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7 Stunning and Responsive WooCommerce Slider Plugins to Skyrocket Sales

WooCommerce has been a game-changer in the rapidly growing eCommerce arena. By strategically using the right WooCommerce product slider plugin you can add extra functionality and that much-needed appeal to your website to boost sales like never before. 

Are you new to WooCommerce slider plugins and wish to know their features?

Are you wondering how product slider plugins can enhance your sales?

If yes, here’s a list of the top 6 responsive and mobile-friendly WooCommerce product sliders for your WordPress website. So, read on- 

1. WooCommerce Product Slider Pro

WooCommerce Product Slider Pro is one of the best WooCommerce product sliders you will find in the market at the moment. It makes it easy to filter and display tonnes of products with sheer ease. 

From best-selling to most-viewed, top-rated, up-sells, cross-sells, and related products; you can feature the products in various categories. Whether you want to display your products by their IDs, SKUs, or attributes, it is all easy with this amazing slider plugin. 

More Salient features

  • Optimized for SEO-friendliness. 
  • Responsive and mobile-friendly. 
  • Numerous themes to choose from. 
  • Seamless navigation through dots and arrows.
  • Compatible with all the latest versions of WordPress. 
  • Autoplay On/Off feature. 
  • Display or hide navigation arrows and pagination dots.  

2. Woo Product Slider & Carousel with Category 

WP Online Support’s Woo product slider and carousel with category is an SEO-optimized plugin that helps you create amazing sliders by leveraging easy-to-use shortcodes. 

Add as many responsive sliders as you want and take your WooCommerce game to the next level with this Woo product slider. 

Unlock a whole new world of possibilities by choosing to make the most of elegant and minimal design styles that make your product stand out. 

Features of Woo Product Slider & Carousel with Category 

  • More than 50 design templates to choose from 
  • 8 layouts 
  • Sliders for regularly priced products and products on sale 
  • Grid layout 
  • Featured product sliders 

3. PickPlugins Product Slider 

Created by PickPlugins, this WooCommerce product slider plugin is one of the most popular plugins. If you wish to build a conversion-oriented WordPress website, this plugin is a must-have. 

Create numerous product sliders according to your preferences and display them on a page or post simply by using a shortcode. Below are listed some more features of PickPlugins’ WooCommerce product slider WordPress plugin. 

More Features of PickPlugins’ WooSlider

  • More than 30 themes are available including Flat, Flip-X, Flip-Y, Zoom-in, and Zoom-out to name a few. 
  • Set different column numbers to suit different devices. For instance, choose 4 columns for desktop and 2 for mobile devices for impeccable responsiveness. 
  • Control the slider functionality- slider speed, stop on hover, and hide navigation according to your preferences. 

4. WP Online Support’s Product Categories Designs for WooCommerce 

WP Online Support’s Product Categories Designs for WooCommerce is the next one on the list. This slider plugin has 2 slider layouts with more than 10 slider designs at your disposal. Whether you want to display products in grid or carousel view, this plugin allows you to do that responsively. 

What’s more? This plugin with phenomenal capabilities facilitates seamless integration with your favorite page builders including- Gutenberg, Beaver, Siteorigin, and Elementor to name a few. 

This feature-rich and robust plugin is compatible with all the latest versions of WordPress and owing to its compatibility with other plugins, you can enjoy a seamless web development experience. 

It is astonishingly easy to create and use shortcodes to display products on a specific page, post, or section. 

More Features of WP Online Support’s WooCommerce Product Slider 

  • Showcase product count. 
  • Show specific product categories. 
  • 2 shortcodes.
  • Customize the post order.
  • Display category, title, and description.
  • Much more.

5. YITH WooCommerce Product Slider Carousel 

Enhance the interface of your eCommerce website and transform the way customers interact with your website in an unprecedented manner. 

YITH WooCommerce product slider plugin adds a strategic value and aesthetic appeal to your eCommerce website and grabs the attention of your customers. Boost conversions of your eCommerce store by creating various sliders and showcasing specific product categories. 

You can also show your slider in the sidebar and make the most of the plenty of features this plugin offers. 

More Features of YITH WooCommerce product slider plugin 

  • Various layouts at your disposal 
  • Set the maximum no. of products in a slider 
  • Autoplay 
  • Seamless slider navigation 
  • Show products from one or more categories 

6. WPB WooCommerce Product Slider 

WPM WooCommerce Product Slider is one of the most sought-after plugins out there. This reliable and simple-to-use WooCommerce product slider is lightweight and easy to use. It adds to the functionality of your website without weighing it down. 

If need be, one can use more than one slider and place it on the sidebar. 

More Features of WPB’s WooCommerce Product Slider 

  • Product sliders for various categories 
  • Easy to use shortcodes 
  • Modern setting panel 
  • RTL support 
  • Responsive and mobile-friendly
  • Supports all major browsers 

7. WooCommerce Product Carousel PRO

WooCommerce Product Carousel PRO is equipped with a variety of unique features. This is undoubtedly one of the most popular plugins you will find out there in the online space. Display multiple products simultaneously with seamless navigational facilities. 

You can re-order the products according to your preferences and automatically select related products according to tags and categories. 

More Features of WooCommerce Product Carousel PRO

  • More than 30 theme styles to pick from. 
  • Display products with a slider, carousel, and filter. 
  • Set number of products per slide. 
  • Change the color of the background, hover, and add to cart button. 
  • More than 8 navigation positions. 

Final Thoughts 

There is no dearth of WooCommerce product sliders in the market and each of them brings its own set of advantages. You are advised to use your discretion to choose the one that fits your needs the best. The eCommerce market is increasingly progressive and competitive. Choosing the right WooCommerce plugin will help you gain a leg-up in the ever-competitive market. 

Hope the post made for a good read. For more information related to WooCommerce product slider WordPress plugins, feel free to get in touch with us.

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