Dirk Metzmacher October 8th, 2012

Productivity-Powerhouse: 40 Perfect Photoshop-Actions To Speed Up Your Workflow

Adobe Photoshop offers a very simple option to record a sequence of commands in the form of so-called Actions. These Actions can be stored and distributed. That way we have the possibility to use command-sequences other Photoshop artists developed and execute them on mouse click. Actions can speed up your workflow and even push your work to quality levels you probably wouldn't have reached left to your own devices. The following article collects 40 high-grade Actions you won't want to miss.

How to install Actions in Photoshop

Obviously you will have to download the Actions first. They all come in archived formats, so you will then unarchive the files using your favorite unarchiver. Start Photoshop, from the top navigation choose Window, then click Actions. In the Actions window click on the down-arrow situated right under the x-symbol for closing the window on the top right corner. A dropdown opens, where you’ll want to choose “Load Actions”. Your file system opens and you navigate to the folder you unzipped the action to. Choose it, click load, that’s it. With an open Actions-window you could alternatively choose to just drag and drop the desired action into that window. Now for the Actions, hope you'll like them as much as we do...

Polanoid Generator V3

© rawimage

photoshop actions - 5

© Honestheart26

Ladybug actions

© EliseEnchanted

Clouds Effects 3.5

© sa-cool


© rawimage

111 photoshop actions

© lieveheersbeestje

Photoshop spring light actions-seasons

© lieveheersbeestje

17 Stunning Color FX

© Justhisgood

NoiseLess RetroFit Actions

© Noise-Less

Gum Bichromate Print

© rawimage

Unspoken action

© missrocketqueen

Forever Love PS Action

© Sireysi

NoiseLess Black And White

© Noise-Less

Magic 3D Photoshop Action

© Damian Watracz


© JonasFan93

Portrait Action

© provity


© MyRockers

Coffee Cup photoshop actions

© AssassinLenna

HDR Action

© Arcandres

Dramatic Action

© Ming-Shuw

Creamy Gray Actions

© night-fate

10 Colorful Actions

© sa-cool

My sunset

© Bokehlie

PS Action 12

© Liinh

Ps Action 2

© Gimme-M0re

photoshop actions - 7

© Honestheart26

set 28

© TheYummyOne

Black and White Action

© EekMary

tanner morrow's holga action

© tannermorrow

White and black ps actions

© cat-woman-amy--stock

Say goodbye to banding

© nomorebanding.com

Photoshop Action 6

© IGotTheLook

Photoshop night actions

© lieveheersbeestje

Photoshop haunted actions

© lieveheersbeestje

Hipsta Mini Set 2

© wbactions.com


© equalandopposite.com

Wedding Photoshop Action - Weltinho

© weltinho

Fold Paper Photoshop Action

© Daniel

Sticker Photoshop Action

© psd-dude.com

Create Metal Text Effect Using Photoshop Actions

© Tyler Denis

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