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5 Best Online Tools And Apps For Content Writers

Writing is mostly regarded as one of the world's most demanded jobs today. With writing jobs being shared as posted on job sites, it is no surprise that the number of content writers has escalated within the past years.

“As a content writer, there are other things you must take note of asides improving your knowledge of writing. Content writers need to be able to optimize the availability of special tools in their write-ups, as this helps provide better and more efficient ones to be delivered to clients”, says Edmond Kelly, a writer at PaperLeaf.

To do that, writers should adopt the use of online tools and apps. Are you a content writer and still find yourself completely reviewing your works by yourself, or are you a writer who has spent their whole writing career making and adding graphics manually? Well, with the help of certain tools, that story is about to change. 

What Writers Need to Know 

Just like there are apps to boost productivity, there are also apps that are available to boost writing. 

As a content writer, you must know the several available tools out there in the world. These tools are ideal for helping you review articles and include infographics. Also, they help provide special insights, spot errors, and offer suggestions as regards your main ideas. 

In this article, we will be looking into several tools that are the best and are designed for content writers. 

Top Online Tools And Apps For Content Writers

When searching for a tool to use, picking one can be a little challenging. Below, we will be taking at some of the best online tools and apps that content writers can use in optimizing their write-ups. Here's the deal:

1. Grammarly

When looking at a list of tools that offer a seamless and easy-to-use user interface, Grammarly is never left out. Grammarly comes in various forms and can be used on various devices across anywhere in the world. 

The tool comes in the form of a web app as well as a browser extension. This way, writers can use it even when they are off the website. 

Let's take a closer look at some of Grammarly's features. 

  • Misspelling

Sometimes, writers make mistakes when spelling certain words. Luckily, Grammarly is equipped with a special feature that helps to spot these misspelled words and fix them for you right away. 

  • Repetition 

Typing efficiently is what everyone must learn. With Grammarly, you learn how to avoid certain mistakes and equally improve your writing styles. 

Repetition is one of many mistakes writers sometimes make, and fortunately for them, Grammarly is here to correct such mistakes my omitting the repeated word. 

  • Correction of punctuation 

Grammarly also corrects wrong punctuations in your write-ups. With this feature, writers can worry less about writing articles that have errors with the usage of commas, colons, and full stops. 

  • Missing words 

As a content writer, you will understand the fact that words can sometimes be missed. Usually, you get to see this as you review the article. But with Grammarly, the missing word is well-predicted and corrected right away. 

2. Infogram

No doubt, you must have come across infographics on the internet. If you are someone who is a writer and find yourself writing content for infographics but not creating them yourself, you might want to use Infogram. Also, if you have been creating infographics yourself, now is the time to let a digital network handle the job for you. 

Infographics are important for keeping users engaged with the content. However, creating one takes a while to master. luckily, Infogram is one of the many tools that handle this kind of task. 

Infogram comes as a web app that supports an easy-to-use and beautiful user interface. Through its amazing platform, people get the chance to work out unique visual content for their write-ups and projects. 

To get a better understanding of what this tool provides, we will take a closer look at some of its features. 

  • Design 

With its user interface, people can make out unique designs and use them anywhere on the web. Content writers are sure to find this handy and equally get the best out of it. 

Through the tool's design feature, people can begin designing not just infographics, but also reports, slides, dashboards, social media visuals, and unique maps. 

Each design you create with Infogram comes in high quality. This kind of design quality is crucial for keeping your audience visually engaged as they absorb all of you the ideas you are trying to pass across. 

  • Collaboration 

Another feature of the Infogram tool is the ability to collaborate on design projects. This way, more than one person can work on creating a design to be used. If you are a content writer trying to create special designs for your content and also have got a partner, you both can work on this design together. 

  • View Design Performance 

With Infogram, you can track and keep up with the usage statistics of your designs. This gives you special insights into the engagement levels of those who are viewing your design. 

By monitoring the performance statistics of your design, you stand a chance to become knowledgeable of the special designs that need improvements, as well as the ones which are thriving. 

3. HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator

As a content writer, you will find it easy to understand the fact that the topic of every write-up is as important as its content. To make things a lot easier, Hubspot has come up with a special tool that helps generate the topic for blog posts. 

The HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator comes as a handy tool for writers, which is sure to save them the trouble trying to figure out a topic for their post. 

Hubspot also understands simplicity is a key factor that engages users. Due to this, the topic generator web app was built to offer writers a seamless and straightforward approach towards generating a topic for their blog post. 

Using the web app is considered to be a very simple process. In the fields provided by the tool, users can input five keywords and then watch the tool generate many topics to be used as blog post topics. 

4. Google Trends

Google Trends is another tool all writers need to be aware of. Just like its name, the service from Google is designed to provide people with the chance to stay up-to-date with the latest searches and trends. 

Writers can personalize the kind of trends they receive, as this allows them to maintain the scope of their content easily. The tool offers writers a chance also to find out what things are trending in their region and also obtain stories based on categories. 

With Google Trends, obtaining the latest updates on certain topics has been made easier. Another great thing about the tool is that it is free to use. 

5. Feedly

Now, if you want to obtain content ideas without having to work too hard or engage in too much stress, Feedly is a web app that has got you covered. The tool is completely designed to fit content writers, as getting content ideas sometimes can become a challenge. If that ever happens to you, you could always have Feedly to back you up. 

When looking at some of the best tools that are fit for content writers, Feedly is never left out of the picture. However, if you are finding it hard to obtain quality and accurate information as regards what kind of ideas you could use in your write-up, then Feedly could come into the picture. 

What Freely Offers to Writers 

The web app inspires unique ideas and news. If you are a writer, you can always find that browsing through many websites just to obtain a piece of information, as well as the latest news of events in the society, can be tougher than expected. Usually, this takes a whole lot of time to accomplish. 

With Feedly, the matter is a little different and less time-consuming. Feedly obtains news from different websites for you. After gathering the news, it requires users to log in and use the news to create great content ideas. 

But before being able to gather news from different platforms, users need to first select the sources and sort the news by topics. The amazing features of the web app have gotten it always to come in handy for writers to use. 


Many content writers have admitted to the fact that writing is a tough job. When writing, you must consider ideas and factors that can make the task more efficient and easier to accomplish.

The above are 5 of the best tools and apps for content writers, which can greatly improve efficiency and simplicity. Today, using these tools can greatly enhance the way you work.

In conclusion, the above tools are considered the best not just because of their features, but also because of the high number of writers who use them. As a writer, you should take your time to try them out and watch your writing style receive a huge boost. Good luck.

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