Dieter Petereit October 8th, 2014

Win Avada, the Bestselling WordPress Theme of All Time on Themeforest

What if there was a theme that does it all? One theme to serve the needs of all your customers? Only one theme with enough features to have it look differently, behave differently with every new project created? You say you've been looking for something like this for ages? In fact this theme already exists, and more than 85,000 people know. Now is the time for you to jump aboard. We welcome you there with the chance to win yourself a license. Read on, it's easy...


Avada: Unlimited Possibilities for Unlimited Website Topics

You've certainly read "multi-purpose" before. Every other theme claims to be suitable for multi-purpose sites. But when you look deeper into it, most themes are not as good as their word. Multi-purpose is a shallow description anyway, so we won't hold it against them.

Avada is actually, really, truthfully a multi-purpose theme. You can build a dozen sites based on it and make sure, none of them resembles the other. Avada is the most flexible theme I have ever seen, and being a web worker since the Nineties I've seen quite a few.

The flexibility makes it hard to describe it. So let's just look at the essentials. First and foremost Avada is completely responsive, not through the use of breakpoints, but fully responsive. Next, Avada is high-DPI ready. It sports a complete WooCommerce integration. If you like to jump on the parallax trend, Avada is there for you, too. The onepage parallax variant is visually stunning. Look for yourself.


Avada's massively powerful feature set is completely configurable per backend. Like Amazon's mega menu? Avada lets you build your own. Ever heard of a theme with an unlimited choice of colors and fonts? Well, it's Avada. All the PSDs are included, so you can customize the designs even further.

Avada: Even Better Since Its Latest Update

Avada has just been updated and the changes and additions are countless. What impressed me the most was the brand-new integration of the Fusion Builder, a visual page builder. Also new is the possibility to control the side width by simply entering any pixel or percentage value. Choose between one and six columns to present your content. Performance has been enhanced further to values of up 97% depending on how you measure it.

For international audiences important is the fact that Avada now supports more than 40 languages, is RTL-ready, supports WPML and qTranslate and is in itself simple to translate via poEdit. Whatever modern feature you can possibly come up with, Avada is almost sure to support it.

Avada: Comment to Win a Copy of This Powerful Theme

The regular license of Avada, allowing you to build one website with it, costs a lean 58 dollars which is a fantastic value for the price. I haven't seen many themes that are so worth buying at a that low price.


Today we want to give such a license to one of our dear readers. Securing your chance is simple. Just leave a comment below this article and tell us why you should be the winner. The game starts immediately and runs until Wednesday, 15th of October, 6:00 pm CEST. The winner will be drawn at random from all valid entries. Make sure to leave a working email address, so that we can get in touch with you in case you win. Email addresses will not be used for any other purpose than determining a winner.

Good luck to all of you...

Dieter Petereit

Dieter Petereit is a veteran of the web with over 25 years of experience in the world of IT. As soon as Netscape became available he started to do what already at that time was called web design and has carried on ever since. Two decades ago he started writing for several online publications, some well, some lesser known. You can meet him over on Google+.


  1. Hey Dieter,

    i always look for good looking themes like avada. The developers did a great job. I would be really happy if i could win a license of this theme, because my blog really needs a faceover. Avada would be perfect for.

    Greetings from germany

  2. Currently our site is in need of an awesome dress-up. We’re using a simple theme and winning this theme would be a big help aside that I am a long time subscriber of the site via feedly

  3. I have to win this premium theme, because I used it so often for customers – now I’m in the row to have it for my own purpose!

  4. Well… I should be the winner because I have a huge practice of WordPress, with more than 50 websites, and I’d love to compare Avada with simpler themes I usually use, and see if I could stop putting my hand in the code with it !

  5. This is a really great theme. It would be nice to test it for one of my clients – an insurance broker – he whants to get a page, growing up over the years with different particular lines of business. Thanks for the Article.

  6. Hello ! Thanks for this chance you’ve given to us your readers. I need Avada theme to use it in my startup’s website (digital marketing consultant for SMB’s in Indonesia).
    I see that Avada is the benchmark of how a website should be. I also see from Themeforest video that the owner made it with love, proven by great features that really could help me provide informations smartly. Thanks !

  7. I like Avada theme a lot and I think that I should be given the license. My story is quite usual: while choosing a wordpress theme for my first website (which happened 5 month ago) I was a newbie at wordpress and all I paid attention to was a pretty theme “face”. I ended up buying some not very famous theme at Evanto and started to create content. Some time later, when “content” period was over, the next — “optimization” — period of my wordpress education started. And this was time of great discoveries: the theme I spent $55 on was hardly optimized and when I tested my site with PageSpeed Insights there were a lot of red and orange and not much green. After that I tested theme’s demo site and got the same results. It was the momet I realized: “I flushed my 55 bucks into the toilet”. But I got some knowledge at least. And I started to look for a decent theme. And then I learned about “Avada”, “Enfold”, “X” and some other cool and reliable themes.
    Your kind giveaway is my chance for compensation, and I hope I’ll get it.

    PS: About a week ago (after 6 months of selling) the theme was taken down from Evanto market and more than 200 buyers were left with no support and no updates. Sad, but true.

  8. Hey Dieter,
    I am planning to start my first blog and I was searching for free themes for past 9 days. I found many free themes but none of them attracted me. So if i win this premium theme it will be like dream come true for me.


  9. This theme has lots of use, I am a freelancer, developer cum designer. I will use it for demo purpose so that i will get more customers.

  10. What have I done to deserve such a gift?! Nothing! Let me work my ass (or mind, whatever) with worthless free themes! I’m working so much, that I don’t have some time left to make money, in order to buy such a wonderful theme. It is such a beauty, this Scarlett Johansson of the themes, that nerds like can only fantasize about. Oh, Avada, come in my dreams tonight! (Do I see a smile on your face?!)

  11. I would love to have this theme for my future web projects. The payment system of our country would not allow me to buy things over iñternet :( .

    There’s a typo in the post: *get in tough with you :)

  12. That’s a great giveaway from you guys!
    I’m became infatuated with this theme when I saw the preview, I hope I’ll be the winner.
    Good luck to everyone.

  13. Hey,
    I am web developer by profession and Avada is awesome multi purpose theme, And as a designer I can use this theme to the fullest.
    It will add stars to my Portfolio.


  14. I want to make my own portfolio blog from this best and largest selling theme round the earth.
    Thanks a lot to AVADA and NOUPE

  15. I would like to win this so I can give it to my church for there website. they are in bad need of a new look.

  16. Why should I win ? Well, only because I am the most beautiful WordPress Intergalactic Goddess and my argument is just irrefutable !

    And because the best WordPress theme ever should go to the best Goddess !


  17. wow! Avada is a lovely wordpress themes,I want to go launch a site for my new business but can’t decide that which is more effective wordpress or joomla?thank you for shearing

  18. Sweden’s number 1 site about rum is outgrowing it’s current suit! The beautiful premium Avada suit would probably fit us perfectly, and we would hopefully help to show the diversity of the Avada theme!

    The team

  19. Because I have a project in mind and Avada is “the brick missing in my project wall”
    Greetings from Peru

  20. I have heard a lot about Avada and have had many clients coming in asking to use Avada theme for their websites. Haven’t tried their latest updated but would definitely like to give it a try.

  21. I wasn’t going to try but I just went to see the live demo and I’m in love with this theme. If I don’t win I’ll end buying it eventually.

  22. Wow! Avada theme giveaway? Would love to win it for my next project. Have already suggested this to a few clients who are using it on their sites so another license is always welcome!

  23. Hi, I’m currently a design student at Pacific Lutheran University and unfortunately, I’m not financially stable at the moment to purchase this theme so, winning this contest will be most helpful.
    I want to use this theme for my business. I’m at the moment a web/graphic design freelancer, but want to expand to a full fledged creative agency. I also want to create prints, shirts, hats, and anything you can print on to sell as a product along side my design services. A good portion of these prints will have local non-profit themes and the 100% of those proceeds will be giving to that non-profit.
    I have other plans to expand to a design news podcast, an open house work studio, and printing marketing materials a la Vistaprint.
    I’ve been a reader for a year now and everything you guys post has helped my career greatly. Thank you!

  24. I would like to give this theme a try. I really need to replace my very outdated, unresponsive, hard-to-customize current theme.

  25. I am in the planning phase to give a new look to my photography website and a multipurpose theme which offers such a flexibility is a boon.

    1. So, when will we be able to see the results? Have you decided to cancel this nice giveaway or just postponed it?

      Anyway, thanks.

  26. Boca Websites is built with Avada so I know, first hand, the power of this theme to build beautiful and creative websites.

  27. At the age of 79 I purchased and completed a Themeforest WP theme. Frankly, never saw a computer until about 10 years ago, let alone ever think I could create results. This theme is awesome including EVERYTHING to achieve great results. I’m very excited to have the opportunity to leave a reply and conceivably WIN.
    Thanks and rave reviews to everyone at Avada!

  28. I am stumbling into the world of WordPress and web design. My background is in graphic design. I can make a good mockup in Illustrator (or I suppose Photoshop) but am having a hard time translating this into a workable WP website. I get most of the basic, but most themes I have tried are only partially enabled or buggy. Things happen like the header image gets magnified with no way to correct it, no matter what size I make the header image. If Avada has a graphic layout editor that lets me design visually, then I would be in heaven. This is for a non-profit and we have very little money at this point. I am paying for the hosting out of pocket so there is no much slack here. If Avada is a solution then it would be a godsend.

  29. I would be really happy if i could win a license of this theme, because my blog really needs a face over. Thanks for share.

  30. The Avada theme is amazing! Easily the best theme that I’ve used. Such good functionality as the stock theme. The sliders are brilliant, shortcodes are brilliant. It’s easily customisable too which makes it cheaper than a complete custom design/build to get it to exactly where I need it.

  31. Can’t believe I missed this giveaway! Some other themes I’ve really appreciated are any of the ones from Muffin Group. Still though, I can see why Avada is so popular, and won’t mind paying full price on a future project. Maybe I’ll catch a free license next time 0_o

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