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Why Your Business Should Focus on Employee-Generated Content

Audience and brand loyalty are invaluable in today’s competitive business landscape. Your business’s reputation and profitability are at the mercy of your customer relationships. So, you’re smart to constantly seek ways to deepen customer connections. 

Employee-generated content (EGC) can be a game-changer in this regard. EGC is any content crafted by employees and shared on their social media pages and other digital platforms about their work experiences and expertise. 

Quality EGC gives you something else to share with customers that incites an emotional connection with your brand. In addition, it can have a profound effect on your internal processes and employees. 

Let’s explore why prioritizing EGC is a must and how businesses can get their employees to create and share EGC consistently. 

Why EGC Should Be a Priority for Businesses 

According to Sociabble, “98%?of employees use at least one social media site for personal use, of which 50 percent are already posting about their company.” 

Most of your employees are already on social media talking about their work days, what they do for a living, and the company. In addition, there are millions of websites and podcasts out right now. Many of your employees could have their own blogs or podcasts disclosing their work experiences as well. 

So, whether you’re leveraging it or not, what they’re sharing on their social media platforms, blogs, podcasts, and other digital platforms about work is impacting how others view your company and what actions they take with it. 

In addition, by not collecting and using EGC, you’re missing out on opportunities to elevate your business internally. 

EGC should be a priority for businesses for these three main reasons:  

Give customers more reasons to love your business

Some people only need to know you have great products at affordable prices to move forward with purchases. However, many others need more to convince them that your business is worth their money and loyalty. 

For example, how you treat your employees could be the deciding factor for a lot of consumers. Many won’t support a business that treats its employees poorly. 

Conversely, if a company can prove how well it treats its employees, it’ll help customers form a positive perception of the business that ultimately inspires purchases and brand interactions. 

For instance, a lack of work-life balance can cause employees a lot of harm. They can’t show their personal responsibilities and passions the attention they deserve because they’re burnt out. 

Long hours can also negatively impact their physical health, including their oral health. Stress can cause employees to grind their teeth, wearing down enamel. They won’t be able to fight off gum disease as efficiently. And they may be so worn out they can’t make dentist appointments. 

Many companies may fail to provide their employees with the work-life balance they need to avoid poor health and life outcomes. You, on the other hand, can show your commitment to helping your employees maintain a healthy work-life balance thanks to EGC.

Whether through vlogs of work-from-home days or posts praising the flexible scheduling options, your employees can show customers they’re well taken care of, giving consumers more reasons to love your business.

Get valuable insights into your company’s processes 

As great as EGC is for bettering customer relationships, it can also be a valuable tool for gathering insights about your internal processes. 

It’s never fun to hear employees express issues with their work experience, especially when you’re hearing about them for the first time on a podcast episode or blog post. Even if they’re just saying, ‘I wish this was better at work,’ you can restructure your processes so that they better support employees when you have this information. 

Continuous process improvement is essential because:

  • Better processes equal happier, more productive employees
  • It streamlines technology implementation
  • It helps you identify and solve hidden bottlenecks
  • You can take advantage of opportunities in your market faster
  • You can determine whether or not what you’re currently doing accommodates growth
  • Customer satisfaction improves because you can fulfill orders more efficiently, respond faster, and serve consistently 

Actively seek out the content employees are creating that expresses concerns and shares the suggestions they have for making things better in your company. You can use it to make more informed decisions about how to improve. 

Deepen employee relationships 

You can empower your employees and make them feel valued by encouraging them to share content that reflects their experiences, insights, and expertise, so long as your efforts are genuine and about more than profit. 

We say that last part because your employees know when you’re asking them to do something as a means to an end, like asking them to share positive work experiences just to enhance recruitment efforts. 

Yes, that’s an important goal for EGC. However, you want to collect EGC for meaningful purposes, such as trying to amplify employee voices and create a better work environment for them.

Your employees will be more likely to create EGC when they know it’s for something significant. Not only that, your relationships with them will get stronger as you implement their suggestions and they see you’re actually listening. 

How to Encourage Employees to Create and Share EGC

EGC can be influential in a business once you get ahold of it. The key phrase there is once you get ahold of it. Getting employees to create and share EGC can be difficult for a few reasons: 

  1. Employees may be concerned about the consequences that come with being honest
  2. They may not know what good EGC looks like or how to create it 
  3. It may not seem worthwhile to spend time crafting EGC 

Addressing these three things is a good start if you want to encourage your employees to create and share EGC regularly. 

You don’t want your employees bashing your business online. However, you do want them to be honest about their work experiences and authentic in their content. 

Reassure your employees that you want truthfulness. Let them know there won’t be consequences for sharing their story respectfully. But set the expectation that they come to you with serious complaints or concerns first and not their online platforms. 

EGC guidelines would help with point number two. You can share good examples of EGC that your employees can reference when creating their own content. Explain what isn’t appropriate to share online. Detail how to make the best content

You can also make a repository for visuals, messaging, and templates your employees can use to simplify the creation process. 

Finally, you can give your employees the push they need to create and share EGC by offering incentives. For example, you could have employees rack up points for every piece of EGC they publish. Whoever gets the most points at the end of the quarter gets a gift card to their favorite place.

It will take some time to get the ball rolling with EGC. However, it’s worth the effort for what EGC can bring to your business.

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