Noupe Editorial Team July 7th, 2017 The Best Tools and Books For UX Designers

At, you'll find everything you'll need as a UX designer. The maintainer, Taylor Palmer, introduces you to the tools, but also provides you with interesting literature on the different design topics. Fast Access For UX Designers

Taylor Palmer from Utah is a UX designer himself. And he has been doing this for a while. He got the idea for his side project from the thought to make his personal toolbox available to the community. His collection is pretty impressive. is clear and tidy. In the top right, you'll find a small navigation that leads you to the three central areas, "Tools", "Library", and "Blog".

Brief Information

Under "Tools", you'll find another navigation on the left, allowing you to sort tools depending on their application purpose. The overview is presented in a grid, so that you gain a quick impression of which tools are the best pick for the respective application. Palmer tells you for which platform each tool is available, if it costs anything and, if yes, how much, as well as which core features it comes with. You won't find any reviews or more in-depth information. However, every tool is linked to its creator. Under "Library", Palmer compile an extensive pile of technical literature. You'll find about 150 books, sorted into different categories. Aside from the categorization, you can also sort the books by recommendations of various UX experts. The deposited links lead to Amazon. I didn't check if Palmer placed an affiliate ID, but if it were the case, this would be completely appropriate. In "Blog", Palmer writes about different UX themes in a practical, tutorial style, explaining things like how to get Sketch designs in Framer, for example. Palmer could definitely be a lot more active here, though. The blog is not really rich of content. is not the best thing since canned beer, but should be worth a bookmark in your toolbox. Finding an overview this compact and focused is a rare sight.

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