Dieter Petereit May 3rd, 2013

No Matter of Luck: What To Consider In Mobile App Development [Infographic]

There are gazillions of mobile apps out there. If you are looking for a specific use case or - not - you won't see any shortage in what you will be able to find. Thus, releasing a mobile app is not without risks. You need to create something outstanding to attract the users. But how do you know? How can you improve? Sure, you can always wait for shit storms to wipe away your Facebook page or you can rely on these nice one-star-ratings in app stores. Did you know, that 60 % of all apps in Apple's App Store have not once been downloaded. If I were you, I'd try to find alternatives to hoping and waiting (and failing) ;-)

New Relic with New Insights for Mobile App Developers

New Relic just released their newest product for app developers by the name of "New Relic for Mobile Apps". To simplify things, you might just look at it as an equivalent to Google Analytics for apps. "New Relic for Mobile Apps" provides app developers with valuable insights into the ifs and hows of their apps when it comes to customer engagement. How does the app perform in terms of requests, carriers, active users, international usage, devices and more? All this information is made available through a clean dashboard. You will never have to rely on guess-work again. The New Relic product can be used free of charge with limited functionality or with advanced features for USD 29 per month and app. It is available for both Android and iOS.

Finding Success in Mobile App Development (Infographic)

Mobile App Development in UK We are not here to talk you into account creation, though. New Relic just recently published an infographic we think should stay in the bookmarks collection of any native app developer out there as it sums up the most important aspects of app development you definitely need to keep your eyes on. The infographic features a few simple things, too, such as the advice to get clear about the purpose of the app. Why do you want to develop one and why would anyone want to use it? I have oftentimes asked myself the latter, surfing through the app stores of the world. And there's more. The pros and cons of cross-platform development are discussed, the size of touch targets gets mentioned, user experience and update modes are covered, too. Now see for yourself. Clicking the infographic takes you over to New Relic: MobileAppDevIG_final (Source: Mobile APPeal: Exploring the Mobile Landscape | New Relic Blog)

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  1. Excellent post, indeed succeeding in this tough competition of getting maximum eye balls, all mobile app developers must give a lot of importance to create a catchy user interface, which atleast compels user to make that first click, once that done, half the battle is won.

  2. Stunning Infographics of mobile apps development. You have done such a hard work to making this wonderful infographics. Good Job, Mate.

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