Dieter Petereit October 5th, 2015

IBM BlueMix Cloud Contest: Are You a Real JavaScript and Node.js Pro?

Do you like yourself a good challenge? Do you feel like a real JavaScript pro? Is node.js in your veins? If so, IBM has a more than interesting contest for you. Although it has already started, it still makes sense to participate. Did I mention that you can win a few interesting tech gadgets?

IBM BlueMix: Digital Platform for Innovation

As a developer of the next big thing you never know. Will my service explode in terms of users or will I be the only one producing load on my server? Scalable platforms are the way to go in these cases. IBM offers its BlueMix package which integrates the best-known Open Source technologies to support your development efforts. You have access to MongoDB, PostGreSQL, node.js and then some. New integrations are added frequently. BlueMix lets you quickly and easily set up mobile as well as cloud apps based on building blocks and individualized through code snippets. Once done you can deploy the app and install and run it from the cloud. IBM is constantly improving the service. The next effort will be opening up the platform to be extended through user-developed services. BlueMix is definitely worth a closer look should you belong to the target audience.

IBM BlueMix Cloud Contest: Take the Challenge

Although the contest has started back on September 16th it is still worth entering as it is not even half way through and will run until October 28th. The overall task is to build a predictive engine based on node.js. The process of building that engine is divided into six challenges of varying difficulty levels. The next task will challenge you to add a “feedback” feature to let the user evaluate the quality of a prediction. If you are the pro coder you should be to succeed in that contest you can also try to complete the running challenge and use search history and mix profiles to get a prediction. This might win you an iPad Air 2 while the next challenge can win you an SWR50 Smartwatch 3. As the contest is powered by the BlueMix platform it is fairly obvious that you will need to register for a BlueMix account to participate. Registration unlocks the needed content and grants you access to all the relevant features. For the chance to win, follow the three tutorials that have been put together by the CoderPower team! Learn how to easily build a predictive application using IBM Cloud Bluemix! As you see, besides being able to win some attractive gadgets you will surely learn a lot. The educational aspect should not be underrated. If I were a JavaScript and node.js aficionado, I wouldn’t hesitate to sign up for a BlueMix account and show off my skills. Disclaimer: This article has been sponsored by CoderPower.

Dieter Petereit

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