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How to Setup Your First Website Within Minutes

How to Setup Your First Website Within Minutes
Since every major business nowadays is going online, it is only a smart choice to create an online presence for yourself as well. No matter what the nature of your work is -- you might be an artist or a photographer, or maybe a writer, or a small local bakery, or, of course, a big agency with a long list of clients. Irrespective of your business or work, the internet is big enough to help you discover new audiences and reach a new set of customers. So, are you planning to setup a website? How do you get started? Do you have to build your website all by yourself? This post will help you setup your first or second or third or ... website within minutes, and get started with an online presence for you or your business.

Setup Your First Website Within Minutes

Proper website setup requires a bit of work, but if done in the correct manner, you can accomplish all of this with ease. First up, before you can proceed any further, you need to register an identity and a home for your website.

Domain Names

Before going any further, you will need a domain name for your website. There are a lot of extensions to choose from, and you should pick the one that best suits you or your business. The most common and widely accepted ones are .com .net and .org, wherein .org is generally used by non-profits, and .com has become the standard domain name extension on the internet. It might so happen that the domain name you want is already taken, especially if you need a .com extension. In such cases, you might opt for another extension, for instance:
  • .io is a good pick for technical websites, such as design blogs, computer news sites, etc.
  • .me is widely used for personal sites or online portfolios, etc.
You can also opt for a country-specific domain name extension if your business caters only or mostly to a particular country. For example, if you are a German language publication dealing with the Bundesliga, the German soccer league, you might be fine with a .de extension. Similarly, you can go for a .ca domain name if your primary audience resides in Canada, and so on. A good domain name should, of course, be easy to remember, and easier to spell. Try to avoid words that confuse people in terms of spelling, and more importantly, try not to have a domain name that is too long. Once again, make it easy to recall, and easy to type. bluehost-main

Web Hosting

Now that you have figured out the domain name part, you need to purchase your web hosting. Haven’t heard of web hosting? Well, in the simplest of words, much like you use a hard drive on your computer to store your files and data, web hosting provides you with space on an online server, wherein you can store the files and other data of your website. However, unlike your personal computer, web hosting means the server your account is on has a public folder, wherein whatever files you place, are publicly viewable by people on the internet, using the domain name of your given website. When selecting a suitable web host, there are a lot many things that you should bear in mind. Relying on a great web host with an established reputation is definitely a good idea. Here are certain points to help you get started: Go with a web host that has a proven record of uptime and excellent service. Your website needs solid uptime, and should be accessible at all times to your visitors. Look for reviews of your host online, and more importantly, check with them about their pricing and terms of service. Lastly, make sure you have a quick word with your potential web host, and also ask them about their support policy. Problems happen, and certain issues can never be avoided. However, what matters is that your web host seems to be able to provide you excellent support and help if and when such issues do arise. You will need to figure out a web hosting plan for your website. Basically, it depends on the nature of the site you are running, and if you are just getting started, shared hosting plans will suffice. Well, now you know about domain names and web hosting. But the big question is, where do you purchase it from? Allow us to help you. (By the way: We pointed out more important points about how to choose the right web host (By the way: We pointed out more important points about how to choose the right web host in this article.) Bluehost Landing Page

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What Next?

Once done with web hosting and domain name, how do you get started with your website? BlueHost makes administering your site a snap. They use one of the most popular admin interfaces for web hosts, namely cPanel. 6-cpanel If you are planning to build an eCommerce store or a blog, WordPress will be sufficient for your needs. After all, it is the world’s largest Content Management System, and powers as much as 25% of the internet! Once again, BlueHost can help you out here: they have an automated installer for WordPress, and you can get started with it shortly after you purchase your web hosting account. 7-WordPress 8-Install WP 10-Installation After that, if you need themes and plugins to spice up your WordPress site, why not check out our WordPress section for awesome resources and handy advice? Head this way.


Setting up a new website can be a daunting task. However, with the right tools and services, it can be pretty easy to accomplish. By taking care of web hosting and domain names via BlueHost, you can easily save not only a lot of money but also get quality service and stay aloof from hosting-related headaches and issues. Following that, you can get started with the setup and creation of your website, and have an online identity for your business. What do you think of this deal by BlueHost? Got any questions related to website setup? Share them in the comments below! (dpe) Featured image by blickpixel on Pixabay Disclaimer: This article is sponsored by BlueHost.

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  3. Very useful tips. These days it’s really tough to get .com domain that suits your business. Going for other TLDs is the best option. Before choosing a hosting, it’s important to look for the software choices available – especially if you want to set up cart.

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