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Social Media: Eight Hand-picked Image Tools

In general, images in social media posts help to achieve greater success than plain text posts. Experiments have shown that posts supported by images get a larger amount of clicks, shares and replies. These posts also get marked as favourites more often. Humans are visually oriented and that's nothing new. This is why I recommend you to add images to your social media posts as well. To equip you with the best tools for this task, we are now going to present you the top notch apps for social images.

The Best Image Tools Made for Social Media

Nowadays, Social Media platforms require images. This starts with the design of a profile but does not end there. There are even certain image formats for the different posts. Adding images to posts is advantageous. Looking at Twitter, for example, many of the most successful posts have images attached to them. Other social networks like Instagram only work with adjusted images that require a particular format. As articles including good infographics are very popular, we've also included a tool for these graphics. Now, we are going to show you eight handpicked tools that can help you beat any challenge.

1. Pablo by Buffer

Pablo-by-Buffer Pablo is a relatively new tool and a very interesting one at that as it leads to good results with ease. You can either choose one of seven supplied images or upload your own which can then be edited with text and effects added(Background Options). Ten different fonts and multiple font colours make sure that the results are unique and express what you want them to. The finished image can either be downloaded or be shared instantly on Twitter or Facebook. An account is not needed. Pablo by Buffer

2. Canva

Canva Canva is a much more sophisticated tool that offers a plethora of features and options. It is not restricted to the creation of social media graphics but it can also be used to create cards, poster, headers for Twitter, Google+ and Facebook, as well as book covers and much more. The tool offers a lot of options and features but also requires some time to get used to it. Canva requires an account, which means you can either log in via O-Auth (Facebook and Google+) or by using an email address and a password. Canva

3. Befunky

BeFunky-Features Befunky is an easy-to-use online editor for photos and graphics. There are a couple of options that help to create attractive images not only for social media. The good thing about Befunky is that no log-in is required and the user can immediately start editing. The tool can also be used to create collages. BeFunky Befunky

4. PicMonkey

PicMonkey Online Tool PicMonkey This online tool offers fast editing of photos and graphics as well as a few beautiful effects and the option of adding text to the images. The results are fast, yet unique. PicMonkey

5. Easelly

Easelly Easelly is no service for social media images, but a drag and drop editor for the creation of professional-looking infographics. Not only companies often desire to create infographics and Easelly offers a relatively easy-to-use tool that does just that without any need for registration. The graphics can be created via drag-and-drop and be downloaded afterwards. There are many templates and elements to choose from that can be added to make the infographic look authentic. Easelly

6. Social Image Resizer Tool

Social Image Resizer Tool

Sometimes you already have a great image and you want to use said picture as a background image for your profile. However, profile images require different formats on various social media pages, so a tool that can easily adjust the picture to fit the requirements will be really useful. The Social Image Resizer Tool does just that, offering manual or automatic resizing of the image. An account is not needed. Social Image Resizer Tool

7. Recite - Creating Quote Pictures Easily The Final Result Using Recite Quotes are quite successful in social media. The Recite tool helps to create visually attractive quote images in no time. Just enter a quote, choose a design and immediately share or save the picture. The branding on the bottom of the picture can not be removed as there is no account or premium version. Of course, Canva can create quotes as well ;-) Recite

8. Fotor

Fotor Collage-Maker-Fotor The online tool Fotor provides a fast and uncomplicated way of creating beautiful collages that can be edited with many different effects. The tool is completely free and doesn't require registration to use it. The finished collages can be saved or instantly shared in different resolutions ranging from low to very high. The results are very attractive and look professional. Fotor can do much more than just creating collages. There are also free apps for every relevant platform that can be used for easy editing of images. We have already presented Fotor in-depth. Fotor Collages Online


We've been able to offer good online tools for most areas of application in social media. Now there should be no more obstacles on your way to (image) success. Try adding images to your articles more often and analyse your progress to be entirely sure that articles with images lead to more feedback.

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