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23 Delicious Food and Drink Related Websites

The internet is a fantastic resource for anyone who has a passion for food. There are thousands of recipe websites available for those who want to try something new, and photo blogs where users simply share a picture of what they are eating. Ordering food through the internet has become very popular too as it allows people the opportunity of purchasing obscure foods they can't find locally. There are some great discounts for those who purchase bulk orders too. So foodies the world over, love turning to the world wide web for all their food related needs. Today we will be looking at 25 interesting food and drink related websites that are sure to inspire you.

The Showcase

1. Big Oven Big Oven is one of the most popular food related applications for devices such as the iPhone and iPad. It also works with Android and Windows Phone devices. The main website also displays their 170,000+ recipes. Members can see their recipes through their mobile device or through the main website. Big Oven 2. Food One of the largest recipe websites on the web with over 400,000 recipes. has a minimalist design that packs a lot of information into a page. 3. Chocablog Chocablog is a regularly updated chocolate blog that features news, reviews, recipes and a shop. It has a mouth watering design that boasts a featured slider post on the home page and a traditional blog sidebar. Chocablog 4. C & C Coffee Company An interesting design that features a flash based navigation header that shakes menu items around as if they were hanging by string. C & C Coffee Company 5. Mealeo An easy to use website that walks you through how you can place a food order and have it delivered to your home. Mealeo 6. Burger King Burger King has a design that is both fun and practical. The site features 3 sliders at the top of the page: Fun, Food and BK®. By moving a slider from - to + the main content changes accordingly. For example, by moving the fun slider to the right you will see information for the BK Facebook page, BK Club for kids and frozen drinks. Moving the food slider brings up hamburgers and fries etc. The great thing about the sliders is that you can include 1, 2 or 3 sections. The icons simply get smaller to make room for more information. Burger King 7. Ben & Jerry's As you would expect from Ben & Jerry's, their website doesn't take itself too seriously. It's fun, colourful and animated but is still packed with lots of information about their ice-cream. Ben & Jerry's 8. FoodSpotting A great service that lets mobile users take pictures of their food and share it with the world. Other users can then search through the FoodSpotting website or mobile application by location or by type of food. One of the more inventive ways that a developer has integrated Google Maps into their service. FoodSpotting 9. Wokitokee The Wokitokee noodle shop has to be one of the strangest designs we have seen. It's probably a little confusing to customers, but there's no disputing that this flash based design is unique. Wokitokee 10. Catered By Kate A simple yet elegant design that has a personal touch. Catered By Kate is a great example of a small 4 page website. Catered By Kate 11. Serious Eats The Serious Eats community has a fantastic looking blog design that uses images throughout the site to promote new articles. Serious Eats 12. All Recipes A huge recipe community that has dedicated versions of the site for countries all around the world. It uses a clean design that makes browsing the thousands of recipes they have in their archives a breeze. All Recipes 13. BrewShop The New Zealand BrewShop is a fantastic looking online shop that sells a wide range of products to people who want to make their own beers at home. BrewShop 14. Jamie Oliver TV chef Jamie Oliver's website has a clean design that manages to squeeze in information about him, recipes, his foundation, his restaurants, his products and much more. Jamie Oliver 15. Just Eat Just Eat is a food ordering service that is popular in Canada and most of Europe. To order food all you have to do is enter the post code of your area and Just Eat will list all restaurants in your area. Results can be filtered by the type of food you want too. Just Eat 16. Giraffe The website for the family restaurant chain Giraffe is big, bright, colourful and easy to navigate. Giraffe 17. Marie Catribs A great looking design that rotates images on the home page of some of Marie Catribs tastiest dishes. Marie Catribs 18. Domino's A simple easy to use flash based website that promotes the latest deals from Domino's. Domino's 19. Meal 2 Go Another food ordering service that lists restaurants in your area. Menus are completely integrated into the site so you just need to choose what you want and click the buy button. Meal2Go 20. Sibling Rivalry Wine It's not often you get Wine with a rock-n-roll design but that's what wine makers Henry Of Pelham have done with Sibling Rivalry. It's an easy to use and well designed website. Unfortunately, you can't order the wine directly through the website :( Sibling Rivalry Wine 21. Dilly Deli Tulsa Another big and colourful restaurant design that is incredibly easy to navigate. Weekday and weekend specials are displayed on the home page and the top navigation menu lists the different sections of their menu. Dilly Deli Tulsa 22. Little Cake Parlour With beautiful typography and a simple wedding themed elegant design, Little Cake Parlour is a fantastic example of how to promote a niche food website. Check out their great looking lightbox powered cake gallery! Little Cake Parlour 23. Pic Fresh A simple yet effective design for the Australian catering company Pic Fresh. Details of all of their products can be found on the site. Pic Fresh 24. I Love Sesame A fun design that lets visitors download menus in PDF format, find details of their nearest shop and place an order online. I Love Sesame 25. The Whisky Exchange The Whisky Exchange has a traditional eCommerce style design. It's very easy to browse products through the website, which is what is essential for a store that sells such a wide number of items. The Whisky Exchange We hope you have enjoyed this mouth watering slice of Noupe today. Please feel free to use the comment section to tell us some of your favorite places to turn online to feed your inner foodie. We look forward to hearing from you.

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  4. I got hungry. I need some real ones ;). Thanks for this fabulous collection. A friend of mine was designing a web site for a similar concept (celebration halls), and this article was very useful to him.

  5. Delicious list – I’d hope though that my blog (Mostly About Chocolate) much like Dom’s (Chocablog) is more delicious than Dominos! This is quite the sweeping and comprehensive list though, spanning a number of categories and hitting a personal fav – Ben & Jerry’s (but not a favourite of my waistline whose expansion is partially their fault!).

    The C & C Coffee site is especially beautiful though :-)

  6. It’s Awesome! All the preparation listed here is very attractive. These are really some nice sources about food and drink related website. Thanks for sharing.

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