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How to Get Files to Your Dropbox Through Your Website

dropbox file request

For your business or personal needs we’re sure that you are going to need to get some files from either your customers, business associates or friends.

You might be needing to collect job applications, portfolio submissions, consent letters or just plain Christmas photos that your great aunt took last year. As these files start to come from further zip codes it becomes harder and harder to collect them in person. That’s why most people started to rely on collecting these files online, by uploading files using HTML file upload forms embedded to their web pages or blogs.

Another question comes to mind is how to store these files after you start receiving them in large quantities. At this point, online storage services come to play. There are many different services like OneDrive, Box, Google Drive, Dropbox or other alternatives that provide online storage.

Even receiving files and storing them made easier with the great solutions, one might still find it time-consuming to transfer the received files to their desired online storage service. Luckily there is a very easy and efficient way to handle this process using Jotform and Dropbox.

The user can request and collect the files along with the personal information of the sender via creating an online form themselves or using one of the many file upload form templates of Jotform. Then, the user can embed the form on their website easily in order to start receiving files. After that, they can benefit from the Dropbox integration of Jotform and the received files will automatically be uploaded to the designated folder in the user’s Dropbox account.

The file sender does not need to have a Dropbox account and the file receiver doesn’t have to manually transfer the received files to their online storage. This makes the Dropbox file request a very swift process.

So you don’t need to overestimate the process of requesting a file from your users or friends to store in your online storage space. You can just focus on the more important aspects of your business or what to get your great aunt for next Christmas.

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