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Beautifully Made Process Diagrams

Process Charting (also known as Process Mapping) is one of the oldest, simplest and most valuable techniques for streamlining work. It is used in nearly every level of production. At the base of each product lays a properly designed production process that includes plenty of stages which help to channel efforts in the right direction and don`t get side-tracked from the main goal. So no matter what kind of service or product you provide, you more than likely will have some kind of process diagram you are working off of.

Breakdown of the Breakdown

Since every process consists of actual tasks that must be completed the diagram usually gets divided into the main steps. For example, basic steps for companies and freelancers that create websites are:
  • Concept/Idea;
  • Design;
  • Develop;
  • Test;
  • Launch.
Of course, there are a lot of intermediate stages such as researches, conclusion of a contract, creation of the main structure, discussions etc. Nowadays, a great deal of websites dedicated to the business of the web have a special section with a graphical representation that visually depicts the sequence of steps in their process. Sometimes it’s only a simple chart or text which explains the stages of their work; other times it’s really a piece of art; where the user not only can get acquainted with the process, but can also be delighted and inspired by the beauty of the process diagrams. Whatever form the process diagrams may take, they are definitely a must have. They're required not only to improve productivity, but also to make your work more transparent and your company more trustful. It's a kind of guarantee of control for the customer and, of course, an essential part of website design. In this collection you will find some of the most inspiring and outstanding examples of process diagrams.

Sites That Get It Right

1. Deda - Web and Graphic Designer deda - process steps section 2. Web Agency Pisa  Web Agency Pisa - process steps section 3. 3 Sided Coin 3 Sided Coin - process steps section 4. Mark Jenner - Front-End Designer Mark Jenner - process steps section 5. Mihael Miklosic - Web Designer Mihael Miklosic - process steps section 6. Alan Horne  - Web/UI Designer and Front-End Developer Alan Horne - process steps section 7. Paper Street Interactive Paper Street Interactive - process steps section 8. Jean-Philippe Gams - French Designer and Developer Jean Philippe Gams - process steps section 9. Ketch Studio Ketch Studio - process steps section 10. Camstech - Digital Agency Dubai Camstech - process steps section 11. Webzeit  Webzeit - process steps section 12. Danny Giebe - Designer and Front-End Developer Danny Gieby - process steps section 13. Jordesign - Designer jordesign - process steps section 14. World of eStore World of eStore - process steps section 15. Growcase Growcase - process steps section 16. Submit Quickly Submit Quickly - process steps section 17. Nadine Roba - Designer Nadine Roba - process steps section 18. U Feed Me Back U Feed Me Back - process steps section 19. Sebastianjt - Web Developer and UI Designer Sebastianjt - process steps section 20. Tarful Tarful - process steps section 21. Tugrul Altun - Designer and Developer Tugrul Altun - process steps section 22. Raffaele Leone  - Italian Web Designer Raffaely Leone - process steps section 23. Eric Barse - Web Consultant Eric Barse - process steps section 24. Sandra Wilcox  - Graphic Designer Sandra Wilcox - process steps section 25. KenGraphX  KenGraphX - process steps section 26. John Jacob - Designer and Developer John Jacob - process steps section 27. Rodolphe Celestin - French Web Designer Rodolphe Celestin - process steps section 28. Reverend Danger Reverend Danger - process steps section 29. Jan Ploch - Web and Graphic Designer Jan Ploch - process steps section 30. Janko at Warp Speed Janko at Warp Speed - process steps section 31. Ryan Coughlin - Web Designer and Developer Ryan Coughlin - process steps section 32. Sendoushi Sendoushi - process steps section 33. FortySeven  Media Forty Seven Media - process steps section 34. Work by Simon Work by Simon - process steps section 35. Rise Strategy Rise Strategy - process steps section 36. Pointless Corp Pointless Corp - process steps section 37. Tympanus tympanus - process steps section (rb)

Nataly Birch

Nataly is an internet entrepreneur and an amateur web designer and developer from Sevastopol, Ukraine. She is running a blog for web designers and developers where you can find some inspirational and useful stuff. In her spare time she reads books, unveils the secrets of the world and plays volleyball. Visit her blog or follow her on twitter


  1. Some really really nice examples in this article.

    Thanks for sharing, and thanks for listing my website in the article!


  2. How colourful and vibrant has this page been converted into by these gorgeous designs. Very inspirational. Great share once again.

  3. Wow, some of the process diagrams are really great. People from the Business Process Management (BPM) community can also benefit from these examples.

    Thanks for sharing the examples!

  4. Awesome list – how many sites did you go through to put it together?? :) Love it!

    I think these are the most visual charts:
    #7 (my favorite)

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