Sufyan bin Uzayr February 24th, 2016

WordPress is Alignable’s Most Trusted Brand for SMBs

Alignable have published the reports of their recently SMB Trust Index Survey, and WordPress tops the list. Among 25 of the most trusted brands or companies by small to medium business owners, WordPress has been enlisted as the first choice. To quote:
For small business owners, WordPress is a well-trusted company, Yelp is a brand in trouble, and Facebook is on a downward path.
The survey sample included over 6000 small business owners across North America. Interestingly enough, WordPress has been ranked above the likes of Google, Shopify and GoDaddy. Here is how the data has been assessed and analyzed:
Data represents running, cumulative report of SMB sentiment of vendors and providers from more than 6,000 ratings. Relative position changes from this quarter to the prior quarter were generated from the 25% net new ratings added to the database in the quarter. Alignable members rated these brands on a sliding scale from 0-10. NPS values calculated by subtracting percentage of detractors (brands rated 0-6) from percentage of promoters (brands rated 9-10).
Of course, the above ranking views WordPress as a “company”, which it apparently is not. The WordPress community views itself as anything but a company, so the term surely is not the best fit for describing WordPress. However, the fact that WordPress is ranked one among a list of 25 most trusted brands by SMBs is what is important -- WordPress’ dominance does not seem to be fading anytime soon. You can view the Alignable SMB Trust Index Survey results here (PDF).

Sufyan bin Uzayr

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