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Recipe for Success: When to Post on Social Media

Bloggers like us want to be noticed. We want our posts to be read by as many people as possible. After we've written an article, we shoot it through all social media channels, hoping for feedback. But it's not always the way we'd like it to be. Have you ever thought about what the best time to post on social media is? The time where you'll reach the largest possible amount of people with your posts? You should do that. Today, blogging is not that easy anymore. There is way too much competition. Thus, it has become difficult to build an audience. Ten years ago, this was significantly easier. Growing a blog was done a lot faster. To offset the small disadvantage, that today you have to be perceived in a completely different way, there are a couple of tricks, however. One of them is to always feed your social media accounts at the right time.

The Best Times to Post on Social Media

The infographic is not from this year. However, as far as we know, people's behaviour has not changed. The content is still up to date. It deals with Facebook and Twitter, the two most popular networks.

The Best Times for Twitter

  1. The Best Time to Tweet (about anything) Around 5pm seems to be the best time for an important tweet. Around this time, a tweet receives the most attention, and thus, it also receives the most retweets.
  2. How Often You Should Tweet One to four tweets an hour have been proven to be the best solution. This strategy nets you the highest CTR (Click-Through-Rate). When you post more than that, less people will click your tweets.
  3. The Best Days to Tweet on In the middle of the week, as well as on the weekends is where you get the most clicks on your tweets.
  4. The Best Hourly Click Rate When your goal is to achieve the best possible click rate, try posting around lunchtime, and the early evening, when people are back home.

The Best Times for Facebook

  1. The Most-Shared Posts On Facebook, most posts are shared on Saturdays, as the majority of people is at home and available.
  2. The Most Shared Posts Per Hour The most posts are shared during lunchtime on weekdays.
  3. The Best Posting Frequency One posting every other day has shown to be ideal. Articles with this post frequency have the highest chances of getting likes and shares.

Is This Information Always Valid?

Yes. And no. Generally, it always depends on you and your followers. You may have a very different and special audience, that can't be squeezed into a bodice. Find out the data that's optimal for you. On Facebook, you'll even be offered statistics that are useful for your page. You should use them for in-depth tests.

Testing, Evaluating, and Posting

Large blogs didn't become large because they write articles that no other bloggers could write. This assumption would be completely wrong. Look at me: I write articles on here, and on my blog. However, they are read a lot more often on Noupe. Why? Because a lot more people know Noupe. Large blogs have either existed for a long time already, or they have built a system. This process includes tests and evaluations. Both being just as important as writing good posts.

How You Can Test: A Recommendation

There are many tools to test the best times for social media. A great one is called Buffer. Buffer not only lets you share your posts, but also allows you to conduct a great evaluation, as you'll receive a detailed statistic for each social network. The Buffer Statistics Now post the same article at different times per social media channel, and evaluate the data afterwards. After some time, you'll have found the right day and the right hour for each network. Photo by Moritz Kindler on Unsplash

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