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Creative Browsing With Vivaldi 1.12

The new project Vivaldi by the founder of Opera is gaining momentum. The feature set is slowly expanding towards creative workers.

Firefox, Chrome, Edge: All Similar

I can't claim to be satisfied with the big browsers. Thus, I'm even more interested in the new version of the Vivaldi browser. Why do browsers still look the way they did ten years ago? Should I assume that the UI for website viewing programs have been declared sophisticated with a global consensus? [caption id="attachment_103090" align="alignnone" width="1024"] Noupe on Vivaldi[/caption] No, that can't be it. Both the creators and the previous creators of Opera show that there are other approaches to displaying and equipping the browser in the future.

Vivaldi: Interesting Realization of Interesting Ideas

Vivaldi 1.12, for instance, comes with the ability to display the attributes of any desired image on a website, in a clear and visually appealing way. To do so, it reads the EXIF data. Of course, this requires the EXIF data to still be in the photo. Other browsers are able to display this data too, some only with extensions, but the way Vivaldi does it is simply beautiful, in the sense of aesthetically pleasing. Additionally, the developer team has also taken care of the topic of file downloads. No questions are left unanswered with Vivaldi's download panel. Here, users can see the name of the file, where it's from, where it goes, how fast that is happening, and a lot more. The third feature is both the most unusual, and most unnecessary one. Via the browser settings, you are able to lower the saturation of the browser's accent colors. Supposedly, users have complained about the browser's colors being too dominant. With the saturation settings for the accent color, you can even turn a loud red into a grey-red look. This has no use for me, but it might have one for people that don't know what else they could ask for. However, Vivaldi is still a visually appealing page viewer, that orients itself by the principles of flat design. Vivaldi is no feature monster, but it's simply beautiful. You can download Vivaldi for Windows, macOS, and Linux. Aside from the aesthetics, creative workers will also enjoy the features, like the integrated screenshot engine, as well as the various website actions, allowing you to change the font, or block content, for example. The browser itself can also be altered in all kinds of visual aspects. Go take a look for yourself.

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