Chloe Romero August 9th, 2019

Improve Your Site’s UX With These 5 Video Content Ideas

User Experience (UX) is more than the arrangement of pages on a website. It is the combined impact that your brand creates for potential buyers.

It is the feeling that these buyers get when they interact with your content. It is the sum collection of impulses that will lead to their making a purchase...or not. In short, UX is one of the most absolutely fundamental aspects of the user-website (and by extension, the user-brand) relationship, and one that no company can afford to treat thoughtlessly. 

There are countless ways to approach UX design, from focussing on an intuitive site layout to creating eye-popping graphics or persuasive, compelling text. But as video content continually proves to be one of the most popular and successful forms of content marketing, why not integrate it with your existing User Experience for a more engaging multi-channel approach? Through the power of video content, there’s no limits to the ways that you can draw in new potential customers, keep them engaged longer than ever before, and ultimately convert them to brand loyalists. 

To help you out, here are five effective concepts for improving your website’s UX with video content:

1. Welcome Video

Your homepage is arguably the most important part of your User Experience, because this is the very first impression that potential buyers will have of your brand. Don’t let this opportunity slip away by not taking time to optimize your homepage’ as much as possible - and what better way to do so than with a stylish welcome video? Studies show that viewers who watch a video have a 95% retention rate of the information they receive from it, versus just 10% when that same information is read in text form. That’s why a welcome video will let you quickly introduce all the most important aspects of your brand or company in one succinct piece of content that audiences are guaranteed to retain. And even a wordless one, like the background video featured on the Lemonlight homepage, can help hook viewers right away by showing off your brand’s aesthetic. 

Source: Clover

2. Product Videos

When potential buyers click through products on most websites, they are greeted with static, ugly images and dull descriptions. With video, you can dramatically improve their perception of your products or services and stand out from the crowd. Create short-form content pieces that illustrate the benefits of each product in action, like mini commercials, rather than trusting your audience to understand based off of a couple grainy photos. These videos will help build viewers’ faith that your product will work for their needs, and act as a key deciding factor between yours and other similar products. The majority of customers prefer demo videos to written text, so give them what they already want and substantially improve your engagement along the way!

Source: Zappos

3. Testimonial Videos

Brands love to feature positive reviews and glowing endorsements as part of their UX, but walls of stars awarded by some obscure magazine will only take you so far. Audiences connect much more with a human face than a well-respected industry title, so why not create video testimonials where your most enthusiastic customers can authentically express their love for what you do? Customer testimonials are already considered to be the most effective content marketing tactic by industry professionals, and by combining them with videos they become exponentially more useful for humanizing your brand. Remember, people don’t buy from companies. They buy from other people - which is why testimonial videos always put those people front and center.  

Source: Sparksite

4. Team Videos

We already mentioned that having a warm human presence is essential to connecting with your customers. After all, nobody wants to make a purchase from some cold, faceless corporation if they don’t have to. That’s why the next natural step after using video to introduce your favorite customers (via their testimonials) is to use it to introduce your team. Whether it’s a quick to-camera interview with your CEO featured on an “About Us” section or a more playful event montage from your annual office holiday party, team videos are terrific for showing that audiences can trust you - because you’re just like them! They can also help illuminate every individual’s role in your company so that viewers have a better, more confident understanding of what they will receive by investing in your process. 

5. Case Study Videos

Like a combination of product and testimonial videos, case study videos allow you to break down the impact that your product/service has had in the past on real, paying customers. Rather than subject potential buyers to dry, static graphs or spreadsheets, a case study video brings that same essential data to life in an invigorating way that is guaranteed to create deeper retention.  Enhance your case study video with animation for an added boost that can make even the most intimidating numbers fun to engage with.

When you add video to your User Experience, you are not just redesigning your website - you are taking a bold, strategic approach to wooing potential customers across the spectrum. Try any of these ideas for a leg up on the competition, then watch conversion rates grow as your audience discovers just how brilliantly they can engage with your brand.

Featured Image by Keagan Henman on Unsplash

Chloe Romero

Chloe Romero is Content Strategist at Lemonlight.


  1. Thanks for the tips. UX design is important for user experience. Backend and front end go hand and hand. Front-end is the presentation and backend is the logic that makes the company run.

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