Sufyan bin Uzayr February 1st, 2016

GitHub’s 2016 Events Calendar is Out

GitHub has released its events schedule for 2016. Out of the five total events, two are scheduled to be held in Europe. It all begins on April 5-6, in New York, followed by GitHub Satellite on May 11 in Amsterdam.  Here is what the schedule looks like:
  • Git Merge: An event of technical talks and workshops for all users of GitHub. Scheduled for April 5-6 in New York City.
  • GitHub Satellite: Scheduled for May 11, GitHub Satellite will be held in Amsterdam. The focus will be on the latest pieces of software as well as the popular development workflow within the community.
  • CodeConf: A two-day event, CodeConf focuses primarily on open source code and software. Scheduled for June 27-29 in Los Angeles.
  • GitHub Universe: Another two-day event, GitHub Universe will be held on September 14-15 in San Francisco. This is probably the highlight among all the events, with developers and coders coming together to share their experiences.
  • CodeConf Copenhagen: Scheduled for October 24-25, CodeConf Copenhagen will focus on the open source community in Europe.
Tickets for Git Merge are already on sale, and if you wish to speak at the event, you can send an overview of your talk by February 5th. This is obviously not the first time that GitHub has decided to conduct its events in Europe, but with two events lined up this year, it is surely a good news for developers from Europe. Read more on the GitHub blog.

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