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5 Ways to Improve Customer Experience on Your WordPress Site

Customer experience is the backbone of any industry which interacts with the consumers directly. Your reputation will be directly known by how well your customer is dealt with. This means from initial sales, returns, troubleshooting and any other aspect which relates to the customer must be dealt with clearly and concisely.

In the online era, the website is now the front line of the battle for good customer experience. In order to navigate this challenging new frontier, there are several important techniques and keys to arranging and managing an effective website for your business.

Defining Customer Experience

Customer experience isn’t the same thing as customer service. It’s a bit broader than that. Essentially, customer experience includes every interaction a customer has with your business, whether you’re directly involved or not. Customer service tends to revolve around how your staff handles interactions with customers while customer experience is how a customer feels about ANY interaction they have with your business, from ads to viewing web pages, marketing, or direct contact.

5 Customer Experience Boosting Tips for WP Sites

1. Make Customer Service Really Simple

The first key to solving any customer problem is to create simple and easy pathways to reach the correct channels to assist them. There are many different options to achieve this goal, but both a good mix of automated systems and human interaction tends to work well for most businesses.

Effortless steps such as adding different plugins to your Wordpress site can create easy access to avenues of communication. Add click-to-call buttons, live chat, and other instantaneous customer service options for people to get answers to their questions or problem resolution immediately.

According to GetVoIP, chatbots can improve your customer care as well. They make it possible for people to still get personalized responses even when your customer service team isn’t available. Not everyone likes chatbots, but bots are getting better every day and providing a good filler for the gaps.

2. Install Secure Payment Portals

The end goal of any business is profit. In order to achieve this, it typically helps to have revenue coming in. If you’re getting paid online, you need an incredibly easy payment option for customers. All of the work put into creating an appealing and easy to navigate a website for your customers hardly matters if for whatever reason they’re unable to complete their purchase.

You need a lot of payment options & a secure platform so that anyone making a purchase can do it easily and safely. If your customers do not feel that the payment method is convenient or trustworthy then that could be a hard-earned sale turned away at the last second due to an easily avoidable mistake. There are dozens of reliable and extremely safe plugins which are not only incredibly useful but very user-friendly and easily recognizable to the customer.

3. Personalization Is Key

One of the foundational principles of excellent customer service is individualized customer service. The first step in creating an individualized experience for all customers and visitors comes from building an understanding of them. It’s crucial to install an analytics system into your website to give you feedback about users: Where they clicked, how long they stayed, key search words they used, and several important demographic details.

Information like this is helpful in designing your website, giving you ideas on how to change the landing page or when to modify the location of tabs. It also assists you in designing customized email campaigns, which can target specific groups of customers to share information they’ll be more personally interested in.

4. Develop a Page Flow

In today’s extremely competitive environment with dozens of businesses fighting over even the smallest niche markets, once you secure a customer and bring them onto your website any amount of time they spend is valuable for your business. This is why it’s pivotal that you add additional links, connections, and directives which encourage your customers to continue surfing through your website.

Any page that crashes into a dead-end can easily be changed from an abrupt ending into a “Related Products” page or some other link that leads that person to another page. Each page on your website should have something that leads people onward instead of being a dead end. This can be product recommendations, related reading, contact pages, call-to-actions, or pretty much anything that gives them a path forward.

5. Clean Up Your Website Design

Nearly every one of your competitors has a website. With this technologically savvy generation, simply having a website does not earn any sales. Now, it’s all about having the BEST website possible. This means everything from the content to the structure of the website should stand out and provide a top notch experience for your customers.

Since many of your customers will never have a face-to-face interaction with your staff or yourself, it’s important that your website displays all the same qualities you stand for as a business.

Even small kinks such as delays, lag, or a clunky system, in general, can derail any potential progress you could make with your customer before it even begins. Using a reasonable number of pictures, readable font, and user-friendly stylistic features will help maintain or even grow customer interest in your product. Keep in mind that the loading speed of your website is hugely important and certain structural changes to your website could affect this.

Your goal is to build a website that allows people to focus on the content in each page rather than the way the pages function. Good design and useful content play a huge part in this.  

WordPress is a highly versatile web builder that gives you a lot of options to improve customer experience. Every little thing you can do to positively impact customer experience is an investment into future conversions and customer relationships.

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