Sufyan bin Uzayr February 10th, 2016

GitHub Enterprise 2.5 is Now Available

Some days back, we reported that GitHub is contemplating offering better and more focused services for Enterprise users. While the direction of GitHub in relation to the target audience that it wishes to focus on is still unclear, GitHub Enterprise 2.5 is now available. GitHub Enterprise 2.5 focuses on scalability and easier workflow management for development teams of any size. Now, even if your development team is over 10,000 strong, GitHub Enterprise can be used to collaborate easily and work on larger projects. Among other things, GitHub Enterprise 2.5 now comes with:
  • Clustering framework, that lets you add users and coders to larger installations within minutes.
  • An easier way to cache intensive operations, so as to optimize performance and resource allocation even when working on larger applications.
  • A “preview mode” for the Protected Branches API, which allows administrators to keep track of the project’s scalability.
  • Authentication process has been improved and simplified, and SVN support has also been enhanced.
  • GitHub Enterprise 2.5 also comes with some minor design tweaks, especially in terms of navigation and page layout.
With the latest release of GitHub Enterprise, focus has been placed on pretty larger teams, as the concept of clustering works mostly for very large development teams and relies more on administrative resources for workflow management. Beyond that, developers cannot force push or delete protected branches anymore, which further is useful if you have multiple instances running and a large development team with hierarchical setup. If you have enabled automatic updates, your instance of GitHub Enterprise will automatically be updated to the new release. Also, you can read the release notes on this page, or learn more about GitHub Enterprise 2.5 here.

Sufyan bin Uzayr

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