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Vitaly Friedman November 20th, 2009

50 Interactive Silverlight Applications

silverlight applications
Microsoft Silverlight enables development of the next generation of Microsoft .NET-based media experiences and rich interactive applications (RIAs) for the Web. Silverlight is delivered as a cross-platform and cross-browser plug-in that exposes a programming framework and features that are a subset of the .NET Framework and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). Silverlight offers rapid creation and delivery of sophisticated internet applications through a Web browser. Forged from technology used in over 100,000 companies and understood by over 4 million developers worldwide, Silverlight has the full support of Microsoft's tools, technologies, and thriving partner ecosystem. Today, we present 50 interactive Silverlight applications as sample to give you an overview as to what you can achieve with Silverlight. Silverlight Showcase


YeeJie's Silverlight Magazine This website features a Silverlight carousel. YeeJie's Silverlight Magazine Mazda Car Configurator Build your own Mazda using the new car configurator's high resolution images, 360-degree exterior view and deep-zoom interior views to bring you closer to your choosen Mazda. Mazda Car Configurator SEAT Exeo Launch eMagazine SEAT has created an eMagazine to support the launch of new model Exeo. This is the first time that Silverlight technology has been used to deliver this type of solution for a major brand. SEAT Exeo Launch eMagazine

Rich Media

Ultra Mashup Studio Create rich, interactive Silverlight applications by mixing together audios, images, text captions, and feedback forms and then splitting them into chapters and tracking markers. Ultra Mashup Studio transforms simple one-way videos into high-impact RIAs. Ultra Mashup Studio LuckyLight This is a casual raffle application which could be used to pick a lucky number, using a random number generator from a specified range. LuckyLight Extreme Chatroom This is a chat application where the user can chat with other users, create chat rooms, update their avatar, all done via sockets. Extreme Chatroom Video Transcript Viewer Experience a Silverlight video player with synchronized text transcript which features audio plot or transcript to jump video to that time point. Liquid layout with fonts globally resizable on-the-fly. Video Transcript Viewer SpatialWiki SpatialWiki is a geography portal that encourages users to create, edit and share map layers. Created entirely in Silverlight, SpatialWiki stores data from user contributions in the cloud using Microsoft's SQL Server Data Services. SpatialWiki Inkable Search Tip Write your search query in the Silverlight panel and then have your handwriting recognized and the query sent off to a search engine. If you have a stylus, this may be the most natural way to search the web. Inkable Search Tip Online Classroom This application is a tutor.com sample online classroom having a better, faster and interactive way to communicate with online tutors. Online Classroom MSN ClipClub MSN Video and Windows Live Messenger merge into a fascinating and new user experience: high-quality content and direct web-based communication. The multimedia Silverlight interface links the best of both worlds. MSN ClipClub Ecardoo This site is placed for you to create customized video ecard. You can search images on Flickr, and compose them in many ways you want. Ecardoo MeWorks - Experience Website with Fun A fascinating way to show your websites with enhanced user experience. MeWorks - Experience Website with Fun


Wildfire Information Portal Pitney Bowes FireLocator disseminates timely wildfire data and information. Data from multiple sources are integrated to provide a multi-media enriched, map-based view of current and past wildfires. Wildfire Information Portal Tarantula An interactive search engine for Amazon.com. Users can explore links between similar books as a graphical web that has a tactile physical feel. Tarantula Silverlight Weather Widget This widget returns five day weather forecast from The Weather Channel given a valid 5-digit US Zip Code. Uses Silverlight 1.0, ASP.NET AJAX, LINQ-to-XML and C#. Silverlight Weather Widget WorldWide Telescope A rich interactive application to explore the universe. WorldWide Telescope WorldByCharts WorldbyCharts is a web application which allows one to draw charts of a combination of variables, most typically economic variables, on-demand. WorldByCharts WorldNews WorldNews is a free service webpage that can tell you what is happening in the world real-time using Silverlight. WorldNews Buzzoggi Buzzoggi is a mashup that analyzes over 30 RSS feeds to find the hottest concepts at this moment on the web, displays them and helps you quickly explore them further by accessing original sources and automatically sending searches to other popular sites. Buzzoggi Parcel Atlas Parcel Atlas is a Silverlight application which uses MapDotNet UX to allow users to search and visualize over 62 million property parcels in five hundred counties throughout the US Parcel geometry. The data is stored in a SQL Server 2008 database. Parcel Atlas

Galleries and Slide Shows

Imaginalaxy.com This is a massive image sharing and real-time collage application. Upload images and reposition, rotate and resize in real-time within your own image galaxy. Edit collages in real-time with friends or share your images on Myspace, Facebook and more. Imaginalaxy.com Slide Show Slide.Show is an open source Silverlight slideshow control that allows you to publish and embed highly customizable photo galleries and image slideshows anywhere on the web. Slide Show Drag-Twist Album This application allows you to drag and scale images or video using Silverlight technology. Drag-Twist Album Postcard Viewer Photo Viewer is a Silverlight application used to convert photographs into postcards. You can add captions, click to zoom, and switch between postcards using the arrow keys. Postcard Viewer Art Collection Viewer The deep zoom art collection viewer enables visitors to navigate, zoom, and view the stunning artworks from this world class collection. See artworks closer and in more detail - right down to each individual brush stroke. Art Collection Viewer


Brighton's Interactive Charm Builder This is an interactive charm builder with a real-time cost calculator. It can also create a PDF of the assembled design and e-mail the order. Brighton's Interactive Charm Builder DShop The DShop is a shopping cart built using Silverlight 2, .NET 3.5, WCF and LINQ to demonstrate how all of these technologies can work together seamlessly. DShop

Social Media

Sobees Sobees Web is a Twitter/Facebook client with support for multiple accounts and real time search. Sobees Twitterlight Twitter Web Client Twitterlight is a Silverlight 2 Alpha/Twitter API mashup showing how to utilize a local web service to consume external API data. Uses the Sapphire control set. Twitterlight Twitter Web Client

Business Applications

Financials Demonstrator The demonstrator is a mock-up website that shows the interactions and experience you could get from a Silverlight enabeld site. Features like interactive video that drives charts, client-side charting, drag and drop, client-side calculations, cross-domain web services calling etc. come together seamlessly. Financials Demonstrator Price List Calculator This Silverlight application was developed by Ebsolut Switzerland. It calculates over four million price calculations on the fly and was awarded the Silverlight Early Adopter Award by Microsoft. Price List Calculator My Travel Management A Silverlight application that allows you to compare airfare, book flights, check flight times and flight duration. My Travel Management Kaldeera 2009 Kaldeera Workflow Designer 2009 is a SharePoint workflow designer using 100% Silverlight. Kaldeera 2009 Scheduler for Silverlight The first Outlook-like scheduling component for Silverlight. Fully template-based with default templates for Day View, Week View, Month View and Timeline View. Group by resource or by date. Supply your own template for your own custom views. Scheduler for Silverlight Real-time Streaming Stock Charts Stock charts with true real-time streaming data, lots of indicators, drawing tools, watch lists and integrated news. Real-time Streaming Stock Charts MillionID - Finance A new way of presenting stock exchange data and charts with Silverlight. MillionID - Finance


Server Quest II An exciting game to manage IT priorities online. Server Quest II Silver Games Cribbage Silver Games is a collection of open source, multiplayer networked games developed in Silverlight. All games are tied together with a common lobby server featuring a global ladder ranking system. Silver Games Cribbage Fall In Game FallInGame.com is an online browser game constructor, where you can create your own games, share it with friends, write comments, rate other player and games, and earn experience and progress. Fall In Game Strategic Command Use strategy and deception to maneuver your armed forces into your opponent's territory and conquer their headquarters. The winner will be crowned with glory and live to see their name thunder down the hallowed corridors of time. The loser will be buried in infamy. Strategic Command Link and Learn Educational Games Simple, intuitive and self pace math and science concept learning through link and learn games. Link and Learn Educational Games

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    1. LOL, when you are able to create the things that Flash and Silverlight can do using web standards you can say these things. In the meantime, we have to use what we have.

  1. Cool stuff.With the great possibilities that Silverlight allows, it will sure attain absolute popularity though that might take a while. Nice post!

  2. Hi,

    I’ve been working as a Microsoft Developer, and luckily I’ve been using Silverlight. I think this tool has a great potential, however IMHO it lacks of Multi platform support. I know Moonlight project is taking care of this aspect, the support is not the same that Windows Offers, I have recently read that by EOY Flash 10 will be available in linux 64 bits, meanwhile (I think) SL3 is not full supported yet on Linux, and currently MS is working in SL4.
    Well I guess I think this because of I use linux and MS operative systems, so, I get disappointed when I run into troubles when I try to run Flash/SL apps in Linux.


  3. Silverlight is sound in principle and at least will hopefully push RIA’s further, but there still are major drawbacks:
    – Silverlight can only be developed on a windows based machine; MAJOR drawback.
    – The plugin lacks the same support and ubiquity of flash; there is no UB for the latest version of the Silverlight palyer for PowerPC based macs, etc.

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  7. Want to use video chat in my WPF application. Please reply if you have any api or control to achieve this task. I am also interested if you have third-party control.

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    For creating a Silverlight chat application I can recommend the Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK.

    The support team is also responsive so you can make your project even faster with the help of them.


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