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How to choose an iPhone App Development Company in 2020?

With the mushrooming of digital devices, mobile applications are increasingly becoming popular with developers and consumers alike.

Consumers have begun using mobile applications for every single task be it purchasing a product, booking a ride, browsing through the latest news, checking emails and even listening to their favorite music album. In fact, there are close to 2.2 million apps on the Apple App Store alone. 

The rising consumer demand has triggered the emergence of hundreds of android and iPhone application development companies. In a scenario as such, it becomes a herculean task to hire an iPhone app developer. Only a reliable iPhone app development company can create an application that delivers optimal user experience and aligns with your long-term objectives.

In this blog, we share some pointers on choosing a good iPhone app development company in 2020. So, let’s begin without ado. 


Developing an iPhone application is a daunting task that involves a plethora of challenges at every step. For this reason, choosing an iPhone app development company with a formidable portfolio and relevant experience is crucial. 

Ask your prospective vendors about the apps they have developed in the past. You can go a step further and download these apps and use them for a while. If you aren’t satisfied with the quality of these apps, then the iPhone app development company isn’t a good fit. Also go through the client testimonials available on review sites such as AppStorm, 148Apps or AppAdvice.

Domain Specialization

Your prospective vendor needs to be familiar with the rules and regulations that apply to your area of operation. A mobile application pertaining to any industry/domain needs to have a specialized set of features and functionalities; only a developer well-acquainted with the nuances of your industry can incorporate them into your application.

Software Development Process

The cost and delivery time of your application largely depend on the software development process your iPhone app development company follows. Several development companies now follow the agile methodology where development and testing go hand-in-hand and communication between developers, managers, testers, and customers happens frequently. 

Agile assures speedy delivery and quick resolution of issues when compared to the traditionally followed Waterfall method. So, you must discuss this aspect before finalizing your service provider.


You must carry out an individual assessment of every member of the team building your application: the coders who will write the code, designers who will be in charge of user experience, a business analyst who will structure all the data and project manager who will handle the entire team. Interview these individuals on their skills, specialization, strengths, and weaknesses to gauge whether they are well-suited for the job or not. 

Coding Standards

Check if the iPhone app development company uses well-suited development frameworks for both native and hybrid apps. Also, inquire if the service provider will hand over the ownership of the code or not. This aspect is important because your application may contain functionalities that have been conceptualized on the basis of your research and hard work. So, if you have a customized application, it’s your intellectual property and you should have the ownership of its code.

Security Policies

In light of the cybersecurity breaches that have wreaked havoc on businesses in recent years, choosing a vendor with foolproof security policies is critical. Your prospective vendor needs to be up-to-date on data security and compliance measures. They should have provisions for storage and encryption of sensitive data. They should also comply with common data security regulations such as the EU’s GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). 


While pricing may not be the foremost factor in developing an application, it’s definitely worth your consideration. When dealing with more than one prospect, you should negotiate the cost for the number of features available. Most of the vendors are willing to negotiate on pricing if you commit to a long-term project or offer relevant references. Make sure you maintain a record of these negotiations.

Technical Support and Maintenance

Robust post-development support is critical to the long-term success of your application. Applications often experience issues after going live on the Apple App Store. If your app users identify a bug in your application and report it, the development team should duly fix it so that your customers get a seamless experience and your brand image doesn’t get dented. 

App development companies have different approaches when it comes to providing support and maintenance. Choose a company that offers long-term post-development support. 

The Final Word

While there’s no denying that choosing an iPhone app development company is a formidable task, the above pointers can offer a framework to help you shortlist and select the right service provider. A reliable iPhone app development company can play a vital role in deciding the long-term success of your business venture.

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