Noupe Editorial Team July 10th, 2008

CSS-Styled Lists: Demo

After seeing the amazing response to our previous post CSS-Styled Lists: 20+ Demos, Tutorials and Best Practices, we wanted to share with you a simple demo we created that showcase some of the most used design blocks created that are differently styled and enhanced give us a nice and clean design blocks using CSS-Styled Lists.

Ordered Lists

View Demo | Download Files

Noupe Editorial Team

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  1. Thanks everyone, this is just a simple example i wanted to show how we can use these design blocks to display web content in a nice and clean way.

    @BlackHat Fish, i am using FF and it looks fine to me. What is the problem you are seeing in FF

  2. I remember back in the day when Javascript was the preferred method for image rollovers. Thank goodness those days are over. I use as much CSS as possible in my layouts, many of these are definitely in my bag of tricks.

  3. Nice collection of examples here. I have to say that the CSS is a little messy though, and in a few in instances the HTML used is invalid.

    Still, there’s enough to go at here to tweak the code to make it 100%. Thanks!

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