Angie Bowen January 9th, 2012

Imagination Rendered: 3D Interior Design Model Inspiration

We look in all kinds of places for inspiration, and today we are taking things inside. Interior design has hit so many new heights with the growth of 3D modeling generators, like 3Ds Max and others. With these highly advanced tools, concepts can come to life off of the page before they are fully constructed and arranged. Giving interior designers more power to showcase the power of their imaginations, and giving the rest of us some gorgeous interiors to marvel at.

So below is a collection of amazing designers at work, to give our readers a little 3D interior design model inspiration. Take a tour of these stunning designs shaped from the artist's imaginations, and get a creative recharge from their beauty.

The Interiors

Living Room

Dining Room



Inside Room

Living Room

Bathroom Decoration

Wall decoration

Neoclassical Living Room



White Stairs

Home Design

Beauty Salon


Japanese Bathroom

Open kitchen

Colorful living room

Children's Hospital

Modern Office

Table Setting


Home Office




Wine Cellar


Red Design

Chinese Restaurant

Interior Design


Red Bedroom




Bedroom for girls

Interior design


Kitchen Design

Angie Bowen

Angie Bowen is a freelance artist, designer and writer as well as a founding member and editor of the Arbenting Design Blog.


  1. Love the creativity of the interiors, and I agree with Arland that some of them look amazing but not affordable by most people in both the physical 3D rendering (getting one done) and even if you did does anyone have rooms that big (especially the glass bathroom, 11th image down).

    While looking for interior design examples i did come across some work for a hotel called Belcaye, who had some visuals done by CADS 3D, worth a look or inclusion.

  2. All your designs are sensational. I have always been a modernist, but what you did is the ultimate. A warm thank you. Jean-Pierre de Villers at

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