displaying pertinent material that has already been shared on Instagram on your hashtag wall display, you can reach a wider audience on the network.

Additionally, UGC produced by events will make such important information more visible to new networks, demographics, and audiences, increasing exposure & event recognition. It will also help you increase your Instagram following and reach.

Enhance Audience Engagement

We talked about how audience involvement is the most crucial factor in determining if an event or a marketing campaign for a brand succeeds.

You can curate and showcase interesting visual content from Instagram walls, whether it be an influencer, brand, or user-generated content. Attractively displaying this content at events will attract attendees and keep them interested.

Additionally, you can promote interaction by hosting Q&A sessions, panel discussions, keynote speakers, etc., with the Instagram wall display.

Offer Brilliant Gamified Experience

Event experience is a unique idea that marketers and event organizers place a high value on since it lays the groundwork for future events' success.

On the Instagram wall, you may provide gamified experiences such as polls, leaderboards, challenges, quizzes, photo competitions, etc. in addition to rewards & recognition.

This would entice the audience to take part in these gamification initiatives and give them a remarkable audience experience that excites them and cultivates a positive attitude toward the business.

Wrapping Up

Instagram is a fan favorite among social media platforms. This makes Instagram the go-to platform for brands & businesses to collect user-generated content, as many posts are created on the platform.

This user-generated content can create an attractive Instagram wall to boost engagement and enhance audience awareness. 

We mentioned some ideas in this blog through which you can make your Instagram wall engaging. We hope we have served your purpose through this piece of content.

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