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Gerry Wilson December 5th, 2019

10+ Best App Development Companies to Watch Out For in 2020

The reason to select such a topic as “10 best app development companies” is to provide knowledge to the consumers on what they can expect as they enter the New Year.

Where the information from this content can assist to establish a trend to create an awareness of what all possible can feature in the coming year 2020. 

This article should surely help the readers to anticipate what will prevail in due time in the industry of app development. Within an emerging industry such as the app development, it is hard to predict the exact innovations but surely it is possible to highlight a few key aspects that can carefully be watched out for. 

It has been analyzed that each year the rankings for the best app development companies vary but at an extremely minimum margin. Whereas the same residing as the top-ranking companies begin to cater to new innovations that simple elevate them within their market positions. Each year it is experienced that revenue from mobile app development extends to a higher peak.

Both the developers and users are following a similar pathway that is to create more convenience for their customers. Due to which app development companies operate to acquire a more organic client base which can be established via keeping the audience requirements and needs at priority and enriching trending features to their app developments. 

A large proportion at the beginning of each year begins to research the market via various mediums to determine which are the top 10 app development companies for 2020 that will be worth associating with. To avail, such analysis is a great aid as an early association helps create a better position in any respective industry. Each of the listed companies below is credible as per their skills and advanced tools that help develop exquisite mobile applications.    

Here are the 10 best app development companies to watch out for in 2020 as they will employ nothing but the finest and most tech trending features in their app developments:

1. RetroCube

RetroCube is indeed a vital name in the industry. It prominently has been leading the app development industry for almost half a decade. Unquestionably with its growing strength in the market it fundamentally will remain one of the best app development companies on a global scale even during the year 2020. RetroCube is known to develop apps with the most innovative and well-features.

Since RetroCube intends to implement exclusive projects at the begging of the year 2020 via trending and gorging app integrations such as AR/VR, BlockChain App Development. Smart ChatBot Solutions, Analytics/ BI & Big Data, etc. This ensures that it will remain in the limelight the entire year-long introducing aspiring new innovations in app development. Since established RetroCube has associated with several industry giants to build their business app that boosts their overall efficiency as well as operations. 

2. Create N’ App

Create N’ App is a premiering app development company that is emerging exclusively over time. It is reckoned to grow even more reputably with one of the largest customer base in 2020 amongst its competitors. The Establishment Creates N’ App provides timely updates and flawless coding all at an extremely affordable price. It tends to the only project and work on top-notch and advances features in Android and iOS app development services specifically in the coming year.

Making its audience really anticipated what all Create N’ App will prevail ahead. It has associated commendable well through its diverse range of innovation and reasonable app development services. Create N’ App is an ideal option to choose in the year 2020 to avail of the well-established app and services that are market competent to ensure strong roots in the industry. 

3. Create App Company

Create App Company is assuredly a popular entity in the app development industry. It is intended to shine even brighter in the year 2020 with an extensive customer base and customer retention rate. It has been delivering and offering nothing but the best. The company is yet adamant to do more in the following year with 5G integrations.

For which Create App Company has promised to produce exception in their apps. All prepared from now the company has already inclined their testing team and app developer all set to take on the tech advancements to come ahead. Being the main reason to why its customers are eager to attain superior app UI/UX designs from Create App Company.  

4. Dev the App

Dev the App is a cooperate body that has outshined by assisting numerous businesses and individuals. Dev the App indeed has a wide market presence today. Someone who has indulged in any nature of association based on App Development or with their Services assertively must have come across the company Dev the App. As it is one of the oldest and most significant app development company that resides in the industry.

Dev the App has no match when it comes to creating revolutionary apps and it will be amazing to see what all they will implement in 2020 to maintain their status and stand in the market. Customers constantly rally on Dev the App because they have a commendable amount of market experience. They sure have the capability to be responsible for highly advanced and well functional apps that will feature exceptionally ahead in the industry. 

5. The App Development Company

The App Development Company is an evolving and credible app development service provider. The company has operations branching out from the USA while expanding across the globe. Though it has established strongholds in the UAE. As a leading internationally entity, The App Development Company is wanting to progress even more ahead which would be mesmerizing to see how they cater such a large operation effectively. 

The App Development Company labeled with the image to offer powerful designed apps. As the company has the tools and professionalism to enrich the apps with high-end features with utmost superior quality. The App Development Company if is able to deliver likewise to their customers with the evolving industry it will be amazing that they yet are able to build strong apps.

6. App Solutions

App Solutions is one of the most defining app development company. It is amongst the best app development companies that have been saturating the industry for over half a decade. As the fastest influencing and penetrating company it struggles to implement new ideas but it surely will come up with unique marketing strategies by the year 2020 to deliver according to its competitors. App Solutions has operated with astonishing market strategies in the past and surely will do the same to boost itself with fresher integrations and novelties. 

The company App Solutions has protected a hefty fraction of dependable customers that will continue to rally on its diverse range of quality/ top-notch app development services. Because of this very nature App Solution will go on to project its competitiveness in catering fine quality deliverance. App Solutions is considered a top-rated company not only in the USA/ California but across the globe as an international app development company.  

7. App Studios Texas

App Studio Texas is a demanding as well as popular App Development Company in the Texas region. While it has not limited its operations until there and has branched out operations around various parts of the world. Making it one of the top app development companies that deserves recognition as it has contributed greatly in the past few years. App Studio Texas made its prominence known in the market via its farfetched ability to maintain standards and quality of its services. 

App Studio Texas has created a reputation to convey unparalleled app development and experience to its customers. It has instigated the industry with certain market strategies that have indeed played out to their advantage and they have been clear that intend to polish their tactics to feature even better in the following year. Especially its method to approach with a client-centric attitude it has progressed to elevate its presence in the industry through its wide array of app development processes. 

8. Canadian App Developers

Canadian App developers have fashioned and established a few of the market's most stimulating mobile applications. Canadian App developers are confidently the most documented app development company in Canada but it does have forked out operations reaching internationally as well. It has gathered a few of the industry’s most professional and skilled teams of employees. Their addition to their team has contributed spectacularly in developing mobile apps that are reasonable regardless of which platform it may belong to the iOS, Android, Gaming or Window. 

Canadian App developers provide proficient mobile app development services. It has been recognized to offer a wide range of application services but also provide the highest customer satisfaction in comparison to another company in their industry. One of their most featured app development services includes App Store Optimization. Canadian App developers certainly highly cater to every need and understanding of their customers.  

9. Australian App Agency

Australian App Agency is the most notorious app development company and app service provider that caters to Australia and the surrounding countries and regions. Australian App Agency helps its customers in an ideal manner via good design & user experience, mobile service tactics, native app development and most crucially their monitoring & maintenance app services that cultivate the best aspects of an app. 

It delivers matchless superior quality and high-end mobile app conceptions through their elevating and cutting edge services. This strategy of the Australian app Agency drives out the greatest possible results that can be conquered. Though an association with the Australian App Agency businesses avail numerous benefits. It runs by the aim to only deliver secure and reliable app developments. 

10. Global App Solutions

Global App Solutions is the fastest developing label in the app development industry. Even though it is relatively new to the industry in comparison to its rivals Global App Solutions has radically grown. To this state, it has come upfront that it resides as part of the best 10 app development companies that hold the market today. Global App Solutions is not intended to remain stagnant when it comes to delivering aspiring and revolutionary app creations and designs.

Global App Solutions generates apps that have overall reshaped the market entirely. Redesigned the aspects for its customers by providing only enriching app development and services. It has been able to produce a profound name to offer innovational and rich featuring apps. Possible is one of its key features due to which it has been able to earn high regard in such a short period. 

11. FATbit Technologies

FATbit is a renowned name in the mobile app development industry which provides quality Android and iOS app development service for clients all over the world. With a team of 120+ professionals, they have gained the trust and confidence of the industry experts. Their expertise lies in engineering mobile app development solutions for startups, aspiring entrepreneurs & enterprises along with the experienced pioneers of the marketing industry.

FATbit offers services that help in decreasing time-to-market (TTM), build competitive advantage and accelerate growth for the companies. They provide flexible and comprehensive custom mobile application development solutions to reshape seamless mobile experience. FATbit deploys collaborative & fluid mobile app development processes to promote the free flow of ideas, work transparency, and best app development practices. The Telegraph, Inc., Entrepreneur, HuffPost, and more featured them in their esteemed publications which tell you all about their craft and standing in the industry.


2020, has a lot in stored in terms of innovation and features for the mobile app development industry. Especially with the commencement of 5G technology there definitely will be much to look forward as to what all advancements, will bring along. Though one thing is essential that in 2020 app development will be made much smoother and easier. 

Aid/ assistance from either of the above 10 best app development companies will surely be of advantage. As they will feature the best trends providing huge benefits. And since each entity ranked above are significant names in the industry you most certainly will be catered and guaranteed with the ideal and enriching solution for your app.    

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