Nataly Birch September 9th, 2015

15 Websites for Free Bootstrap Themes

‘Seek, and ye shall find’. With the extremely intelligent and all-embracing search engine Google, it is pretty hard to argue this eternal saying. However, when the time plays against you, you’ll be struggling for some efficient ways of speeding up the process to achieving the goal. In this case, various directories, collections and articles with a quick access to a bulk of helpful links and resources that provide necessary information will be warmly welcome. These toolboxes at your fingertips are what you cannot have enough of. The following article is one of that kind.


If you are in quest of some good-looking professionally-crafted Bootstrap templates that either can be used as a starting point for further transformation into one of the CMS themes or quickly customized and adapted as a simple yet quite functional website then our list is ready to give you a helping hand. We have rounded up 15 resources where you can find free Bootstrap themes. Some of them are regularly updated, others are replenished on occasion; some of them are general catalogues, others are personal lists of freebies, yet this does not prevent them from equipping developers with some relevant and useful stuff.


Features: Bootstrap themes, starter themes, responsive templates


Features: Bootstrap themes, WordPress themes


Features: website templates, admin themes, coming soon pages


unique crown
Features: responsive themes

The Bootstrap Themes

the bootstrap themes
Features: landing pages, portfolio templates


Features: coming soon pages, landing pages, portfolios


shape bootstrap
Features: admin templates, corporate templates, WordPress themes, Joompla templates


Features: range of different vibrant themes

Start Bootstrap

start bootstrap
Features: one page themes, landing pages, portfolio templates

Design Bootstrap

design bootstrap
Features: portfolios, themes, snippets

Template Garden

template garden
Features: multi-page templates, coming soon templates, portfolios.


Features: different kinds of Bootstrap templates

W3 Layouts

w3 themes
Features: a vast range of Bootstrap themes and HTML templates

Bootstrap Taste

bootstrap taste
Features: responsive Bootstrap themes

Black Tie

Features: free and premium Bootstrap templates and WordPress themes

If you are aware of some other reliable resources that can help fellow developers share them with us through the comments section.

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  1. ThemesForces is nice addition to this list. I personally downloaded and used it and it worked like a bliss. Thanks for sharing, Nataly.

  2. Cool list, and thanks for adding BootstrapZero. We’ll be adding some themes for the new Bootstrap 4 in the coming weeks.

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