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45 Best Graphic Design Portfolio Examples – Tips for Building Your Own

Working hard on your design portfolio never goes to waste. Having a stellar graphic design portfolio is the first step into your career as a graphic designer. It is the perfect opportunity to showcase your work and introduce potential clients and employers to your vision.

Since the best way to represent yourself as a graphic designer is to share the best of your work, you need to curate outstanding examples of your previous successes. Getting some exposure as well as showing you’re a constantly evolving designer is the way to stand out in the crowd in such a competitive market.

If you are looking for some inspiration to improve your portfolio, we have selected the best ones for you with tips on how to build your own.

Graphic Design Portfolio Tips

1. Keep it simple

The last thing you would want is to drown your potential clients by showing too much of your work. Here you should focus on showcasing your best designs avoiding cluttered images.

2. Try not to talk too much about your work

People tend to get bored very quickly when they’re focused on the result. So it’s best not to describe too much about your designs and let them express themselves.

3. Show different styles

Even if you have a certain established style, try to show different projects avoiding the same pattern for each example.

4. Reveal the process along with your end results

Including your work in progress like sketches shows how you handle challenges and how exactly you get there. 

5. Don’t be afraid to reveal your personality

People love to see your personality when they’re deciding whether or not you’re the right choice for a project. Show who you are and the way you design with your own personal style.

Let’s dive into inspiring graphic design portfolio examples:

SunWoo Park portfolio
SunWoo Park
Stefanie Brueckler portfolio
Stefanie Brueckler
Jason Chang portfolio
Jason Chang
Chadhorn Berger portfolio
Chadhorn Berger
Yichen Xie portfolio
Yichen Xie
Mamiko Morishita portfolio
Mamiko Morishita
Plinio Nitzsche portfolio
Plinio Nitzsche
Brandon Lee Smith portfolio
Brandon Lee Smith
Runyu Xia portfolio
Runyu Xia
Lian Liu portfolio
Lian Liu
Poposhki portfolio
Kirbie Koonse portfolio
Kirbie Koonse
Colin Grist portfolio
Colin Grist

Now that you’ve seen them all, tell us your favorite graphic design portfolio in the comments and explain how it may help you with your portfolio! Remember, it is always valuable to get insights from other designers’ works. We hope that these graphic design portfolios will inspire you before you start improving yours and show the best of your work. 

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