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Robert Adixon February 12th, 2020

How To Utilize AI In App Development – Proven Ways

In 2020’s competitive world, Artificial Intelligence has become a buzz word with great exploration and immense growth in the business world. 

The Innovator of mobile app development landscape are constantly trying to introduce some new and exciting features in their mobile app, making them future-ready. 

However, the avant-garde mobile app development company is providing a lending hand to their developers to make a cut-throat competition with a streamlined process for their users. And, the inception of AI not just reformed the industry for retailers but customers as well. 

Starting from the beginning, mobile apps have deeply impacted user lives. Utilizing them from the very first thing in the morning to the last thing in the night, it has revolutionized every aspect of the user’s brio by empowering with the user’s fingertips. 

Alike, AI-enabled chips have a significant impact on the user’s interactions with smart devices. And, as far the mobile app industry is concerned with the distinctive yet versatile nature of AI, it has opened a totally new world of innovations and opportunities. Moreover, Artificial Intelligence helps to create unique apps for different industries, establishing exclusive user interactions with smart apps.      

“As Per The Latest Reports From STATISTA, The Artificial Intelligence witnessed an upsurge of 154% in the global market in 2019 and is predicted to reach $ 89 billion by 2025.”  

It is interesting to see how AI is crafting its top niche as the next big things the world has ever know. Today, many pioneers app development company are not opting for this technology but are more focused on bringing this technology in the hands of the people. 

In clear words, they are looking to introduce it through mobile apps. 

AI - Marking The New Paradigms In App Development Landscape  

Undeniably, AI has a wide-ranging multi-dimensional impact on the app development industry, that drifted the mobile app developers from the conventional approaches to experiment with AI in their upcoming mobile apps. Out-setting the footsteps as a buzz word to perform intellective functions expected from humans. 

Thus, AI technology abreast the competition by proving itself as a significant helpful for countless apps. The businesses nowadays are integrating AI with their solutions to deliver impeccable data-centric services:

  • Sketch deep insights about user
  • Find and fix behavioral pattern issues
  • Get a lot of user data and information
  • Analyze the user data pattern
  • Provide better customization

Now, let us get straight to 

How AI Features Have A Long Way In Simplifying the User’s Life With Mobile Apps 

1. Streamlining The Searching Process

With the inception of AI, it has turned more intuitive and troublesome for mobile users to engage in a searching process, spelling corrections, performing on suggestions, and add a voice search option when the AI technology is integrated into the search engines. 

In one thought, inculcating Artificial Intelligence to an Android app can invariably help to scrutinize the searching process for mobile users. This proves to be more or less of a priority while you hire app developer looking at the same route.  

2. Video or Audio Recognization

In the present scenarios, it is becoming more and more popular to find an app with in-built chatbots. The Apple Siri is one such example.

Precisely talking, most of the app development companies use AI to simplify the authentication process with the use of fingerprint or retina scan or while for some, it is used for an entertainment purpose like Snapchat. However, there are numerous ways through which AI technologies can be used to enhance audio and video recognization capabilities in a mobile device. 

3. Study The Behavioral Pattern 

One of the usual ways of implementing AI technology in Android app development is by integrating algorithms that hold the potential to analyze the user behavior pattern and also make the suitable recommendations for them by searching for requests. 

To be sure, by providing customized services and products, the customer experience can be amplified which directly leads to a successful sales process. These are some of the technology methods that are commonly used in the E-commerce online sector.   

To get a better understanding of the AI technology, I have penned down the uses cases of this buzzing word.

a. Starbucks include cloud-based Digital Flywheel program

The famous brand “Starbucks” integrate the cloud-based digital program braced by Artificial Intelligence. This technology helps in suggesting a customized schedule for its users, which is based upon user activist in history. 

b. Amazon Re-invented it’s working process around Artificial Intelligence

The blend of AI technology with deep learning understand the recommendations problems and outcomes accompanied by amazing services based on the client’s purchasing history and behaviour. 

Such AI-empowered solutions provide a number of solutions to the mobile app development companies, especially Android app development company to create and curate un-paralleled user experience by incorporating AI technology in their apps.  

Why AI Is the Top Choice For Various Industry Verticals?

The AI-enabled chips help in analyzing and evaluating the promising trends in the technology to investigate the industry and user’s history. Including such solutions helps to clutch all the required data and eliminates maximum errors of any miscellaneous errors. 

In the upcoming years, it’s predicted to grow more than 30% as all the companies are solely dependent on AI technology to boost the revenue rate. Moreover, AI solutions prove as a significant boon to take better business decisions with proven marketing strategies to uphold the sales rate. 

#Reason 1: Advancement In Search Experience 

As everyone knows, AI improvises the user experience while looking for user’s related objects. Undoubtedly, this technology adds a new way to suggest the user with new and innovative options while the searching is ongoing. 

The amalgamation of image recognization feature in AI mobile apps with ML took the user experience that is second to none in the industry. New trends have been set after the voice recognization technology advancement incorporated into the system. 

#Reason 2: Predict Marketing 

What the marketers work on?

Simply, marketers work on the data, and this makes sure they collect data, maintain and analyze the huge chunks of data. It takes the reckless amount of data to maintain customer satisfaction. 

Therefore, AI comes in the big picture to deal with the client's data, resulting in enhanced sales. AI-empowered apps support in researching and analyzing the market trends.

#Reason 3: Safeguard Your App

With the upsurging rate of cyber-crimes, any mobile app development company want to pay special attention to the use of AI for the apps security concerns. Its sole purpose is to offer a fast and secure authentication process. 

In fact, AI can be effectively inculcated in conjunction with an exclusive array of recognization types to validate the user identification and authentication. This is an appropriate decision for building e-commerce apps and other related personality apps. 

#Reason 4: Mining The Big Data

It is predicted for any mobile app development company which is looking for a reliable and experienced Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology partner to understand what mining big data is all about and how helpful is it now. 

Just to know, this is a promising field which has a long way in helping to improve the process of acquiring precise and accurate information by analyzing the different types of data. 

The Final Thoughts: After all, it’s all about improving business growth, professional relations, and expectations. Thus, you look to hire mobile app developers that are well-versed with AI technologies and their related fields. 

As AI is a worth-the-value investment and an important contributor to the mobile app industry. There are numerous benefits of the AI technology in the app industry, with many awaited yet extensive AI-powered apps. 

If we talk about today’s Artificial Intelligence trend, the most Google topic is AI with Machine Learning to deliver an amazing on-device experience for its user. Mobile app development companies are leveraging the benefits of AI for their client-retention.  

With time, harnessing the AI technology and its benefits will be an affordable option to the businesses from any vertical and of any size to fit precisely and accurately in the technology-driven world. 

Lastly, it’s undeniable to say, and the future is now as AI has already changed the face of the technology. It has enhanced everything right from the toothbrush to the smart cars, televisions, and voice-oriented assistant booking your appointment. Now, AI is genuinely used for enhancing the quality and performance with matching their footsteps with the app development and technology. 

So, if you are beginning to integrate this technology in your app, start right with Your Free Estimation with the experts. 

After all, staying ahead of the curve matters.

Robert Adixon

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