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From Design to Code With These Ten Services
After lots of brainstorming, and hard work, you managed to create a great website Photoshop design. Now, all you need to do is convert the design to HTML, or even directly into a WordPress theme. However, for a lot of designers, this is a challenge they can't beat, as only very few designers have the required HTML, CSS, and PHP knowledge. Fortunately, there are a lot of companies that can take care of the conversion for you. Thus, this article will introduce you to ten businesses that focus on this task.

Converting Design Files Into HTML or CMS Themes

The finishing works after the design process are a matter of trust. For this job, you want to find a business that you can work with permanently, if possible. But maybe, the budget only lets you choose a low-cost provider, which is why we chose ten businesses with different price ranges. Some convert your PSD file into HTML and CSS; other can also do other tasks for you, e.g. code a WordPress theme. We've also kept Joomla and Drupal in mind. This way, you should be able to find a good partner. There's a good reason for why we don't mention the prices, as the prices vary massively between the first page and additional ones. Of course, the choice whether you want a responsive design or not also influences the price. Thus, instead of barely comparable prices, we linked the respective cost calculator of each company. This allows you to determine the costs of your particular project very quickly.

1. PSD To Manythings

psd-to-manythings PSD to Manythings can not only convert your design to simple HTML and CSS code but also offers many other conversions. Among other things, designs can be realized directly in WordPress or Joomla, and email newsletters are possible, as well as all kinds of responsive executions. The service is acknowledged by WooThemes as a specialized WooCommerce business. A cost calculator is also available, letting you know in advance, how much your project will cost.

2. HTMLPanda

HTMLPanda HTMLPanda is a full-service web development company with international customers. The business can be contacted every day at any moment. HTMLPanda does not only offer the traditional services, but also the development of all kinds of mobile apps. Thus, this company can help you make every important step, from the first line of website code all the way to the mobile app. A cost calculator for the most essential services is provided.

3. htmlMafia

htmlMafia The htmlMafia offers exactly three services. The conversion of your design into XHTML, as a WordPress theme, and the realization of an email newsletter in HTML code. The company advertises a risk-free service and money-back guarantee. Visit htmlMafia's cost calculator here.

4. ExciteMarkup

exciteMarkup The Indian company ExciteMarkup provides an extensive service when it comes to the realization of designs. The great thing is that content management systems other than WordPress are offered. Joomla and Drupal are further CMS that can be supplied with themes. For the first 30 days, there is free technical support. The ExciteMarkup cost calculator

5. netlings

Netlings Aside from the standard PSD to XHTML, Netlings also offer the conversion to a Shopify theme, a WordPress theme, and to Ruby on Rails. Email newsletters are created as well as web apps. The 100% money-back guarantee for unsatisfying work, as well as the "unlimited guarantee" that removes possible bugs fast and for free, should be mentioned. Instead of a cost calculator, the website provides basic prices, which should be changed for the sake of user friendliness. grundpreise

6. CSSChopper

CSSChopper CssChopper offers very extensive services. You can get your designs converted into WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, MODX, Social Engine, CMS Made Simple, and Concrete 5. On top of that, themes are offered for eight different online shop systems, as well as three different types of forum software. Of course, the company is also capable of the essential function of converting PSD files into HTML. This could be the partner for you if you're looking for someone for website development, conversion of design data, and online marketing. CSSChopper's cost calculator

7. Reliable PSD

Reliable-PSD Reliable PSD promises to do a great job as, according to the company, they are the first code conversion service made by designers for designers. Thus, there's a step in the process that the other businesses don't offer: the company's designers will discuss with the developers until the result is harmonious. The services PSD to HTML and PSD to WordPress are available. A cost calculator is not provided, but you can find a couple of core prices. reliable-preise

8. Pixel2HTML

Pixel2HTML The firm Pixel2HTML values long-term relationships with their customers, as well as professional support. According to their quality guidelines, a lot of attention is paid to a pixel-perfect delivery of the final result, so that the product looks exactly like the provided PSD file. Apart from PSD to HTML, conversions for Tumblr, WordPress, and Shopify are possible. You can also order email templates. The Pixel2HTML cost calculator

9. Direct Basing

Direct Basing Direct Basing offers fast and discrete processing of your order. Your PSD file can be realized in HTML, WordPress, Joomla, and Magento. Email newsletters can also be achieved via Direct Basing. The company has quite a lot of clients, with their portfolio section alone showing 555 completed projects. The Direct Basing cost calculator

10. PSDgator

PSDgator PSDgator promises to create an appealing design out of many file formats (PSD, AI, and PNG). Aside from the core business, the company is also specialized in the creation of online shops according to your design. Magento and WooCommerce stores are realized in a user-friendly way, following your design file. The stores are said to be easy to manage, equipped with automatic invoicing, as well as an extended product search, while providing safe online payment methods. An extensive service, dealing with the installation of a website, for example, is also offered. Unfortunately, there is no cost calculator. PSDgator-preise


In this post, ten different businesses offer their services related to the conversion of a design to an HTML website. Most of them are also able to convert it into a WordPress theme. However, some go a step further, and also offer the conversion for other content management and shop systems like WooCommerce, Shopify, and Magento. The conversion of a PSD file into a working email newsletter is almost standard. There are plenty of services for you to choose from. We hope you'll get an appealing result that is exactly the way you wanted it to be.

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