Kevin Muldoon February 29th, 2012

A Showcase of Great Looking Tumblr Themes

Tubmlr has gained a lot of fans over the last 5 years, and with good reason. Whereas many blogging platforms are striving to add more and more features to their platform, Tumblr has stayed true to its microblogging roots by keeping things simple. This has resulted in one of the most user friendly interfaces available online. And though it may be simple, it still has some great features. There are a wide range of post formats to choose from and you can automatically update your Tumblr page with your latest entries from Facebook and Twitter. The Tumblr design can be changed in seconds through your Tumblr dashboard. There are over 1,200 free and premium themes currently available in the Tumblr Theme Garden. Today we would like to share with you 30 great designs from the ranks. You can install any of these themes easily through the customise section of Tubmlr. Enjoy!

The Themes

1. Vacant FREE A cool design that features a large content area for displaying images. Large fonts are used and the bottom of each post has been designed to look like a torn piece of paper. Vacant Info & Download | Demo 2. Showroom FREE Showroom gives the impression of notes being pinned on a wooden wall. The right hand side of the page has a sidebar with a great looking 'about me' widget displayed at the top. Showroom Info & Download | Demo 3. go CRAZY!! FREE A colourful minimal theme that uses green, pink and blue fonts throughout the design. Each icon is also a different colour. go CRAZY!! Info & Download | Demo 5. Griddlr Theme FREE A unique design that packs content into 3 columns. The top navigation area remains fixed as the user scrolls down the page. Clicking on the information link underneath the navigation area will bring down a menu with your profile details, a search bar and a list of the latest posts. Griddlr Theme Info & Download | Demo 6. Hobo FREE An interesting design from British designer Mike Ballan. Your profile info and various links are displayed in a fixed left hand colummn. The main content area is split into 3 sections Hobo Info & Download | Demo 8. Color Shades FREE A multi colour one column theme that alternates the colour scheme in every post. There are around a dozen colour schemes to choose from via the colour picker. Color Shades Info & Download | Demo 9. Postage FREE A mail themed design with a traditional 2 column blog layout. Profiles are posted in the sidebar with rss, random and archive icon links all contained in the footer. Postage Info & Download | Demo 10. Panda Classics Recycled FREE A great looking one column design with beautiful typography. Posts are divided using colourful banners and the one column design makes it great for showcasing images. Panda Classics Recycled Info & Download | Demo 12. Savory $49 One of the most feature rich Tumblr themes available. You could be forgiven for thinking that Savory was designed for WordPress or Drupal due its design and typography (powered by Typekit). Links to your Tubmlr RSS feed and archives are displayed at the top of the page with other content and navigation links being displayed in the sidebar. Social media sharing buttons have been integrated into the post area and it has support for Disqus too. Savory Info & Download | Demo 13. Beckett FREE A clean minimal design that has a simple navigation menu at the top and sidebar at the right hand side. The large fonts make reading a pleasure. Beckett Info & Download | Demo 15. Julia FREE Large fonts and big bright colours are used throughout this large one column design to really set it off. Julia Info & Download | Demo

More Waiting for You on Page Two

You are well on your way, with half of the themes now behind you! However, don't stop just yet, as the rest of this beautiful collection of resources is still waiting for you on page two.

Kevin Muldoon

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  1. Hi Kevin,

    nice selection, but really missing one theme .. namely my free theme ;-P

    Official Tumblr Theme Garden item, so one-click for a new minimal typographic Tumblr theme, as easy as pie!

    Thanks for sharing, cheers & ciao ..

  2. Nice collection. I really like the Solaris theme. I should use Tumblr more, it is a great platform. Does anyone here run their main Blog using this platform?

  3. These are a great collection of beautiful themes. I also side with Tom in wondering if anyone uses Tumblr as their platform for their main blog. Thanks for taking the time to put this together, Kevin.

  4. There is no need of any special technical skills to use these themes and you can easily and quickly post your images, quotes, videos, slide show, text or your photos. There is also an option to remove the original domain name and use a custom domain name. The Tumblr themes could be especially very useful for the internet marketers or the social media marketers as they are very unique and are steadily growing.

  5. Hi
    What a great collection of themes – simple, interactive, expressive, presentation at it’s best.
    super likes for these themes.

  6. These are a great collection of beautiful themes. I also side with Tom in wondering if anyone uses Tumblr as their platform for their main blog. Thanks for taking the time to put this together, Kevin.

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