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10 Most Productive Apps for Businesses

The whole world is passionate about productivity. All of us are looking for tricks to get work done effortlessly.

You must be a busy person! In spite of having the ability to get dozens of mobile apps, you merely wish to install the best one. The issue is you aren’t confident which one is the best. Several online blogs showcase similar applications, and at the time you install a few of them, you discover yourself messing your mobile phone with mobile apps you never use.  

Now, you may be thinking about the solution, aren’t you? Thanks to the App Development Companies out there who are continuously working on bringing dynamic apps. Yes, to fight against all these problems, you should install only those apps that are going to aid you to become more productive.  

The reality is no application single-handedly is going to assist you in becoming dynamic. If you actually want to succeed, you need to develop the precise approach and grow to be determined with your objectives.  

Today, in this blog, I am going to give you a list of some of the incredible apps that can help to make your business prolific. So, let’s not just waste any time further and get started. 

Boost to Your Business Productivity Now!


For small organizations, HR could be an unexplained thing. It’s multifaceted, complicated to navigate, and quite often packed with formalities. If you are working in a startup, you may face difficulty in dedicating the headspace, as well as personnel, which are mandatory to execute a grand work. Here, the good thing is the availability of all-in-one platforms to aid you to fulfill your organization’s your requirements. is a tool that shifts human resources, along with the advantages to the cloud, reorganizing employee offboarding and onboarding, advantages administration, compliance, performance management, and document management.  


Previously famous as ZenPayroll, this tool has the aptitude for turning your tiny business’s benefits, payroll, and tax process simplified. Gusto app is useful in taking care of the entire onboarding paperwork. Moreover, it even manages the report that you need to carry out while you create a new hire. The tool is a one-stop solution that takes care of the centralized, local, and state tax filings; mails paystubs to the employees; and formulates subtractions for advantages and workers’ compensation in an automatic way.  


For expanding your small business or startup, it is quite paramount to add the right and efficient people in your team. The trouble is that there is much that can move into that procedure: from reference & employment verification to pre-hire talent examinations, there is a lot, which you perhaps would like to know about somebody before you choose to carry them on your group. This app assists you to find it all through simple a few taps on your system and gets the whole thing back to you within 24 hours.


While you will discuss the matter of payments, relying on your organization model, there could be substantial official procedure amid the time you get the work done and when you really get salaried for it. Tracking and managing invoices could be a big order; however, luckily, Freshbooks can help you out in this.  It is possible to create the smooth and official invoices effortlessly, accept credit cards on your phones and set up persistent invoices for your customers through this productivity application. Moreover, it features profit and loss statements, investment-tracking and business report creation to aid you to reside on the peak of all you necessitate for remaining your commerce running efficiently.


The reality related to the user service is that wherever and whenever they have an excellent experience, it turns out to be their current baseline anticipation for the way they’ll be handled elsewhere. Astonishingly delightful and positive communication with users is progressively becoming a unique point for businesses.

Intercom makes use of an amalgamation of live chat, education, and more to build it simpler for your small business to connect and communicate with your users. As a result, you can keep your focus on resolving issues before they begin and ensure that your organization is changing users into fans.

Grove HR

The Future of Work signifies the importance of building a workplace where employees are empowered and inspired at work. And Grove HR is just the right HR software to do it. It helps digitize and automate all HR processes from recruitment, onboarding, employee record, time tracking, payroll, performance review, etc. - everything is faster, more centralized, and even compacted with the Mobile App version of Grove HR. Not stopping there, Sprynkl - Grove HR's Employee Engagement app can tackle the need for employees connections in the remote era. Companies can have a mini social platform for their team, where everyone can connect, share what’s on their minds, and engage communities centered on interests that are close to their hearts.


You must agree with me when I say that your business relies on your aptitude to figure out and triumph more users. The app, SalesLoft can aid, with tools developed to boost the efficiency and competence of your sales. Moreover, you can build robust associations and get a better insight into the requirements of customers. This innovation is designed to aid your sales team in providing higher value and earn clients for life. 


With a team, no matter how big or small it is, which you can lean on assists you to get more work done in a restricted time.  However, that’s not all! You have to devote more time in handling people, as well as keeping projects and deadlines systemized. In case you are messed up between slack, emails, and tracking files, it is tough to comprehend where to move for the precise image of what requires to get done at what time. In such situations, you can use Trello, which is a team, as well as task management, platform. It helps in keeping track of jobs as straightforward as feasible. Structure projects, centralize interactions and get works verified like never before.  


If you want more than one system to access your organization, Pushover can prove to be a gamechanger for you. It is competent to keep all your moving sections coordinated and connected.  It combines all your push texts for your every device into a single space, allowing you to get a hand on everything, which is occurring with your commerce at once.  


Have you ever felt that a day simply got away from you? There is an important task that you need to complete; nonetheless, you require to handle all your morning emails, edit the project that you have delivered the previous day, and before you get an idea how to do it, it gets afternoon.  

RescueTime be capable of helping you to get a grip on where the entire of your time is going away with the help of following where you expend it, forwarding you comprehensive information and facts to provide you a complete depiction of the way you used up your day. Don’t forget that you can’t make evolution on a thing till you begin calculating it, thus proffer it a chance. 


KinHR is an excellent application for competently organizing all the HR everyday jobs and duties that are going to appear as you go on expanding your organization. It is useful for companies to enhance employees’ retention, as well as the well-being in the workplace. Besides, the tool is easy to set up and available to organizations of any size. 


TeamWave is an All-in-one CRM and project management software that's tailored towards HR Teams working at small businesses. You can manage your sales, projects, teams, clients, and marketing all in one place. TeamWave lets you streamline workflows, get things done faster, and scale your business with confidence.

You can get all this for a flat price of US $39/month for UNLIMITED USERS. Yes! TeamWave does not charge per-user fees.

Bonus APP for small businesses: HR Software for Small Business - HR Partner

Final Thoughts

Procrastination, distractions and mishandled time all are acting like a big hurdle into our capability of being productive. Regardless of your work ethic or traits, you may face some of the other issues. These are some of the great and must-have productivity apps that can give your small business or startup a new life. Consider them as gracious fragments of expertise that can noticeably perk up your aptitude to work proficiently.

In short, productivity applications are utilities that not merely impact your work’s excellence, but the period you expend from work. After all, in this competitive world, who doesn’t wish for spending less time in mulling over to be more fruitful?

I hope this blog will help you out! Also, what do you think what other applications or tools should be included in this list?  Mention your suggestion in the comment section below.

Featured image by Andreas Klassen on Unsplash

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