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Muscula: JavaScript Error Reporting For Your Website

For quite a while now, JavaScript has established itself as one of the primary languages that web developers speak and work with. More and more websites are coded in JavaScript, and with WordPress developers, too, looking towards JavaScript now, this trend is only expected to grow even more. So, what happens if your users encounter an error or a bug while browsing your website? Sure, you will fix that error at the earliest, but how will you get to know? Will it not be nice if there were a service that would alert you the minute your website visitors encountered a JavaScript error? Meet Muscula, a JavaScript error logging service.

Muscula: JavaScript Error Reporting For Your Website


Muscula is an error logging service that monitors your website in real-time, and alerts you the minute a visitor encounters a JavaScript error. As such, it helps you locate and fix errors that might otherwise go unnoticed, and ensures that your visitors are not greeted by unknown JavaScript errors. muscula-main Pretty neat, isn’t it? Let’s see what all it has to offer.

Major Features

Quite obviously, the biggest USP of Muscula is that it captures every single JavaScript error as and when it happens. This means that whether the error occurred during peak traffic hours, or during hours of lesser activity -- Muscula will tell you all about it. Plus, Muscula can translate messages from 34 different languages into English, so localization is not going to be a concern either. muscula-features Muscula works with multiple devices and browsers, and once you insert its code on your website, no matter what device your visitors are using -- mobile, tablet or desktop -- Muscula will monitor it all. There is support for source maps and HTTPS encryption too. And what about reports and debugging? You can find detailed logs of all errors in your Muscula account’s dashboard, grouped and filtered for easy access and comprehension. muscula-2


Regarding pricing, Muscula has just one single plan. Costing $14 per month, Muscula allows you to monitor and log up to 1,000,000 errors per month -- this can be distributed across unlimited websites or restricted to just one website, as per your needs. The premium plan comes with email notifications and email-based support. If you need to try before you buy, there is a 30-day free trial period that you can make use of to try Muscula before deciding to go ahead with the purchase.


So, is Muscula worth the investment? The answer to the above question depends on the requirements and nature of your web presence. It goes without saying that any website worth its money nowadays relies on JavaScript in some form or the other. However, how exactly are you using JavaScript on your site? If your project makes use of custom JavaScript code or depends heavily on JavaScript libraries, Muscula is probably going to be your best bet. Why? Well, the answer is simple: no matter how well-coded your work is, and no matter how much revisions and debugging sessions you undertake, bugs and errors can arise out of the blue. In such cases, Muscula can monitor and alert you instantly, thereby saving you from losing business due to an unseen error. As such, Muscula is comparable to an uptime monitoring service -- it monitors your website, not for server uptime, but for JavaScript issues, and alerts you in real time, not for server downtime or outages, but for JavaScript errors and problems. Therefore, Muscula can help you improve your web development workflow and online business manifolds, by keeping you informed and updated about errors as and when they occur. However, if your website relies lesser on JavaScript, or probably makes use of scripts that are not custom-coded or have been derived from an otherwise stable configuration, Muscula’s $14 per month pricing might seem overkill for your purpose. Once again, this is pretty much like an uptime monitoring tool: I used free uptime monitors or no uptime monitors for my hobby projects and websites, but for my client work and business sites, the enterprise plan of Pingdom is an essential feature. The bottom-line here, thus, is that Muscula is by all means a worthy investment if your business or website is seriously reliant upon JavaScript and if an immediate resolution of errors matters to you.


(dpe) Disclaimer: This article is sponsored by Muscula. They did not take any influence as to what we wrote, however.

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