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Simunity Icon Maker: Create Awesome Pictograms in Seconds

Based on the Font Awesome Icons used for Bootstrap, the developers of the homepage builder Simbla came up with an icon maker that allows you to create custom pictograms in a matter of seconds. Two colour selectors, a few sliders and two collections of shadows and frames are all it takes.

Good Choice: Based on Font Awesome

The creators of Simbla chose Font Awesome for their project, as it is distributed under the very liberal Open Font License, does not require attribution and is very extensive. These are good preconditions for high usability. The generator is ready for uncomplicated use over there at No registration or login is required. You just choose the pictogram to edit from the Font Awesome stock and alter it in the blink of an eye. Of course, the scope of features can not be compared to Illustrator. However, the results are achieved much faster. Simunity Icon Maker

Simunity Icon Maker: Few Steps Until Success

The Simunity Icon Maker puts the choice of the icon you want to edit at the beginning of the process. It shows a grid of all pictograms included in Font Awesome. This grid can be limited using a list placed above it. This allows you to restrict the grid to icons of a certain topic so that you don't have to scroll through all the available symbols. Simunity Icon Maker The chosen icon is displayed in a preview frame below the list. On the left, you'll find the editing tools. They allow you to set the size of icon and background in pixels using a slider or by manually entering the values. The colour of the pictogram, as well as the colour of the background, can be defined as hex codes separately. Those that don't know the code can choose the desired colour from a palette. iconmakerwerkzeugefarbe The biggest changes, however, are achieved by changing frame and shadow. 20 different frames and eight types of shadows allow you to make the pictogram your own. Among the shadow styles, you'll also find the famous long shadows, which are a crucial part of today's flat design. However, contour blur and sharp contours are also available. iconmakerschatten When you are satisfied with the result, copy the HTML code displayed below the editing area into your web project. The Simunity Icon Maker is free to use for private as well as commercial purposes. You can even use it for customer work. It is prohibited to provide the tool as such, for example by integrating it into your own project or. But on a serious note, who'd come up with that?

Simunity Icon Maker: What to Use it For

The Icon Maker becomes a little inconvenient when you want to create multiple icons in the same style. You need to do so one by one. All the changes made have to be done step by step on each icon again. It is also not possible to change the original shapes and paths of the pictograms. That's why this tool can only be used to emphasize certain aspects and is not suitable for the development of an icon concept for an entire project, besides prototyping. That said I can only recommend checking out Simunity's Icon Maker for yourself. Here it is. Featured image by Lex Photography on Pexels

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