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Seema Dobriyal June 8th, 2020

How to Implement Artificial Intelligence in Mobile App Development

Artificial Intelligence is one of the biggest technological innovation that has been growing over the years. The world has been able to witness the power of this technology as it is almost used in every sphere of life. From Siri to Google Assistant, we have this technology right on our fingertips.

Technology like Artificial Intelligence exemplifies perfection and unlocks new possibilities that everyone can reach out to seamlessly. Today we are living in a world that is technologically driven and upscales itself every single day. The integration of AI in app development is practised for a long time now and has yielded conic results.

With certainty, it can be said that there are various benefits of Artificial Intelligence in mobile app development which has been witnessed by every app development company from all around the globe and here’s a crux of it:

  • AI is a reality, which means it is present everywhere. Trending technologies like Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Chatbots, etc have Artificial Intelligence completely immersed.
  • When it comes to perfection, AI is widely chosen. The ability of this technology to be accurate is striking. Not only this, but AI also sets a fast pace for everything.
  • When amalgamated with mobile app technology, AI can spike rates of customer satisfaction and serve them more efficiently.
  • According to Forbes, Sales & Marketing prioritize Machine Learning and AI more than any other department in the industry.

Mobile application development is being completely transformed after the introduction of this technology and offering an ample amount of services to the users. Needless to say that the way user’s data was extracted has completely changed over time and people are able to highly personalize mobile applications according to their needs. Let’s now take a closer look at how artificial intelligence can be integrated into mobile applications.

How To Incorporate AI In App Development 

Applying AI in app development can make next-level mobile applications. Let’s take a look at how to wisely use AI:

Understanding The Risks and Demands

There are certain factors that need to take care of while app development and knowing the problems that can be solved through AI will allow the developer to implement AI technology in a much better way. Once the complexities have been ruled out, adding this technology will be easy. But if AI is implemented in almost every feature then this technology will lose its essence completely.

APIs Are Not Everything

API cannot solve every problem and the more you use them, the vague they will get. But using AI will improve the design of API. with this technology building and processing APIs are much easier and it changes the design of API forever. 

Know What Your Data Is All About

This phase will allow you to analyze things out and the kind of data AI will be putting in front of the users. Having a keen understanding of where your data is actually coming from will help you refine the quality. With this, your AI will be clean, informative, and interactive.

Data Scientists To The Rescue

As mentioned earlier, data refinement is an important task in order to have your AI module clean. This process can become less cumbersome if you take the help of a data scientist. A data scientist can level up the whole app development process using AI.

The future of AI is bright and the AI software market will be dominating the future of app development as well. AI has the capability to design UX completely. 


There are certain benefits of having artificial intelligence in mobile app development. The first and foremost thing that needs to be done is to know what problems AI will be able to address once it is amalgamated in app development. While there can be certain challenges in this technology, all of it should be tackled with ease and kept in control.

For Added Mobile App Security

The process of authentication can be brisk if AI technology is inherited. If this process is increased then the security of the app will be well maintained. It is estimated that AI will be able to turn down the number of security breaches and keep data secure. It is not only limited to this, with AI, security can be personalized accompanied by various suggestions in the coding phase of the app. 

Relevant Ads Appearance

Ads can be a headache but with AI they are not, as this technology ensures that ads appearing on your screen is highly relevant and not out of the blue. This can be achieved by understanding user’s behavior and curating adds according to retrieved data. This way, companies can be more focused on understanding needs, and costumers will be satisfied too.

Seamless Searching Process

If you don’t want to waste much of your time searching for things on the internet, the AI-driven mobile application can be a feasible option for you. With this technology, your search engine is enhanced and works on intuition which lets you save a lot of time and search for things on the go. For example- Google, with search engines like Google all you need to type is one letter and predictive texts are displayed according to your searching behavior. 

Digital Assistance

Digital assistance is present round the clock serving your general queries right on time without any delay. These digital assistants can be in forms of Chatbots, which are clearly leading customer care services. Chatbots have brought massive changes in customer experience and satisfaction scales have certainly gone up after the emergence of this technology. 

Summing Up!

There are several technologies that have geared up to set a benchmark but artificial intelligence has clearly left a huge impact by providing various facilities that took industries by the storm. This technology is not only serving mobile app development sectors but other major sectors like Healthcare, E-commerce, Education, Manufacturing, and so forth. 

As smartphones and mobile applications are embracing such technologies, users to are enchanted with how easy it is to manage everything right in front of the eyes. Strong features of AI like swift data collection, advanced search options, and a more personalized approach, AI has been able to make lives facile. It’s not only about the users using such services, but several organizations like mobile app development have noticed faster developmental rates and easy integration. 

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