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Super Easy Tricks To Build Your Own Online School

Have you ever had a dream of building your own website? 

A personalized website where you can construct your own online business. It can be either an online clothing store or an online school platform. Do you know the best thing about the internet?; it provides an ample number of possibilities and freedom of being your own. It also helps you to create any website or apps with little or no investment. 

Many people of this generation prefer and even enjoy all the facilities of the online platform in every sector. So why is this education system can’t be digitalized? The previous method of education is now outdated. Now, the young youth is now moving and preferring online education more than classroom education. So, why not build an online school? And grab the chance of starting your own startup. 

Wanna Build An Online School?

The Following Steps Of Building An Online School…

Building an online school is very easy these days since there are hundreds of websites; by which anyone can easily construct an online school. There is one of the famous sayings’ “there is no specific age of learning”. Therefore the process of online learning has made it possible to reach education to everyone’s hands. This new system of distance learning had only been possible, just for the expansion and the evolution of technology and device. 

Nowadays, building a website, just a matter of time, everyone, even the young ones, especially are very intelligent and expertiest in every advance technology. The main astonishing thing about creating a website is that anyone can build a website without any coding proficiency. It is that much easy!!!!

Step 1# Choose Your Desire Learning Management System Software

First, selecting an online education platform will be your first step while brainstorming for creating an online school platform.

Before creating an online education platform, you need to choose and determine which education software is suitable for you.

A learning software or a management website is essential while creating an online learning platform because; this software better helps you manage your whole platform effectively. Adopting a learning management system means you can control everything with just a finger’s tips. 

After selecting your desired system software, then personalize your website with your own unique design, module, logo, theme color, and landing page. The landing page another critical factor since landing is the place where your user will first introduce with. So better make it as smooth and dynamic.

Step 2# Set An Coherent Structure To Your Online School Platform 

Subsequently, after choosing and designing your website in your own personalized way, you need to upload different course content. It can be either education video course content or audio PowerPoint course content. The main thing is that; you can create a separate module for a different individual course and name them according to the subject. 

Just for your suggestion!!! When building a virtual education platform, think like a learner, "what could a learner choose to learn?" which course a learner prefers the most?". Hence you will understand the strategy of content choosing secret.

You can divide your online course platform into a different category and upload your own other commission-based instructors' course into them. Moreover, make a lockup or prerequisite system for the advanced course. A learner can only shift to the advanced course level when he/she is done with the basic course and have to pay for the advanced course.

Step 3# Plan Your Course Material

In the third step of creating an online school, you need to set up your mind that what type of course platform you want to build. “Is it an academic platform?” Or “Is it a professional training platform?” Or “Is it a freelancing training platform?”

UNDERSTANDING THE REQUIREMENT OF THE COURSE CONTENT is the main secret to draw the attention of the learners. And for the instructors, you can use different marketing or advertising tactics to let them know your entrance into the educational industries.

In addition to that, while hiring instructors, you, as a platform owner, need to make sure whether the instructor explaining approach is neat and clear. And also provide the required course material, PDF documents, and quizzes. 

Furthermore, can also arrange a separate module for the quiz, practice assignments or weekly tests, etc. The exam helps learners to enhance the concepts of the course material and build a better understanding. 

Step 4# Market Your Online Course Platform

As I have mentioned in the previous steps, marketing plays a significant factor in pulling your audience. Only through exposing and presenting your product in an attractive manner would pull your targeted and untargeted users.

You can always use social media as your central platform for advertising your product. Social media, especially Facebook, is the platform; it’s is a broad platform where people spent most of the time. Marketing your platform through various media would help you to drive traffic, explore your network, identify quality full leads, etc. Hence here are some marketing tactics; have a look:

  • Promote your platform; by making short video clips, which you can put between different videos in the “watch” option. 
  • Promote through separate cold email, SEO, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin Twitter, Pinterest, etc. 
  • You can also hire a different motivational or educational influencer to introduce and support your platform to his/her fan followers. Hence can reach a massive audience. 
  • Sponsorship with various education-related reality shows, game shows, radio or podcast shows, etc. 

Step 5# Set The Essential Modules

Now it's time to set up the backend of your website, Admin Panel. Admin panel is where you need to create some crucial modules, which helps you access and manage the whole platform. Modules for instance; 

  • Course: add a course, financial statement of faculty revenue, commission, admin profit, no of course sale of each faculty, etc. 
  • Student: option to add students, a list of students, and the most liked course by the students.
  • Instructors: faculty addition or minimization and the list of faculty etc. 
  • Live class session: add zoom, google classroom, google meet, Facebook live, etc. 
  • Latest events & news: option to add events or news, views, and comment list  

Step 6# Lead collection

Lead collection in a learning management system suggests; a collection of instructors and students. Letting them know about the existence of your platform in the market. After you create a learning platform, you obviously need to gather or invite many potential instructors to your platform, so both instructor and you can have the opportunity to earn money. 

Pulling students to your online school platform; is another challenging task. It can only be done through various marketing tactics. You can also use the marketing tool mentioned above. Very realistic and practical.  

Step 7# Responsive Notification System

Everyone in this generation likes to be updated. And a notification system is the best way to let the users know about every detail instantly. A notification system usually works as an informing mechanism, by which anyone can generally get all the updated details about the latest updates. 

A real-time notification system helps to engage a bridge between the sender and receiver. A simple notification makes the users understand that “the user is important to platform owners.” 

Step 8# Easy Payment Gateway 

The payment gateway is an essential part of any website. These online school platforms give the facilities of adding different potential instructors and pay them on a commission basis whenever their course sells to any students.

But you need to make sure that; the payment getaway needs to be easy, especially secure, easy to add any currency, and user-friendly. Make your website so that the users get the best experience and share a strong WOM(word of mouth)

Is Online Learning The Future Of Education?? 

The answer to this question is that online learning is the future of education all because of technological advancement. Over the past few years, various online platforms have shown a tremendous example of providing complete solutions to everything. Not only that, some of the popular news portals suggest that more than 1.2 billion students over 186 countries are now suffering because of the closure of educational institutions; for the deadly disease. 

The trend of online schooling was started back in 1989, but this system of distance learning didn’t fully reach everyone; because of a technological barrier. Then as the technology evolves, this system of e-learning platforms reaches every hand. 

Even before the pandemic, the practice of online schooling was growing steadily. Back then, online course platforms were only limited to learn for any extracurricular activities, such as gitter lessons or to learn any foreign language or classical dance, etc. But people of all ages are now preferring online learning more than traveling a long mile and attending a class in a fixed box room build with bricks and concretes. It seems as though the future of school is evolving outside the classroom.

Final Thought

Nowadays, everyone is exploring the world of the internet in so many different ways. Some are selling clothes, selling foods over this new virtual platform. And now, just after a deadly pandemic hit the world, people start to shift their full education over the internet. 

This latest young generation is now more into online education rather than the traditional style of education. Because people have understood that, with a new style of distance learning, they get an extremely profitable advantage: no stress of traveling, no direct or indirect expenses, and environmentally friendly ambient.

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