Denis Potschien February 10th, 2013

Pinstamatic Pimps Pinterest, Allows for Sharing of Websites, Texts and Places

You know that the social network Pinterest limits itself to the sharing of visual media, images foremost. Even though this is surely part of its success, there are times when you'd like to share other content, especially when the content is not available as an image. In these cases, Pinstamatic, a new service to extend Pinterest's capabilities comes into play. Pinstamatic allows for the sharing of texts, websites and places. It enhances the presentation of images also. Pinstamatic

Pinstamatic: Service Creates Images For Different Content Types

Using Pinstamatic is easy: First you choose the type of content to be shared on Pinterest. Depending on the chosen type Pinstamatic presents a form with differing fields for inputs and selections. If you want to share a website, you simply put in the URL. Pinstamatic generates a screen-shot of the site, which then can be published on your Pinterest pin-board. Sharing of texts is simple too. The service offers different designs to style the looks of the texts. Designs differ in terms of background, font and color. If you're into that, you could choose the typical post-it look also.. Location as graphical map

Pinstamatic even shares Maps, Music and Tweets

Pinstamatic is able to connect even more web services to Pinterest. That way we are enabled to publish places via OpenStreetMap, album covers through Spotify and tweets in graphical form via Twitter. Pinstamatized Tweet All images created look exceptionally good. Handling of the service is simple. The combination with other services makes Pinstamatic highly useful. Even if you are only publishing an image, Pinstamatic can enhance this experience. You can choose your photos from different social networks or even from cloud providers such as Google Drive and Dropbox. Pinstamatic attaches a caption (if you want it to) and publishes the image on Pinterest. Conclusion: Even if Pinterest has not been your cup of tea up until today, you might take delight in Pinstamatic. The looks and the functionality of the site are good, and handling it is fun. (dpe)

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