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Influential Tips To Improve Your Website’s UX In 2019

UX I.e., User Experience is the phrase, which has been on the tongue of the website designing experts for the past many years.

It compelled the users and made them a big fan of having smooth website navigation experience. Since the technological advancement has touched the momentum, the users have centered around ultra-modern devices, apps and also web experiences. In short, they demand exquisitely designed websites that not only groom brands visible appeal but also made it a superb experience for the users who explore it.

Creating a high-class website with exceptional UX is all a business needs to compete with the burgeoning competition. It’s the only aspect, which makes the users run towards the website and eager to explore it for more. If a website provides a smooth browsing experience, seamless navigation, and non-hectic web page exploration, it definitely possesses a strong UX.

As the success bar of competitive brands gets higher, many businesses, especially the small ones are getting afraid of surviving with their less known brands. But, with the enhancement in the website’s UX, these small brands also make utmost money for their businesses. It’s not tough to improve the UX of a website as on should only be focused and well-versed in implementing web design related changes. And, believe us, that sometimes small UX changes made a huge difference in user attraction and conversion ratio.

Now, you must have understood why enhancing your website’s UX is important.

Have a glance at the tricks that you can use to improve your website’s UX:

  • Create a mobile-friendly website

Today, everything is mobile and people want their tasks to be handled by their smart device only. In this case, if your business website is not mobile-friendly, then you are lacking behind in grabbing targeted customers. Because today’s customer is so much oriented towards making their activities through mobile only. Therefore, make sure that you will first work on making your website responsive so that the content and other aspects can be easily accessed by any smart device at any time.

  • Reduce the number of web pages

Convenience and browsing efficiency are the major factors that customers’ value the most while exploring a website over the web. If a user finds it difficult to navigate the services available to the website, it’s of no use then. So, it’s better to make things easier for the users by reducing the number of pages from the website. It helps by increasing your website performance. For small businesses that are struggling for better customer reach, keeping limited service pages is the best option to improve the website’s UX.

  • Focus on page loading time

The biggest flaw a website can have is the slow loading. It always frustrates visitors and leaves them with disappointment. Further, the users who know that your website is slow loading will never come again which leads to hampering your website conversion rates. Making your website fast loading is the topmost trend or trick which needs to be implemented by all the web owners. Remember, if you don’t want to underserve your customers, improve your site’s loading time and make them come again to get ultimate user experience.

  • Attention to website security

Having a security seal on your website makes you and the users completely satisfied. It’s the best trick you can use to build trust with your customers. For site security, you can use different security traits that also guarantee to provide an exceptional user experience. Due to robust website security, the users will feel secure while sharing their details which later results in maximized leads and conversions.

  • Stay away from 404 errors

Most of the websites abandon cases are generated when the users are redirected to a 404 page instead of a working website. If you want to make your visitors run away from your website, redirect them to a 404 error. It’s a fact that without any delay, you’ll get a minus balance of the users on your site. It’s not a joke! If you mostly lead your website through a 404 error page, it’s not good enough as it will eat all your brand’s reputation and make your visitors never come again here. So, try not to keep your website on such error pages where the users are unable to proceed with other steps.

  • Usage of appealing CTAs

CTAs add life to a webpage. When there’s a CTA given after service description, it clearly depicts that your webpage is complete and ready to serve the customers with corresponding services. CTAs add unique user experience to the pages. For better UX, one can put the call to action button above the fold so that visitors can easily see this and take actions accordingly by observing the page information.

  • Make wise website color choice

Website colors matter a lot when it comes to catching the attention of quality customers. Today, branding is all about making your website professional and attractive. This has become possible with the wise selection of website colors and pallets. Big brands marked a strong presence in customers heart only because of their branding style, website appearance, and quality information. If you’re one of them who want to leave a mark of robustness among the customers, designing website with superb looking color themes and pallets is crucial.

  • Integrate webpage with motion and animation

Adding and using animations to the webpages to describe the concept has its own advantages in improving website’s UX. However, it’s strictly prohibited to use these elements in the ongoing content and in crucial headings. But, these can be used at a defined page to attract users’ attention. Using moving motions images and animations will help you get optimum user base and augmented business revenue.

  • Make use of adequate images and videos

Excessive usage of images and videos can also irritate visitors as due to these factors they will not get the right information they are searching for. It’s suggested to use limited and relevant videos and images to serve the users with right and impressive information. While uploading these elements, make sure you leave ample white space around them. This makes the element visible to the users and ultimately enhances the user experience.

  • Flow focused website design

In a professional business website, everything should be well-managed and aligned. Here, every aspect should make a sense and provide a flow to understand other associated website aspects. A study states that the visitors find it annoying when they don’t find the relevant information on the website they clicked to explore. This has become the very first reason that the users usually prefer exit from the current website. If you want to render your visitors’ quality and complete information, ask your website designing partners to create a flow focused interface.

  • Conduct regular site audits

In order to achieve exceptional website success results, you need to dedicate your time to audit the website’s regular progress. Dong this make you aware of all the flaws you have made to your website and also let you know about the plus points that your website already has. Regular audits may include UX scrutinizing and SEO optimization. These are considered the best tricks to make a website fully user-friendly.

Ending Note:

Website abandon rates have been rising for the past few years and it’s all because of the bad user experience. When you decide to be on the web, your topmost priority should be to satisfy your customer need with every possible aspect. If you want to make your visitors glued to your website, you have to create exceptional UX for them by using any or all of the given tactics. It’s the finest option you can have to boost your website’s traffic and conversion.

Photo by Per Lööv on Unsplash

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