Denis Potschien January 3rd, 2013

Lord Of The Rings: Ringmark Checks Mobile Browsers For HTML5 Capability

HTML5, CSS3 and new JavaScript methods make mobile web apps possible that do not necessarily stand behind native apps for tablets and smartphones. But which mobile browsers on which devices are capable of performing modern HTML5 apps? The benchmark service Ringmark wants to help you find out. Ringmark is a web-based test suite optimized for mobile browsers, but still functioning on desktop browsers as well. In three turns, the so-called rings, Ringmark determines the different HTML5 and CSS3 possibilities, then tells you which functions are safe to use.

The Three Rings Of Ringmark

The first ring, the browser has to run through, checks for basic functionality, such as CSS3 animations and transitions, 2D and 3D transforms and support for canvas. This first stage should be achieved by any modern browser, except IE. As no special mobile functions are checked during this test, any desktop browser should not have problems running it. The second ring checks for more CSS3 properties such as media queries and special functions on mobile devices. This includes offline mode and device orientation as well as multi-touch events. The latter will make every desktop browser give up. It is safe to say that any browser successfully running through the second ring is capable enough for audio and video apps as well as 2D games and apps with webcam access. Browsers that manage to stand the third ring are best suited for any kind of HTML5 apps. This includes 3D games and messaging or video streaming apps.

Check the Support for Different Browsers

If you do not only want to test the capabilities of your own browser, but need to know more about the support of HTML5 and CSS3 in mobile browsers in general, you can check that in additional lists Ringmark has at hand. Details These lists include recent android and iPhone browsers as well as chrome, opera and internet explorer in their respective mobile versions. Conclusion: Ringmark delivers a detailed overview of supported HTML5 functionality in mobile browsers. An in-depth view informs about individual properties in detail. (dpe)

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