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Alternative Marketing Strategies For Client Retention And Reactivation

Customer engagement is all about encouraging your customers to interact and share in with the different types of experiences you create for them as a business and a brand.

When executed well, a strong customer engagement strategy will even help to foster brand growth and loyalty.

Businesses that focus on customer Retention and Reactivation are focused on value creation, not revenue extraction. They give people something meaningful beyond a sales pitch: i.e. brilliant customer experience, interactive content, and real-time customer support.

Customer Retention Strategies That Work Steps to Attract Your Past Customers to Increase Your Revenue are:

1. Provide Customer Service Using SMS Messages

Customer service can make or break a business. Lower your response time, improve customer satisfaction, and keep fewer people on hold by giving them the option to text your business with requests and inquiries. Research from the marketing strategies international found that 70% of consumers want to use the mobile messaging for troubleshooting, and nearly two-thirds want to use it for purchase or reservations. Therefore many companies started to give some SMS marketing software solutions a chance.

Business Bulk SMS messaging is easy to implement, and you can even use your existing phone number. Plus, an intuitive dashboard makes onboarding new team members a breeze.

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2. Incentivize Your Top Customers to Stay

This does not have to mean "buying" your customers with the coupons and debates incentivizing customers is about providing value, not offering discounts.

3. Schedule Automatic Follow-Ups

Even if you are careful about assigning follow-ups to specific team members, it is easy to let customers fall through the cracks at the time of hectic workweek. Streamline your workflow by scheduling automatic follow-ups.

4. Personalize Your Marketing Messages

Even if you do implement a top of the line CR software, it is important not to let your relationships begin and end with the technology. After all, your customers aren't numbers – they are people. Make sure your messages are relevant and customized to each person. This can be as easy as using the custom fields in your campaigns to include your customers, names at the beginning of each message. Personalizing your messages does not just make your customers feel valued; it also helps build trust.

5. Educate Your Customers Often

Give your customers a reason to stay by letting them know about your latest offers and products. Keeping your customers in the dark is an easy way to make sure your brand is forgotten. Be careful not to bombard them with the information. This can be as simple as a motivation text or as in-depth as a whitepaper.

6. Ask for Feedback from Your Regulars

If there is anyone who knows how your business can improve, it is your customers. Bill Gates once said: "Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning." Send out surveys and feedback forms to identify opportunities for improvement. This empowers you to solve issues before they turn into serious issues proactively.

Allocating time and money towards the customer acquisition when you are losing existing ones is like filling a bucket with a hole at the bottom. These simple strategies can help you to retain customers and in turn, give you more time and funds to bring in new ones.

7. Reaching the Masses

Nowadays all the mobile devices are equipped to receive the SMS's whether it is a smartphone or not, and whether it has a data plan or not. Mobile phones don't need to download any application as well, either. This becomes especially valuable in developing countries where a large base does not have data packs or smartphones.

8. Increased Level of reading Messages

While many emails go unread, many advertisement banners go unnoticed, and many pop-ups are ignored, SMS's have a high read and response rate as well. The benefits of mass SMS texting is that the SMS open rate stands at around 97% whereas the response rate is 45% according to the report also, the Emails response rates not so pretty good that they can be seen only about 20% and open 6% only. The reason is attributed to the high volume of emails one receives every day.

9. Easy Enrolment

For customers to opt-in and opt-out of SMS alerts, the process is so simple. It only requires a short keyword to be sent to the designated number, and the response of the Y or N to join or even leave the campaign. Companies can then target interested customers and retain them with the various marketing tactics designed to appeal to such customers.


The key to generating high levels of customer retention is maintaining a keen focus on your customers and their needs. Empathize with your customers. Put yourself in their shoes. What would you want from a company to convince you to stick with them over the long haul?

Ask for the feedback and implement changes based on it. Include them in the development and strategy around future updates. Reach out to them regularly to see how they are going.

The bottom line is that you need to treat customers as partners and reassure them that you are taking their opinions and suggestions seriously. Communicate to them that you are making changes based on their needs. Make sure they know that you are both in this together and that their success is your success.

Cater to every one of their needs, treat them with respect, personalize your relationships with them, and they will feel valued and become increasingly loyal to your brand. All that adds up to increased customer retention rates, which even translates to reliable, recurring revenue flow.

Do you have a customer retention strategy, that works well for your business? Share it with us in the comments section below!

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