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Social Media Paradise: Twtrland Delivers Twitter Insights You Would Never Have Hoped To Get

Twtrland got created on the beach. A piece of paper was in the game, a pen and a not exactly quantified amount of coffee. Three brothers from Israel stand behind the service, whose main purpose was to help with the decision whom to follow on Twitter and - well - whom not. Still this is the main benefit you get from using twtrland.

Twtrland Delivers Information Twitter Itself Does Not Provide

Twtrland is available since just over a year, but could not really reach a level of publicity to become well known to those who would have immediately liked it had they only heard of the service. In the last year the team worked to optimize the optical presentation as well as the underlying algorithms and depth of information. Today they have reached a level of usefulness that I do not hesitate to call twtrland a service that cannot be done without by any serious social median. To me twtrland grew inevitable after having used it for only a few minutes. Can you do without twtrland? Of course you can, but it would be foolish to go without its plethora of viable information.

Imagine, you want to promote your brand and - unfortunately - that brand is quite unknown up to now. Now you are about to establish a social media strategy where you will not want to miss out on integrating Twitter. You aim to reach an as big as possible audience with efforts as little as possible. How should we proceed? Of course that depends on the target group. Are you targeting female customers within a certain age range or in a certain region?

If so wouldn't it make sense to follow Twitter users from within the target group? Wouldn't it be even better, if you could follow those users who themselves reach high follower counts and are renowned for tweeting often? Even more interesting, what if you could target users who are known for all the before-mentioned plus being active retweeters? Chances would be, your messages spread like wildfire.

Paradise, you might think, unavailable. If you look at Twitter's core service you are right. Twitter could provide you with all the information but does not do so. Twtrland instead does all that and then some more.

Some information twtrland offers can only be generated through the use of algorithmic filters. This is especially true for the age filters as it is not mandatory to tell Twitter your exact age. Same is true for sorting out the gender or finding out the geographical location of a Twitter user.

Twitrland claims that the filters used are self-learning and have been improved over the course of the last year to provide more and more accurate results. You can always tell by yourself if this is correct for your profile as twtrland not only tells you that - say - 20% of your followers are male, but also lets you drill down into the information to see which males hide behind the percentage numbers. During my little test with Twitter users I know personally the filters did not disappoint and delivered precise results in most cases.

Twtrland is not perfect but don't blame the service. Due to limitations of the Twitter API twtrland can only use about 1,500 of the latest tweets of each profile to create its surveys. In fast-moving profiles this could lead to slight inaccuracies. But this is complaining on a high level. Still with these inaccuracies in mind twtrland is the best, easiest and most reliable way to target profiles that promise to be worthwhile from the viewpoint of any marketeer.

Twtrland Helps You Understand Your Own Followership Better

It is always helpful to know a little more about your own profile and its follower structure. You could try to gain a little insight combining a few services, but wait, there's twtrland.

Look what I found out via twtrland but could not have easily any other way:

  • Noupe's 6,712 follower are mostly male, but still we have 43% female visitors. Great for a tech-oriented magazine. 42% of all Noupe's followers come from the United States, all other countries deliver only single-figure follower counts.
  • 21 % are classified Twitter novices, 75% are regular, averagely active users, while 4% are classified as power users with high interaction levels
  • Noupe sees over 180 retweets per 100 tweets

I could now even dwell deeper into the demography and location of our followership:

  • Twitter users based in California or Texas tend to like Noupe more than those in any other part of the US
  • 65% of our american readers are female, with 47% being between 20 and 40 years of age

Are these insights? Marketeers go all dewy-eyed and start typing with clammy hands considering the wealth of information at their fingertips. Go find a towel!

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  1. I’m trying this out since I’ve just started making a more concentrated effort to reach out to users for our startup @NE1UP.

    It’s free, I love that, and it did show me some useful info right off the bat. I haven’t tried a single other Twitter tool yet, so I appreciate this introduction to their tool!

    I’m surprised no one has posted on this before, is it not a very popular tool, or just overshadowed by the bigger names in the niche?


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