Jasica James April 19th, 2019

Avoid These 5 Web Design Mistakes to Improve Conversion Rate

Are you one of those who strives to get the desired conversion rate out of your website and unable to figure out what’s wrong?

Well, your website’s design and optimization could be the actual culprit!

No matter whether you are relying on the top-notch marketing tactics; a glitch in the overall design and user experience could affect user engagement. It is mandatory for a developer to ensure adequate stability and design that contributes to better user engagement if one needs to generate organic leads.

Dive in here to get the detailed information regarding the biggest blunders that should be avoided to enhance the conversion rate of your website.

Hidden Navigation

There could be nothing worse than a website whose navigation isn’t easily visible to the users! We are currently in an era where time is everything and everyone demands services at a blink of an eye. This the common designing mistake that can annoy the users and would surely compel them to leave the website without a second thought.

What can be more frustrating when you are not able to find a menu on a website when you are expecting quick services? You would probably leave the page at once and would find some relevant website for your purpose. This may seem a minor issue from a user perspective but search engines recognize it instantly and enhance the bounce rate of the website.

The increased bounce rate won’t let your website rank in the top searches of any search engine like Google as per their protocols. One needs to ensure that users stay on their website along with the fact that there are adequate returning users. When you are trying to build your website, it is crucial for you to check the following aspects related to navigation:

  • Make sure it is visible on the landing page so that the user can navigate to the desired services or information without any hassle.
  • The navigation bar should be adequately highlighted so that the user can identify it quickly.
  • Make sure you provide the list of pages in the order of their decreasing preferences (for users). This means you have to put the pages in the front that are most likely to be searched by the users.

No Responsiveness

You just simply cannot imagine a website in 2019 without a responsive design. You have to update your facts regarding the users that are relying on smartphones and mobile devices such as tabs, which have now crossed 75 percent of the total internet users in the world! This simply implies that you should first choose a responsive design and then work on any other aspect.

It would be really tough for you to generate leads through a website that is solely designed by keeping in mind the desktop users. Imagine you get a reference or a company’s details that offer adequate services as required by you and open their website on your phone and get unaligned text and layout. Sounds annoying, isn’t it? Well, in this scenario, anyone would leave the website with a negative impact on their mind.

So, who’s responsible for this situation? Undeniably, a non-mobile-friendly website design! If you are not targeting the mobile audience, you would probably lag behind your competitors. As per the recent survey, the ones that are emphasizing more on the mobile-friendly design are able to generate organic leads and thus have a higher conversion rate as compared to the ones that don’t.

Here are the key points to consider while developing a responsive design:

  • Make sure to prefer a responsive theme if you are developing your website in WordPress, which would hardly require many efforts.
  • Do check your website on different devices once it is developed using the right optimizing strategies.
  • Ensure that the responsiveness of your website is stable when you alter the website with the integration of the plugin.

Wrong Positioning of Ads

One cannot deny the fact that advertisements are crucial for a blog or a website that is about to start a revenue model. But you have to give a pause to your cravings for the revenue and analyze the exact position to apply the advertisement to engage users.

Most of the users find these ads annoying, which is again a strong reason for them to leave the website. According to the Google Ads experts, the positioning of the Ads plays a major role in deciding the revenue as well as the user retention rate on a website. If you are not sure about the correct positioning of an advertisement on your website, it is strongly recommended to consult an expert for the same.

A lot of video tutorials are available online that can guide you appropriately when it comes to placing an advertisement on your website without annoying the users.

Inadequate Contact Information Form

What if your users aren’t able to fill the contact us form on your website? You probably won’t get leads and no one would ever wish to miss a client just because of this silly mistake! One need to understand that the more compact the contact us form would be, the more it would be easy for the user to fill the same.

Avoid adding unnecessary details for the users that eat a lot of time while they need to fill an inquiry form.  The form should be simple and should only demand the necessary details such as contact number and email so that you can get back to them regarding their inquiries.

Apart from this, you should ensure that your contact form should be visible on every page of your website in a way that it can be easily accessed whenever the user wishes to.

Inadequate Use of Content

Last but undeniably not the least, the content on your website should be adequate enough to engage users with the ability to convey the message clearly. Most of the websites out there aren’t able to depict their services properly, which is perhaps the reason why you also need to focus on the quality and relevancy of the content.

You have to place the content that shouts loud about your services in a way that it satisfies the user that they are in the right place. This would lend a hand in getting organic leads without struggling and relying on worthless techniques. You can go through the tutorials regarding the utilization of the content for enhanced user engagement.

These are some common web designing mistakes that one should avoid so as to get the right conversion rate and increase their business revenues.  

Jasica James

Jasica James is a senior content developer and a blogger who loves to share her views on diverse topics. She holds great knowledge and experience of technical and creative writing and is currently associated with Seasia Infotech who provides web design services. You can connect with her on Twitter.


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