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Noupe Editorial Team March 9th, 2016

GoodBarber: Mobile App Development Made Easy

Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are still on the rise. An end of that growth is not in sight. On the contrary, more and more users are browsing the internet while on mobile. Therefore, mobile apps have become a necessity for every serious web business and website to have. But, how do you create a mobile app? Sure, you can learn to code, build everything from scratch, spend your time digging into functions and dependencies, you name it. Or you can do things the easier way, save time and effort as well as resources by opting for a tool that lets you build mobile apps within minutes. Meet GoodBarber, a mobile app designer for both iOS and Android platforms. GoodBarber: Mobile App Development Made Easy

GoodBarber: Mobile App Development Made Easy

What and How?

GoodBarber is an app builder for iOS and Android devices. In other words, if you need a mobile app for your product or service, GoodBarber is there for you. There are certainly quite a few options when it comes to mobile app builders. So what does GoodBarber do to help it stand out from the crowd? Read on to learn more!

The Backend

To begin with, GoodBarber offers a clutter-free backend that comes with a minimal navigation system and easy editing to work with. You can modify and edit your apps with a few clicks. Updating your app is a matter of a single click. Furthermore, GoodBarber also provides detailed statistic and usage metrics for your apps. Need to know how many unique sessions of your app have been run so far? Or maybe you wish to track the total number of pageviews over the course of months? Yes, GoodBarber has all of that in its backend, and you need not worry about any other tool for statistics. goodbarber-stats But then, what if you do need those other tools? Worry not, because GoodBarber is good enough to let you connect third-party external applications and track the progress of your mobile app. Thus, if you prefer to use e.g. Google Analytics, you can. GoodBarber also comes with a built-in CMS that lets you handle and manage your content directly from the backend. goodbarber-cms You can also sync your content across different platforms, by integrating with other services such as Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, Instagram, and so on. If you have a website that runs on WordPress, GoodBarber has a plugin built especially for you. By making use of such integrations and plugins, you can add pagination to your content within the app or place queries and get answers from the WordPress website, among other things. You also add comments, social sharing and emails, etc. GoodBarber allows you to add different users to your project and manage user roles much as you would on a WordPress website. You can have accounts for admins, owners, and likewise, each with its fine-grained access rights. goodbarber-users Plus, your end users can log in to the app via social networking profiles, or register via email. Push notifications, much like any other decent mobile app, are a standard feature of any app that you create via GoodBarber. And lastly, just because you may not need it, doesn’t mean it is totally lacking -- GoodBarber also offers a coding section for folks who might want to work on their app directly via the code.

Need Additional Features? Look at the Add-on Library

With GoodBarber it is easy to lift the mobile app above its website counterpart in terms of features. We are talking about mobile devices, so the capabilities of these devices should be used to full extent. To achieve this, GoodBarber offers an add-on library with a large number of different features grouped by interest. GoodBarber: Add-on Library Do you want to implement - say - Geofencing? You can do it. Are you fond of iBeacons? Use them. Do you want to add monetization features? Check the add-on library. It has everything you might need.

And More...

GoodBarber comes with a library of designs that you can choose from when building your mobile apps. It offers over 50 design inspirations, custom typography, as well as different UX layouts. Wanna know how many customization abilities GoodBarber has to offer? We will let this picture do the talking, because after all, a picture is worth a thousand words: goodbarber-design

Image by Kevin Phillips from Pixabay

Speaking of images, just in case you need any for your app, do not worry. You can access the complete Unsplash library right from within GoodBarber’s interface. Pick, select, and off you go. Unsplash is Creative Commons Zero, so you will never worry about licences.


GoodBarber offers multiple plans to suit your needs. You can opt for the Standard Plan, for 20€ per month, that gives you 5,000 push notifications every month. Or, you can go with the Full Plan at 40€ per month, which gives you 500,000 push notifications per month. Both the plans offer unlimited launches and installs, as well as HTML5 apps for Web and iPhone and Android mobile apps. However, the Full Plan also gives you a built-in CMS, automated notifications, maps, contact forms, Google Analytics, social media statistics as well as support for third-party ad networks. Just in case you need more, you can go with the Advanced Plan, that costs 60€ per month, and gives you everything included in the Full Plan, along with app support for iPad and tablets. The Advanced Plan relies on adaptive design, which means your app is going to look stunning on both mobile phones and tablets, with no extra effort on your part. Furthermore, the Advanced Plan comes with API access as well. You can give GoodBarber a full spin on all features with a 30-day free trial, before choosing any of the above plans. More importantly, GoodBarber also offers a Reseller Plan, that costs 200€ per month. It lets you create unlimited apps, as well as the ability to sell native iOS and Android apps at your own pricing (with no commission involved). You also get to white-label GoodBarber and offer your app building services to your clients.


So, is GoodBarber worth the money? Or is it just another of the several app builders out there? In simple words, it is surely worth the investment and a very decent choice for building and publishing mobile apps. That said, GoodBarber is less of an app builder, and more of an app designer. You do not truly “build” your app using GoodBarber, you “design” it. The customization features that GoodBarber offers are exemplary and can surely not be found anywhere else. There are several app builders out there in the market; but GoodBarber stands apart from the crowd by letting you design your app the way you want it. You can choose what to include, as well as what not to include. And if you need to work with code, you have that as well. And that is not all. The entire process is so streamlined that you just cannot get confused at any step. You select the layout and design of your app, then choose your content sources, preview the results, and publish your app to iOS and Android app stores. This is it -- you can select what design elements you want included, the UX of your app, and a lot more. Plus, for tablets, you can make use of adaptive design features and ensure that your apps run well across different screen sizes and resolutions. Plus, for anyone looking to start off a decent mobile app building business, GoodBarber’s Reseller Plan is probably the most budget-friendly offering out there. Considering the fact that mobile is a very busy segment and is expected to rise even more in the coming years, mobile app development is a lucrative business. Now, coding apps might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but with the white-label features of GoodBarber, you do not have to worry about code at all. All said and done; GoodBarber is, by all means, one of the most useful and versatile solutions for creating mobile apps for iOS and Android devices. If you are looking for one such solution, GoodBarber is surely something you should consider. (dpe/sbu)

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  1. Great tool! If you need more platforms, Appsmoment.com is a good choice. They support iOS, Android, Windows and Kindle and have a host of cool templates, including game templates.

  2. Great tool! If you need more platforms, Appsmoment.com is a good choice. They support iOS, Android, Windows and Kindle and have a host of cool templates, including game templates.

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