Gerry Wilson December 14th, 2018

The Benefits of Animated Videos for Your Marketing Strategy

While struggling being at the midst of competitive digital industry, marketers strive to come up with progressive marketing strategies.

Such strategies that can bring more customers to the site increase the rate of conversions and bring the site to the top charts.

What can be better than having an animated video when you have big goals to achieve? An Animated video can help you bring the change you want and to generate the performance you have desired. It can let you take a leap to success by investing a few bucks. All that is needed is a bit of determination to get the best quality video created by freelance animators or an animated video company.


An animated video is a package full of creativity and appeal. It can effectively deliver gems of information using simplistic tricks. An animated video sketches a deep story that indulges the attention of viewers. If you want to succeed in the online world, you have to make sure that your video is captivating enough to entertain the viewers and to sustain their attention for longer.

Spread Brand Awareness

An animated video is a perfect asset to increase your brand awareness. The video can incorporate rich brand messages along with your core values. Having the appropriate use of colors and aesthetics that can reflect your level of professionalism, you can accelerate your brand’s reach. Your content present in the video will be able to trigger the emotions and create a strong bond among your customers.


One of the biggest advantages of incorporating animated videos in your marketing campaign is approaching customers with a touch of versatility. You do not have to become a slave of any template, you can create a video from scratch and amuse your viewers. You add your own color, features, and graphics that can help in capturing attention.

Boost Online Visibility

Animated videos due to being able to deliver information effectively and quickly, entertains viewers expertly. As a viewer becomes interested to know more about a site he shows a greater likelihood to get converted and even if he does not he finds the site helpful. Due to which the search engines rank such sites among the leading one. So, just by having a simple animated video you can gain enhanced online visibility. You can be able to reach out to even those customers you never thought about dealing with.

Mobile Friendly

As a huge proportion of online users, prefer streaming and browsing through their smartphones, the need to have mobile responsive sites keep on ringing the bell of urgency. You have to get a highly responsive site or any sort of branding asset if you want to maximize your customer reach. As per the research, around 65% customers view Facebook post through cellphones and similarly, around 50% video streaming on YouTube is made through phones.


Animated videos have the power to interact with viewers. It is something that is hard to find elsewhere. Interaction is important if you want to amuse your customers and connect them with your brand. To build a strong connection and to develop trust it is important to present you as a human. Appealing visuals along with interactive animation turns into a power-pack dose for the potential customers who cannot stop falling in love with your company and services.

It Humanizes

You can humanize your brand by using an animated video. The video gives a face and voice to your firm and allows it to stabilize the clientele. You can efficiently gather huge traffic on your site and address the common issues that your customers encounter.

Accelerates Sales

Why a customer refrains from counting on a new business or brand to shop? The prime reason lies in oblivion. The customer does not know what that brand does good and the traits of its services. Due to which it takes months to spread brand awareness and to convince customers to lay their trust in a company. However, with an animated video the thing, which takes months, can be achieved within days.  You can educate your viewers and tell them in details what your company is and all about your services.

In a Nut Shell

When making an animated video the first thing to consider is to stay targeted to customer’s needs and demands. So, stay conscious and follow the inspiration and guidelines stated by experts to bring a massive productivity change in your creation.

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  1. Truly it is a perfect way to increase brand awareness along with it this will have the power to interact with viewers.

  2. Great, these benefits are 100% right. I have read and saved in my diary, I must use some of them relate to my projects for video animation. Thanks for posting, really great article.

  3. Nowadays Animated Video marketing plays a vital role in any business industries, my personal observation in this regard short video one of effecting and engaging the online visitors so I think this is a great thing because during the short time a person engage more visitors.

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