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Presentation speaks volumes. A post or a presentation with an impeccable design is deemed to be catchy in comparison to texts.

When the text fails to catch the attention of a buyer, it is the image that does the magic. However, the importance of design and visuals is often neglected in marketing. According to research, typography helps in influencing human minds greatly with high retaining capacity.

Getting to the minds of the audience is one tricky thing. No matter how impeccable of an idea you may be having, if you are unable to reach it out to the audience, it is a failure. And this very aspect of conceptualizing the idea and turning it into a marketing tool is where lies the major challenge. This is where designing does its magic.

Yes, you heard it right. While Marketing and Advertising do play a major role in terms of strong copywriting, and promotion, it is the design that plays a critical role in upscaling any campaign. The marketing strategy must not only be focussed on how to generate result but also watch out on how the business can reach to the audience and generate high ROI.

Herein we have enlisted the various advantages of design and how It can help in increasing the sales of a brand:

It helps in communicating a brand

Marketing campaigns and advertisements are all about raising the profiles of brands as well as convincing the customers in buying the company’s product or service. Brands play an essential role in fixing the offerings of companies into the minds of the target audience. More creative the campaign more the chances lie for customers in buying the product. Herein, whether it’s a creative blog, property brochure design, or an image it indirectly aids in talking about the product. And hence it must be impeccable.

However, in comparison to wholly textual data, visuals penetrate into the minds of consumers easily. If the design is less professional and only speaks about the brand’s core messaging it will fail in creating a good impression and undermine its credibility. Hence, using the right quality, texturing and colors are essential aspects to consider for communicating a brand to the target audience.

It attracts the attention of the consumer

If you want to be successful, you must be able to stand out of the crowd. This means coming up with impeccable and out of the box ideas which is different in comparison to other brands. Your marketing campaign will fail to create the magic in it cannot raise a noise above that of other contemporaries who are also competing for a brand same as that of yours.

Thus, the design must try to meet the goal of the campaign in a proficient and finesse manner. The design must be hard-hitting that gets fixed in the mind of the customers over other advertisers.

For example – if you are talking about a health drink, you must use the perfect colorations and design which can create an impact in the minds of the consumers. Great design works as the voice of advertisers which helps one speak about the prospects in a memorable manner making it get noticed.

It aids in converting the potential audience into sales

In marketing, one must foremost be able to understand the psychology of the customers. If your client speaks about conversions, all it means is call to action. Often advertisers fail in this aspect wherein they are unable to determine how psychologically compelling design can be and how it can help in converting sales into profits.

Suppose you visit a website, what is the first thing in which your eyes fall? Is it the writing or the layout? What emotions do the photographs, colors, and use of layouts evoke? This is one such area that stands out in comparison to others. A design that is well crafted and created can masterfully craft your pitch or else pull it down in the gallows of conversion.

It helps in reinforcing the message

Good design never underplays in the game of getting noticed. It offers the best platform in conveying what the marketers wish to divulge or inform the audience. This very aspect invokes the argument on the importance of designing in marketing as well as branding on how it can powerfully evoke a message in the minds of the consumer. One need not need a set of wordings to convey an idea, a few sets of images can do the magic.

For example – In case you run a nonprofit organization. The possibility of conveying the cause is more when one chooses a few images either in animation or photographs than writing hundreds of words of copy on the same issue.

What are the elements of designing?

The designer must be knowledgeable and carry some substance surrounding the intricacies of designing. These include the use of the right color combination, texturing and typography. All these elements play an equal role in making the image stand out.

Some of the elements of designing that can make the image stand out includes:

Colorations and shades

Each color speaks a language of their own. Using the right color combination in the perfect place is an important criterion.

For example – Using a red color for love, green color for brands about health, nature, purple for showing the richness, etc. are few aspects a designer must keep a note about when developing the image.


The image must be focused on the central character that is your brand without taking away the essence of it. The consumer’s eyes must first fall on the brand rather than wander all across the image. Thus, using minimum typographies and other elements is yet another important aspect.


The image must be symmetrical, this means all the elements used in the image must not be placed in a haphazard manner. They should be in sync with one another relating to each other. In short, the design or image must be able to convey the story without speaking about it loudly through words.

The right balance of idea, design, and conceptualization is the key factor of increasing sales without using words.

Photo by Chris Liverani on Unsplash

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