46 of the Web’s Most Creative 404 Error Pages (2015 Edition)

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Entering a mistyped URL into your browser or clicking a link to a destination that no longer exists usually leads to a 404 error page. This 404 is generated by your server and if you do nothing about will look like a default server message looks – ugly and boring and unhelpful to the technically non-savvy. This needs not be that way, however. We have curated a collection of 46 creative approaches to offering a 404 that you actually want to see as a visitor. Be it because it is helpful, impressive, entertaining or simply cute. Have fun!

Die kreativsten 404-Fehlerseiten des Webs

Larkef – Error

Die 404-Seite von Larkef

Incore – Error

Incore - Error 404

Krit.it – Error

Krit.it - Error 404

.. an animated session of ping pong ..

GrantBurke – Error

GrantBurke - Error 404

Gifmylive.arte.tv – Error

Gifmylife.arte.tv - Error 404

.. very interesting effects. Make sure to visit this page and try clicking around ..

Marvel App – Error

Marvel App - Error 404

.. clicking the space key changes the animated background image ..

Allison House – Error

Allison House - Error 404

.. the good old terminals are back ..

Wild – Error

Wild - Error 404

.. we can always haz cats. Noteworthy is the custom URL. Check it out ..

Yieldmo – Error

Yieldmo - Error 404

Random Staging – Error

Random Staging - Error 404

.. fascinating animations ..

Tripomatic – Error

Tripomatic - Error 404

.. hand-drawn with love, then animated the same way ..

Urban Influence – Error

Urban Influence - Error 404

.. video in the background ..

Barrel – Error

Barrel - Error 404

This by Them – Error

This by Them - Error 404

.. an animated blend of a David Bowie tribute and the movie Gravity ..

Hub – Error

Hub - Error 404

.. full-screen background video ..

Airbnb – Error

Airbnb - Error 404

.. designed with love and delibering added value by providing links – also to the sitemap ..

Homestarrunner – Error

Homestar Runner - Error 404

Quartzy – Error

Quartzy - Error 404

Martin Wright – Error

Martin Wright - Error 404

.. imaginative and simply cute ..

Laszlito – Error

Laszlito - Error 404

TOBI – Error

TOBI - Error 404

Webydo – Error

Webydo - Error 404

Angry Birds Space – Error

Angry Birds Space - Error 404

Odd Pears – Error

Odd Pears - Error 404

Tiny Carrier – Error

Tiny Carrier - Error 404

Edukate Web Client – Error

Edukate Web Client - Error 404

.. beautifully animated parallax background ..

Fork CMS – Error

Fork CMS - Error 404

Bellstrike – Error

Bellstrike - Error 404

Jackrabbit Design – Error

Jackrabbit Design - Error 404

H Art – Error

H Art - Error 404

Signum – Error

Signum - Error 404

Storio Digital – Error

Storio Digital - Error 404

Spry Group – Error

Spry Group - Error 404

.. full-screen background video ..

Brand Crowd – Error

Brand Crowd - Error 404

Cooori – Error

Cooori - Error 404

Paul Foster Design – Error

Paul Foster Design - Error 404

.. blinking lights of a data center ..

Romain Brasier – Error

Romain Brasier - Error 404

.. back to the Eighties’ game consoles. Amazing ..

Cool Apps – Error

Cool Apps - Error 404

Code School – Error

Code School - Error 404

. fully animated page featuring a starting rocket held back by an anchor – amusing ..

Herrlich Media – Error

Herrlich Media - Error 404

Back Country – Error

Back Country - Error 404

Constellation & Co. – Error

Constellation & Co. - Error 404

Use Panda – Error

Use Panda - Error 404

EyeEm – Error

EyeEm - Error 404

Bob Wassermann – Error

Bob Wassermann - Error 404

Molome – Error

Molome - Error 404

.. dainty design and animation ..

That’s that

This article was all about beautiful and creative 404 error pages. It would be great if you found your perfect inspiration. Keep in mind that the error page will potentially be one of your most visited pages and has to represent your brand as good as possible. Done right, even an error page can turn a stray search engine visitor into a frequent consumer of your offerings.

Want more? We have covered the topic of great 404 pages more than once already. Did we miss out on the best 404 there is? Tell us in the comments below…


Andreas Hecht

Andreas Hecht is a journalist and specialist for WordPress and WordPress Security. He roams the web since its inception. He has published an ebook on WordPress Security, which you might want to take a look at.

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Wow, very inspiring sites!

Here’s another one: http://www.werbeagentur-glanzer-und-partner.de/404

Claudio [aidoru] Campanella

I think also the page 404 can convey information to the user.
I thought about putting in 404 page information on missing persons or animals.


Awesome collection. TOBI – Error is my favorite.
Thanks for sharing :)

Kim Dolleris

Hah! great ones – our support department; http://novicell.dk/404 :)

Dieter Petereit
Noupe Team


Dieter Petereit
Noupe Team

Uh oh. Takedown notice is to be waited for …


creativity at its best for some… nice collection BTW.. thanks for the post.

Ian Batterbee

Here’s a cool UX themed one: http://konigi.com/404

Susanne Lund Mikkelsen

Great collection with a lot of inspiration. Also check out Mashables 404 page.


all of those 404 error pages are so creative :)
honestly i like code school error page design

Chris Butler

Check our 404 error page out @ https://www.hashtagcv.com/404ErrorPage.aspx

Brian Jamesson

Good collection of creative 404’s. This is our humble design: http://www.xpressmovers.com/blog/404-example-page/


Torn’s 404 pages are very creative – http://www.torn.com


This one made me chuckle (I’m a snowboarder, so I know what this is all about): http://gibbonswhistler.com/404